Dent Fix Polishing Pad Quick Release and Magnetic Storage System Video

A video overview of the Dent Fix DF-2200 Polishing Pad Quick Release & Magnetic Storage System.

There are two problems with today's polishing pads. One is connectivity the other is storage. The DF-2200 Magnetic Storage and Quick Disconnect polishing pad backing plate system solves these issues. The problem of connectivety is two fold. One, the key or wrench is easily lost to the buffer and thus attachment to the tool can be frustrating. Two, the foam pad is constantly switched between compound and polish. This tearing free of the pad destroys the adhesion to the hook lock, causing pad fly away syndrome.

The DF-2200 uses a connector that stays with the buffer and then utilizes a hook lock to attach the backing plate to this connector. No keys or wrenches are needed and the backing plate stays with the foam pad, eliminating the tearing free of the foam. The problem of storing the pads openely on the shelf is that they attract dirt and debris that can cause potential damage to the finish of the vehicle.

The DF-2200 utilizes a magnet on the backing plate that enables the finisher to store the pads on any metallic surface, such as the underside shelf of the tool cart or wall of a spray booth. This not only keeps the pads out of harms way, but frees up extra storage space. Included with the kit is a set of 10 plastic storage bags to keep the pads moist and for extra dust protection.