Kenworth Truck Company advice on spec'ing for natural gas power

Ready to seriously explore the purchase of natural gas trucks for your operation? So, where do you begin in the effort to specify for natural gas power?

“Start with two primary considerations when spec’ing natural gas-powered trucks – first, the type of natural gas available in your operating area, and second, the operating range your trucks typically travel,” recommended Andy Douglas, Kenworth Truck Company’s national sales manager for specialty markets, who leads Kenworth’s green truck initiatives.

For the past five years, Douglas has traveled extensively to work closely with officials from fleets, non-profit organizations, municipalities, ports and government agencies interested in purchasing fuel-efficient, low-emission trucks or helping to aid the advancement of green trucks into the marketplace. For his efforts on Kenworth’s behalf, Douglas was named one of just 40 Sustainability All-Stars by Green Fleet magazine recently.

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