Beta C30S Tool Maxi Tank Video

Beta Tools of Italy demonstrates the features of the all new C30S Tool Storage. This revolutionary new tool storage design has a built-in hydraulic jack to raise the unit when users want to move it. Then you lower the jack when you want the tool storage to be stationary. Lowering the jack causes the unit to sit on its steel legs rather than the casters, providing a more stable foundation.

The C30S features a 4,000-lb weight load capacity so technicians can use the top as a workbench for your heaviest items such as engines and transmissions.

Any technician knows that an engine or transmission sitting on the worktop will likely leak fluid on to the worktop. That's why Beta Tools designed the worktop as a fluid collection pan. To drain the fluid that has collected in the pan, simply raise the hydraulic jack which raises one side, causing the fluid to drain to the opposite side and exit out of the bottom drain plug as seen in this video.