Coats X Series Tire Changer Model Upgrades Video

The Coats X Series Tire Changer is the industry standard due to its legacy of durability, reliability and upgradeability. Today, Coats builds on the legacy by unveiling the latest upgrades to the X Series Tire Changer family. The Coats powered hand-actuated bead loosener positions the operator on the outside of the tire and wheel assembly, providing a clear line of sight, reducing the risk of wheel damage. The precision articulating ball joint along with the point-of-use controls puts the operator in complete control. Power in and power out, the X Series comes ready to work. 

The standard external clamping range throughout the X Series family has been increased to accommodate rim diameters between 6" to 24". Without requiring the secondary adapters, the exclusive Coats 4-position clamp readies your shop to meet your customers' needs every day. Whether it's a 6 inch ATV tire, an OEM passenger or light truck tire, or an aftermarket tire up to 24 inches, the X Series comes ready to work.

The exclusive Coats Hybrid Duckhead combines the stiffness of the traditional metal duckhead required to dismount the toughest tire with a floating plastic tail, protecting the wheel from damage during the mounting process. The protective plastic floating tail hugs the rim and ensures that the tire is mounted properly every time. Whether changing a 10 inch tire or a 24 inch tire, with the exclusive Coats Hybrid Duckhead you are set up to do the job right with the best protection every single time. This feature comes standard on the X3 models and on the 70X Leverless rim clamp tire changer. 

For the difficult-to-mount, low profile, and run-flat tires, the 70X Tire Changer comes equipped with 3 bead assists: the patented Coats Robo-Arm with 18 inches of stroke and 28 inches of travel, coupled with 5 o'clock bead depressor and a duckhead roller ensures the top bead is always in the drop center, making the effort of mounting almost any tire and wheel combination effortless.  

Finally, the exclusive Coats Single-Point Blast. The Single-Point Blast is a new and better way to seat beads, engineered to optimize the blast concentration by reducing routing through several air hoses into a single high-powered blast point. The new blast system makes seating the most difficult beads simple and fast. The result is power and efficiency where you need it most. The new bead seating system comes standard on the X3 and Leverless models.