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  • NGVAmerica

    NGVAmerica  is a national organization dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or  biomethane .  NGVAmerica  represents more than 200 companies, environmental groups, and...

    Company • November 27th, 2013

  • Omnitek Engineering Corp.

    Omnitek  Engineering Corp. develops and sells proprietary diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion systems and complementary products, including new natural gas engines that utilize the company's technology -- providing global customers with innovative...

    Company • October 3rd, 2013

  • Liqui Moly

    LIQUI MOLY GmbH from Ulm in southern Germany offers a wide variety of high quality products including motor oils, additives, car care products and chemically-based technical solutions for automotive applications. With over 1,000 articles, customers...

    Company • September 25th, 2013

  • Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

    Ferus  Natural Gas Fuels (formerly  Ferus  LNG) is privately-held by The Energy & Minerals Group.  Ferus  Natural Gas Fuels provides end-to-end LNG and compressed natural gas (" CNG ") fueling services including production, transportation, storage...

    Company • September 19th, 2013

  • Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo

    Company • May 9th, 2013

  • BreakthroughFuel

    As a supply chain management and transportation energy advisory firm, BreakthroughFuel helps shippers understand and manage transportation energy lifecycles and costs. The firm works with some of the world's leading brands including Procter & Gamble...

    Company • July 24th, 2013

  • Tesla Motors

    TESLA MOTORS was founded in 2003 by a group of intrepid Silicon Valley engineers who set out to prove that electric vehicles could be awesome.

    Company • May 31st, 2013

  • Automotive Research and Design (AR&D)

    Automotive Research & Design was founded in 1987 as a technology company specializing in the development of Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) propulsion systems. Our technical expertise has positioned AR&D as one of the first private...

    Company • May 14th, 2013

  • Automotive Environmental and Safety Engineering (AESE)

    AESE Online is a web-based comprehensive information and news service covering environmental/EPA and safety/OSHA compliance issues, guidance, best practices and training tools for vehicle maintenance and refueling operations.

    Company • April 23rd, 2013

  • AGA Systems, LLC

      AGA Systems is a proven industry leader in EPA Certified General Motors bi-fuel CNG conversion products. The company designs and manufactures proprietary CNG bi-fuel systems providing vehicle owners with the many transportation fuel benefits of...

    Company • April 4th, 2013

  • Supercool

    Supercool is a basic provider of A/C chemicals including PAG and POE lubricants, flush, ultraviolet leak detection dye and polymer-free leak stops. We offer one of the most complete A/C Maintenance programs in the marketplace today. All of our...

    Company • March 12th, 2013

  • Echo Automotive, Inc.

    Echo Automotive, Inc. develops technologies and products designed for cost-effective conversion of existing vehicles into highly fuel-efficient hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The key to Echo's strategy is the bolt-on nature of its solution that introduces...

    Company • February 8th, 2013

  • Lightning Hybrids LLC

    Lightning Hybrids designs and manufactures hydraulic hybrid systems for fleet vehicles. The system delivers up to 40 percent improvement in fuel economy by regenerating braking energy, provides safer braking and more power for acceleration, and...

    Company • November 30th, 2012

  • EcoPower

    Company • September 5th, 2012

  • EnviroMotive

    EnviroMotive’s ultimate objective is to help provide CLEANER AIR and a GREEN ENVIRONMENT for future generations! There are many products coming to the front of the emissions market such as emissions control devices, fuels, etc… some are lacking...

    Company • August 23rd, 2012

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