Used Fluid Drain (No. 3626) and Used Coolant Drain (No. 3627)

Used Fluid Drain (No. 3626) and Used Coolant Drain (No. 3627)

Used Fluid Drain (No. 3626) and Used Coolant Drain (No. 3627) Product Image

The Lincoln Model 3626 Used Fluid Drain and Model 3627 Used Coolant Drain can be used with diaphragm pumps and other used fluid collection and transfer systems. Designed for collecting fluids from beneath lift-mounted vehicles, these drains feature a portable upright configuration that is well suited for multi-bay shops and areas where movement is restricted. 

Both models feature a 26-gal (98L) reservoir molded from high-strength, chemical-resistant polyethylene for lighter weight, reduced corrosion and lower risk of damage to surrounding vehicles. Each unit has large recesses for tool and used filter storage molded into the top that drain directly into the reservoir. The convenient 18" (457mm) offset funnel includes a removable filter screen and secondary debris screen and can be adjusted from 53" to 79" (135cm to 200cm) in height. The reservoirs are supported by two 4", ball-bearing swivel casters and two 10", fixed-axle wheels, which provide durability and resistance to shop chemicals. Model 3626 has a black reservoir for identification of common used fluids, while Model 3627 features a green reservoir to distinguish it for used coolant. Both models feature a 3/4", male camlock connector extending directly from the top of the reservoir for simple connection to a fluid transfer system.


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Qwik Draw QD7S Stationary Coolant Flush & Exchange Machine

Product From Link New Tech

The Qwik Draw QD7S Stationary Coolant Flush & Exchange Machine, from Link New Tech, features four see-through fiberglass tanks (20-gal capacity). The QD7S exchanges coolant and vacuums air pockets from most car and truck radiators in under five minutes without spills or removing hoses. The 10" long stainless steel telescopic trash chute prevents spills. The Qwik Draw QD7S has a convenient tech tray to hold tools, additives and accessories. 

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Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System, No. CT6

Product From BG Products, Inc.

The BG Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System, No. CT6, installs 50/50 coolant quickly and efficiently while simultaneously removing worn out coolant. The CT6 provides a quick and efficient alternative to traditional drain-and-fill coolant exchange methods, according to the company. With a 15-gal capacity, it is designed to service heavy duty equipment with or without running the engine. This process sends clean fluid through places in the coolant system not accessible when fluid is flowing in the regular direction.

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Fuel Chief 25-Gallon Portable Poly Fuel Cart

Product From JohnDow Industries, Inc.

The JohnDow Fuel Chief 25-Gallon Portable Poly Fuel Cart features 10" pneumatic tires for easy transport over any surface, a vented fill cap to help reduce potential fume build-up, a positive shut-off valve to prevent possible leakage, deluxe steel wheels and a deluxe 8’ discharge hose with a zinc-plated steel delivery gun. The stable upright design allows for fast fuel transfer and recessed fittings provide breakage protection. An optional rotary pump kit is available separately.

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Super Box fluid management system

Product From Tecalemit USA

The Tecalemit Super Box fluid management system is designed to control up to five delivery hoses. The Super Box can handle four different fluids simultaneously, all from one centralized point. Prevent inventory losses and capture every transaction by identifying users via user ID, vehicle ID, odometer and time intervals. Data downloads are performed via USB interface, and it is able to export data to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. The Super Box is compact and user-friendly with a storage capacity up to 10,000 transactions accommodating 2,000 users. The Super Box can handle any fluid with an appropriate pulse meter, and is printer receipt capable with tank-level ability. 

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DR Reader

Product From Balcrank Corporation

The Balcrank DR (Digital Registry) Meter provides innovative technology in a digital meter for precise dispensing of fluids. With no calibration required, this meter features Liquid Crystal Polymer gears (LCP), stainless steel shafts, and a precision machined aluminum die-cast fluid chamber to maintain the tight tolerances needed for repeatable accuracy. Together with individual testing for performance and accuracy guarantees precise dispensing regardless of the fluid viscosity, outside temperature and system pressure.

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Used Fluid Combo Drain/Evacuator No. 3639

Product From Lincoln Industrial

The Lincoln Industrial Used Fluid Combo Drain/Evacuator, No. 3639, is designed to collect fluids, including motor oil, coolant and transmission fluid, from beneath lift-mounted vehicles by evacuation directly from fluid reservoirs or through dipstick tubes. One of three new used fluid drains, the portable, upright drain/evacuator offers a 15" diameter collection funnel and a 25-gal, welded-steel tank supported by two heavy duty, 4" casters and two 6", fixed-axle wheels. The unit’s powerful, compressed-air-operated Venturi vacuum quickly draws fluids from reservoirs, and its own reservoir has a fluid level sight gauge, combination air chuck/pressure relief valve and safety relief valve. Six evacuation wands of varying flexibility, diameter and length are included.

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DAQ data acquisition system module

Product From G-Tec

The G-Tec DAQ data acquisition module (with print out) can be added to any current G-TEC flusher, or can be factory installed. This module allows users to take a snapshot of the current  at the push of the button, any time during the flushing process. The print out reports start time, temperature, input PSI, output PSI and flow in

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Organic Coolant/Antifreeze

Product From Alliance Truck Parts

Alliance Truck's Organic Coolant/Antifreeze line contains Nitrite-free Organic Additive Technology (OAT) and Nitrited Organic Additive Technology (NOAT) which helps extends life time of the coolant/antifreeze. Specially formulated for severe-duty applications, these coolants can reduce the total cost of ownership for truckers by improving heat transfer and water pump seal life. Both OAT and NOAT come specifically formulated to meet requirements of today's technologically advanced heavy duty engines and can be used with all quality coolants. The antifreezes meet several heavy duty OEM specifications.

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Viper Automotive Refractometer, No. 5026

Product From Clore Automotive

Clore Automotive's Viper Automotive Refractometer, No. 5026, features a variety of enhancements to make antifreeze/coolant assessment faster and easier, including an adjustable viewfinder with separate scales per fluid, easy-to-read graphics and a high-contrast lens for clear, accurate viewing. It features separate scales for ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and battery acid specific gravity. The tool also features Automatic Temperature Compensation, which enables a quick, accurate reading regardless of ambient temperature. The automotive refractometer remains the only OEM-approved method for testing the freeze point of antifreeze and coolant. 

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Digital Flow Meter Nozzle, No. 9048

Product From Innovative Products of America (IPA)

Innovative Products of America's Digital Flow Meter Nozzle, No. 9048, can transfer common fuels, while monitoring volume in real-time. Safe to use on gasoline, diesel and kerosene, the High-Flow Digital Meter Nozzle provides an accurate method for transferring common fuels by integrating a high-quality, accurate digital flow meter into a low-profile, fuel nozzle. This product combines the meter and nozzle, which are typically purchased separately and assembled in the field by the end-user into one convenient safe product. Two AA batteries come with the tool.

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