IPA Pulsar Diagnostic Tool Video

The Innovative Products of America Pulsar Diagnostic Tool is the most comprehensive tool for diagnosing automotive wiring problems (0.1-50 Amps). Install in the Fuse Box to Monitor and Protect Circuits Benefits: • Safely Supply & Read Current with...


• Automatic Circuit Breaker

• Amp Reader (100 mA - 50 A)

• Adjustable Fuse Setting 1-50 Amps

• Amperage Read Out

• Digital Readout with Peak Hold

• Automatic & Manual Controls

• Voltage Probe Test & Bypass Relay Circuits


Product includes:

• Fuse Adapters: Standard, Mini, Maxi, FLF, FLS, JCase, MAXI, Female Maxi, Screw-On Style PAL, European Ceramic and All Glass Style Fuse Applications

• 10 Foot Voltage Probe Adapter

• Alligator Clip Adapter

• Soft Carrying Case

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