Combustible Gas Leak Detector, No. TP-9363

Combustible Gas Leak Detector, No. TP-9363

Combustible Gas Leak Detector, No. TP-9363 Product Image

The Tracerline PRO-Chek CG Combustible Gas Leak Detector, No. TP-9363, can find leaks in CNG vehicles, acetylene welding tanks, propane tanks and more. It also detects gasoline, methanol, ethanol, methane, ethane, butane and other dangerous gases. It has twice the sensitivity as competitive units and features a three-position switch with a sensitivity slide that helps pinpoint the location of each leak, according to the company. Additional features include a variable-intensity auto alarm and flashing yellow LED to determine the size of the leak, and an auto-zero function that blocks out background gas levels.

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OPTI-LUX 365 LED leak detection flashlight

Product From Tracer Products

The Tracerline OPTI-LUX 365 LED leak detection flashlight provides pure UV light for optimal fluorescent dye response within a 25' range. It can be used for all A/C and fluid system applications. The flashlight brightly fluoresces both green and yellow dyes, even pinpointing high-mileage, dirty diesel engine oil leaks. It is powered by one rechargeable Li-ion battery to provide four hours of continuous inspection. The anodized aluminum lamp body resists corrosion and stands up to years of heavy shop use.The flashlight comes complete with a lanyard, belt holster, two rechargeable batteries, smart charging cradle with AC power cord and UV-absorbing spectacles, all packaged in a padded carrying case.

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Fluke refrigerant leak detector, RLD2

Product From Fluke Corporation

The Fluke RLD2 will highlight refrigerant leaks if there is an IR dye in the refrigerant. The compact UV flashlight uncovers refrigerant leaks instantly with standard leak detection dyes available in the market. The RLD2 combines leak detection ability with a bright

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SmokeBoost CE-T20


The SmokeBoost CE-T20 from Champion Engineering is designed for high pressure leak testing. The compact design and full range of accessories provides a workhorse of a smoke tester for high pressure system testing. It tests with UltraTrace UV dye. It tests turbochargers, charge air, air brakes, exhaust and other high pressure systems. Features include graduated smoke flow volume control, adjustable pressure control, pressure decay, system flow verification, study impact-resistant housing, and a smoke solution filling port.

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WV711 Smoke Machine

Product From Vacutec

The Vacutec WV711 Smoke Machine is designed especially for leak testing turbocharged and boosted systems. Patent-pending Smart-Pressure technology calculates and delivers the densest smoke at any pressure setting up to 43 psi, and also offers a remote-control fob. 

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Bullseye Leak Detector

Product From Automotive Test Solutions-ATS

The Automotive Test Solutions Bullseye Leak Detector accurately finds leaks as small as 0.001" in just three easy steps: analyze pressure stability to determine if a leak is present and its size; find the area of the leak; pinpoint the leak. This leak detector pressurizes a sealed system with system-safe CO2 using readily available cartridges. Bullseye Smart Control gives the technician the ability to control vent and purge solenoids with the push of a button. Bullseye Gauge indicates to the technician that a leak exists and its approximate size. Bullseye Leak Detector is used to locate the approximate area of the leak.  The technician then sprays the non-toxic Bullseye Leak Seeker Foam on the area to pinpoint the leak. 

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MT1400 Compressor Electronic Control Valve Tester

Product From Santech Industries

The Santech Industries MT1400 Compressor Electronic Control Valve Tester can test electronic control valves in variable displacement compressors. The tester can be placed in-line between the compressor control valve and wiring harness connector, so control valve issues can be diagnosed before condemning the compressor. The electronic control valve regulates internal compressor pressure to change compressor displacement. The tester regulates the input signal to the control valve to verify the valve operation. A compressor with a low-pressure differential may simply have a defective or dirty electronic control valve or not be receiving the proper voltage signal to the control valve.

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Electronic Leak Detector No. 55100-R-CL

Product From Coolrite

The Coolrite Electronic Leak Detector, No. 55100-R-CL, provides three levels of senstivity and five levels of detection. With a visual leak indicator, this product detects leaks as small as 1/10 oz per year and can detect all refrigerants including CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs. This leak detector meets SAE J1627 and CE conformity, and comes in a custom molded carrying case.

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D440A-UV Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector

Product From Mahle RTI

The D440A-UV Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector from RTI features an A/C sniffer and a patented LED UV that emits the optimum wavelength for A/C dye fluorescence. The UV light can be used simultaneously with the heated sensor or independently. It can detect the more current and difficult HFC refrigerants such as R-134a, R-410a, R-407c, R-507, and R-404c, in addition to the new HFO-1234yf and all HCFC (R-22) and CFC (R-12) refrigerants including SNAP approved hydrocarbon blends. The tool's digital leak size indicator takes the guesswork out of whether or not to repair a small leak. 

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UVMINI UV Leak Detector

Product From CPS Products

CPS Products' UVMINI UV Leak Detector can be added to borescopes, leak detectors and inspection mirrors to visually confirm leak sources. The true UV LED has a proprietary "clip-on" chassis for attachment to most major brands of electronic leak detectors, video borescopes and extension type devices that measure 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter. It produces light that is compatible with all UV dyes without making a really bright blue light, which actually diminshes a light's ability to make UV dye glow, according to the company.

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"Inspector" 2 in 1 Electronic/UV Leak Detector, No. 55200

Product From Mastercool Inc.

Mastercool's "Inspector" 2 in 1 Electronic/UV Leak Detector, No. 55200, delivers an accurate and instantaneous leak detection. It includes an ultra-bright UV LED and an A/C "sniffer." The sniffer, which can detect leaks as small as 1/10 oz per year, features six levels of sensitivity for 15 levels of detection and a tri-colored visual leak level indicator. It meets SAE J1627 and CE Conformity and comes with UV enhancing "yellow" glasses.

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