IE Series Crane Scales

IE Series Crane Scales

IE Series Crane Scales Product Image

Alliance Scale's IE Series Crane Scales feature a wireless remote control with a 32' range and function keys for power, zero, tare, and hold. They come offered in 100 lbs to 2,000 lbs capacities that can operate up to 50 hours on a single 9 VDC battery. These portable crane scales have a five-digit LCD display and can operate up to 50 hours on a fully charged 9 VDC battery. Suitable for a wide range of weighing applications, they have a sturdy aluminum die cast case, easy to read 1.1" LCD display. They also included a rugged hook and shackle for hanging. 

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Product From Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake's TradeRoute allows drivers to bypass local truck scales and conduct business directly to and from their payload, printed ticket and all. The way it works that it weighs payloads and can be used as a Legal for Trade onboard scale. Operates solely from a parked position where hydraulics engage the scale. Unlike all other onboard designs it measures a vehicle's load only during the weigh cycle, eliminating the potential for premature load-cell wear from constant engagement. Designed to install around the frame of many common straight-truck designs.

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CR-HD diagnostic tool

Product From Launch Tech USA

The Launch Tech CR-HD is used to diagnose and clear heavy duty diagnostic trouble codes. The CR-HD can monitor all data and view live data streams. This tool covers J1587, J1708 and J1939 and OBDII protocols for accessing engines, transmissions, brakes and more. It is ergonomic, features a 2.8” full color LCD display, includes a 6-pin and 9-pin Deutsch connectors and a 16-pin connector, and is highly portable and easy to use, according to the company.

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Heavy Duty HEPA Vac

Product From Exair Corporation

The Exair Heavy Duty HEPA Vac is a 110-gal, HEPA-quality, industrial vacuum cleaner. The pre-filter stops larger particles, while the HEPA filter removes the smaller matter. All filters are tested for minimum 99.97 percent filtration at the 0.3 micron level to meet

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HD PowerSmoke

Product From Redline Detection LLC

The Redline Detection HD PowerSmoke is the only leak detection equipment available that can deliver variable pressure, high-density vapor that is 100-percent free of dyes and other contaminants, through the 20 psi range, says the company. Weighing only 19 lbs, this technology replicates the full load of a heavy duty engine so the entire system can be safely tested for faults with the engine off.  It is the only diagnostic leak detector available today that can, in a single procedure, reliably detect any high-pressure leak, pinpoint its exact location, and precisely identify failing components. Use this tool to find turbo/boost leaks; charge air cooler leaks; exhaust system leaks; wind and water leaks; cab leaks; cooling system leaks; intake system leaks; and more. The 

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1" Lightweight Super-Duty Impact w/ 6" Anvil, No. SX4360-6

Product From Sunex Tools

The Sunex Tools 1" Compact Super-Duty Impact w/ 6" Anvil, No. SX4360-6, offers power while only weighing 15.9 lbs. Despite the low weight, the SX4360-6 produces 1,600 ft/lbs of torque. The ergonomic back handle tilts upward, offering a more comfortable working grip in the drop-position and eliminating contorted wrists and aching backs, according to the company.

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KRSC33APBO Heavy Duty Diagnostic Cart

Product From Snap-on Inc.

The Snap-on KRSC33APBO Heavy Duty Diagnostic Cart is designed for productivity, giving heavy duty technicians mobility around the shop with a complete diagnostics system. The cart and foam package keeps the tools necessary for diagnosing heavy duty truck engines, transmissions and brake issues within reach, secure and provides organization for the Snap-on Pro-Link iQ heavy duty diagnostic tool (No. EEHD683004K). Custom-cut part number identified foam organizers house the diagnostic system and accessories for easy accessibility while being secured in a rugged, durable unit. The diagnostic tool can be stored in the locked compartment for overnight battery charging. The KRSC33APBO is factory assembled with an entirely welded body and legs for superior strength. The cart features three 4" locking drawers to keep tools safe, a large top compartment and 5" by 2" swivel casters to withstand heavy loads.

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i-Guard Website

Product From STRATTEC Security Corporation

The STRATTEC Security Corp. i-Guard Website, at, is an RFID electronic immobilizer system developed specifically for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries. The i-Guard website features a user-friendly design that enables visitors to learn about the i-Guard system and its applications. The site features diagrams that illustrate how i-Guard works, as well as a media area for press materials and contact information.

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Heavy Ranger MUTT, No 9102

Product From Innovative Products of America (IPA)

The Innovative Products of America Heavy Ranger MUTT (Mobile Universal Trailer Tester), No. 9102, is a portable and light-weight light and electric brake tester. Compatible with 7-way round pin connection types, the Heavy Ranger MUTT is designed to simulate all electrical circuits while providing short protection on industry standard pin configurations. The water resistant, ammo can case allows for on-the-go testing without the need for a tow vehicle. The MUTT is made in U.S.A. and features an external power accessory port and internal battery compartment that uses common motorcycle type batteries. It comes with a battery charger and IPA's 24-hour repair or replace warranty policy. 

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Rotary Lift Mobile Wheel Lift, No. MW-500

Product From Rotary Lift

The Rotary Lift Mobile Wheel Lift, No. MW-500, can remove and position any wheel or tire weighing up to 500 lbs, making it easier and more ergonomic for technicians to work on heavy duty trucks, buses and construction equipment. The air-powered lift comes with an air hose and features an additional air tool connection on the colum. A single lever is used to raise and lower the lift, which has a six-second raise time.

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Heater Core Backflush Tool, No. 60900

Product From Lisle Corporation

The Lisle Heater Core Backflush Tool, No. 60900, is an adjustable-pressure industrial spray gun with a stepped-tip design for easy heater core flushing. The tip fits 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" hose fittings. Water pressure can be easily controlled with one hand by squeezing the handle of the heavy duty spray gun. The insulated handle protects hands when using hot water to flush the cooling system. The spray gun attaches to a standard garden hose. This is made in the U.S.A.

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