Engine Hoist, No. AH09756

Engine Hoist, No. AH09756

Engine Hoist, No. AH09756 Product Image

ARI-Hetra's Engine Hoist, No. AH09756, places a large emphasis on safety with a 9,000 lb lifting capacity, which can handle most engine sizes. This maximum lifting capacity combined with its collapsible frame helps this tool exceed job performance standards and allow it to be easily stored away when unused. The hoist has a usable, effective and safe design, according to the company.

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JLH Compact Lever Hoist

Product From JET Tools North America

Full of features normally found only on larger lever hoists, the JET JLH Compact Lever Hoist includes a grade 100 load chain, cast steel safety latches and a dual pawl brake design. Corrosion-resistant, industrial-grade components and heat-treated load plates make this hoist designed for increased strength and rigidity in harsh working environments. The exclusive, five-gear drivetrain design increases the gear ratio and requires less force to lift or secure a load. This design allows JET to pull with the same force as longer-handled models, while maintaining the compact design. Constructed of durable, lighter weight aluminum housing, this hoist comes in a nylon carrying case for easy portability. With a full range of models in this series, the JLH Compact Lever Hoist series is available in 1/4-ton and 1/2-ton capacities with standard lifts of 5', 10' and 15'. 

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Hybrid battery lift, No. YA785

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on’s hybrid battery lift, No. YA785, makes it easier, faster and safer for service technicians to remove, install and move hybrid HV batteries. Designed specifically for the Toyota, Honda and Ford hybrids, the tool provides a safer alternative to manual lifting. Accommodates battery packs with a special harness to adapt to specific lift points, helping minimize potential damage to vehicle interior. The low-profile legs fit beneath the vehicle and within the inside of the rear tires so the lift can easily get within reach of the battery.

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2-ton foldable engine crane, No. HW93809

Product From Hein-Werner Automotive

The Hein-Werner 2-ton foldable engine crane, No. HW93809, combines strength and convenience.  The three boom extension positions provide versatility in application extending to a height of 130", and a reach of 50" with a swivel handle hook for full load rotation. Includes adjustable wide clearance legs that can be folded up for convenient storage. One of the legs has been designed with a swivel caster added for accurate placement of the base for optimum working conditions. The manual hand pump was designed for easy and controlled load lifting. Made in USA.

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WK-7 Air Rolling Jack

Product From W-K Sales & Distribution

The W-K Sales and Distribution WK-7 Air Rolling Jack for four-post hoists is adaptable to all major four-post hoists, and ideal for brake, suspension, wheel alignment and all other vehicle service work.

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Pressure Sensitive Electrical Safety Edges

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive electrical edges that stop a machines operation in key presence sensing conditions depending on the product selection. These products are used for safety, sensing and detection among many operations throughout the world. Improve shop safety with safety edges for lifts, toe activation for machinery, safety bumpers for vehicle detection, road switch mats for vehicle counting. Offer trapped key interlocks and non-contact interlocks for guarding of machining and equipment areas, power switching of machinery and access control.
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Powerbuilt Triple Lift jack

Product From Alltrade Tools

Alltrade Tools' Powerbuilt Triple Lift Jack lifts almost anything with wheels and works on vehicle transmissions and differentials. The Triple Lift's patented design features a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames. A locking safety bar holds the jack in place once the vehicle is raised. Lifts 4,000 lbs., and meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

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Pro Modular Docking Station

Product From Land & Sea Inc. (Dynomite)

Stationary Or Portable "Pro" Land ' Sea announces their new "Pro" Modular Docking Station with a stationary absorption frame and Quick-Clamp rolling engine cart. The new stations feature:

  • Telescoping drive shaft and U-joints.
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CR-HD diagnostic tool

Product From Launch Tech USA

The Launch Tech CR-HD is used to diagnose and clear heavy duty diagnostic trouble codes. The CR-HD can monitor all data and view live data streams. This tool covers J1587, J1708 and J1939 and OBDII protocols for accessing engines, transmissions, brakes and more. It is ergonomic, features a 2.8” full color LCD display, includes a 6-pin and 9-pin Deutsch connectors and a 10-pin connector, and is highly portable and easy to use, according to the company.

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Power Pic Reach

Product From Mikise Filter Tools

The Mikise Power Pic Reach is the extension arm for the company's Power Pic Pro filter cleaner. The extension arm fits securely onto the comfort grip handle for ease-of-use and it provides extra reach to clean all large reusable filters, inside and out. The linear nozzle design provides an evenly disbursed, wide broadcast and generates a unique water/air agitation action to quickly and thoroughly clean deep down between pleats. The end cap doubles as a tool-within-a-tool for unclogging outlets, if needed.

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Pro 48" Two-Speed Evaporative Cooler, No. PAC2K482S

Product From Port-A-Cool

The Port-A-Cool Pro 48” Two-Speed Evaporative Cooler, No. PAC2K482S, utilizes high-efficiency cooling media and water to naturally cool up to 4,000 square feet and lower temperatures as much as 30 degrees F. The unit provides 20,000 CFM airflow delivery and features a water reservoir capacity of 40 gallons. Requiring only 12.0 amps, the 48” unit provides an economical, efficient cooling solution. It has a durable one-piece molded polyethylene housing that is rust-free and leak-proof, heavy duty casters to provide easy rolling portability and it is shipped completely assembled.

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