Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX

Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX

Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX Product Image

The Dent Fix Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX, is a complete aluminum repair station, which allows shops to start working on highly profitable aluminum repairs. The five steps for aluminum repair are covered by the tools included in this set: Expose the bare aluminum, apply heat, weld pins, pull the dent and shape the dent. Unique features to this system include the locking doors and dust cover that ensures the tools are isolated from outside contaminants. The Aluspot includes a five-year warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

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Uni-Vac dent puller, No. DTK-7700

Product From H & S Autoshot

The H & S Autoshot Uni-Vac, No. DTK-7700, is a dent puller for professional use. Because of the self-contained vacuum feature, no air lines are required and it can be used anywhere inside or outside. The Uni-Vac works on steel or aluminum panels, as well as bumpers. It comes in a durable storage case with vacuum cups in three different sizes.

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Product From Innova Electronics Corp.

The Innova Quicklink device pairs with a smart device for immediate access to a virtual dashboard of information that can help keep vehicle owners safe, save time and money and provide peace-of-mind. The Quicklink can be used to solve check engine problems, check for road trip readiness, double-check automotive repair shop estimates, improve fuel economy and more. It is compatible with 1996 and newer import and domestic cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids. Quicklink users also have easy access to RepairSolutions online free basic reports. 

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Greg's Hard Shell Engine Protector

Product From Ernst Mfg.

The Ernst Greg’s Hard Shell Engine Protector protects engines from damaging dust, dirt, debris and hard objects. This shell fits first generation Chevrolet small block V-8 engines, either long or short block, standard and vortec head. The cam valley cover is used to protect engines when intake manifolds are removed, and the cylinder deck covers protect the cylinder block deck and pistons when heads are removed. This protector also offers enough clearance for domed pistons.

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Deluxe Commercial Units (DCUs)

Product From A.R.E. Inc.

The A.R.E. Deluxe Commercial Units (DCUs) are custom truck caps offered for trucks in a variety of industries including CNG and electric-powered fleets. DCUs can be outiftted with clamp-down, or drop-down locking ladder racks, ladder racks that are built to easily roll the ladder down off the rear, tommy lifts or bumper mounted cranes, and more.

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Mach series mobile columns and truck frame adapter kit

Product From Rotary Lift

The Rotary Lift Mach series mobile columns and truck frame adapter kit allow shops to affordably service popular light duty pickup trucks. The 13,000 lb. capacity columns are approximately one foot shorter and 150 lbs. lighter than Rotary Lift’s other mobile column lifts, making them ideal for mobile distributors to trailer and demo. The columns are battery operated, so demonstrations can be conveniently conducted anywhere in the shop, even in the parking lot outside. With a total capacity of 12,000 lbs., the truck frame adapter kit is able to service Class 2 and some Class 3 trucks.

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Master ProHeat STC heat gun No. PH-1600

Product From Master Appliance

The Master Appliance Master ProHeat STC heat gun, No. PH-1600, brings work surfaces up to target temperatures quickly. It also provides a continuous surface temperature reading, so users can work at the upper limit of the target temperature cure zone, speeding up the heating process to get the job done quickly. To use, turn on and point the PH-1600 at a work surface. The unique Laser Targeting System calculates the proper field of view for accurate temperature measurement and displays work surface temperature. Then simply dial-in a target temperature and watch while the displayed surface temperature rises to reach the target. Once your target temperature is reached, the heat gun automatically regulates the heater to maintain the target. Temperature output is adjusted to compensate for any change in the distance from the work surface. To prevent a change of the temperature and airflow you have dialed in, the unit’s unique Proloc supervisor locking system can lock the controls.

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Inductor PDR Baton, No. U-111

Product From Induction Innovations

The updated Induction Innovations PDR (paintless dent repair) baton attachment, No. U-111, to complement its line of high performance induction heating tools. This product employs an 'invisible heat' method, offering a clean and fast way to fix hail dents, door dings and other minor soft dents. There is no need to meticulously massage out from the backside of vehicle panels, especially in hard-to-reach areas.  The ergonomically designed Inductor PDR Baton is molded in high-temp / impact-r

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Magnum Gaskets

Product From Modern Silicone

Modern Silicone TechnologiesMagnum Gaskets has tripled its product offering to nearly 1,000 SKUs covering head gaskets, head sets, head bolts valve cover, oil pan and manifold gaskets. The company covers more makes and models than ever and their "USA FIRST" policy means that more than 90 percent of their gaskets come designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA. Gasket coverage includes Dodge/Ram Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, Navistar DT466, Cat C7 & C9, Detroit Diesel Series 60 and Cummins ISX. 

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Hitch Hermit

Product From AME International

AME International's Hitch Hermit comes as a safe, convenient and affordable hitch storage system designed to store and harbor removable hitches. Ball hitches left in the back of a truck bed or SUV often become a projectile during an accident, but this accessory prevents these accidents by securely storing the hitch under the vehicle. It also prevents individuals from walking into hitches left on trucks and reduces the risk of theft and vandalism.

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Precision Heat Gun Kit, No. HG 350

Product From Steinel

The Steinel Precision Heat Gun Kit, No. HG 350, features a bright LED to illuminate the work area, targeted 3.5 CFM airflow and temperature up to 930 degrees F, suited for precision work. This ESD safe heat gun can be used on electronics and small-profile heat shrink tubing. An integrated LED illuminates the work area and acts as an “on” indicator light enhancing safety and precision. The red “hot” indicator warns the user not to touch the unit until the nozzle has cooled. Several accessories can be purchased including a 7mm reducer, reducer with reflector guard, 40mm reflector and a precision reflector.

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