Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor Video Demo

Watch a video demonstration of the Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor servicing a heavy duty spring. 

The Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor is a professional, heavy duty, industrial quality, all-inclusive, hydraulic and universal strut spring compressor tool that easily handles offset springs, conical springs and tight wound springs without the need for additional adapters. It accommodates a variety of spring diameters and helix variations. Best of all, the Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor is Easy To Use, Fast, Safe and Portable!

FEATURES HOLDS THE SPRING SECURELY IN PLACE: The Spring is held inside a fixed jaw and adjustable jaw that wrap around and lock to securely keep the spring in place. The adjustable jaw allows the technician to compensate for the spring helix variations. This precision self centering locking jaw method securely holds in place a variety of spring diameters.

SPRING COMPRESSION METHOD: A pivoting compression head with sliding arms that swivel and self seats to exact angle of strut mount. The sliding arms can be positioned to any place on the strut mount, avoiding obstructions - i.e., studs.

EASILY BRING BEARING INLINE: The pivoting screws allow for further adjustment to bring bearing inline in the event the strut mount is also replaced, after compression with new mount, for the ease of insertion of new strut, thus avoid having to insert hands inside the spring for guidance.

HYDRAULIC & EQUIPPED WITH A BALL BEARING SLIDE FOR RELIABLE OPERATION: Effortlessly and quickly compress the spring with the hydraulic jack without side load force to prevent tool from spinning and keep it stable on the ground. Longer springs and shorter springs are no longer a problem. The maximum stroke is 11.50", and by repositioning the ram stop, you can achieve a travel of up to 13.50" so now you can compress even the shortest springs. PORTABLE: The mobility of the tool allows for the technician to easily bring it to the job site where he/she conveniently has all the tools needed for the strut assembly. Avoids any wasted time going back and forth for tools needed to complete the job.

ALL INCLUSIVE STRUT TOOL: No additional adapters needed. Handles offset, conical and tight wound springs found on today's SUV's and Pick-up Trucks.

QUALITY MADE IN U.S.A.: A truly professional, heavy duty industrial quality automotive tool.