19-Piece Kids Tool Set

19-Piece Kids Tool Set

19-Piece Kids Tool Set Product Image

Wilmar's 19-Piece Kids Tool Set includes hat, belt, goggles, bolts, nuts, pipe wrench, wood saw, hammer, pliers, screwdriver, tape measure and wrench. It is suitable for children ages 3+ and is certified to meet CPSIA requirements.



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Push Pin Pliers, No. 41250

Product From Lisle Corporation

Lisle's Push Pin Pliers, No. 41250, easily removes plastic push pin type panel fasteners with center pins without damage to the panel or fastener. They come with pointed pliers tips that will not damage the pin or anchor. The tool comes only 7-1/2" long and fits in tight spaces. It can be used for easy removal of plastic push pin type panel fasteners with center pins. Made in the USA.

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3/8" Drive Ratchet, No. F80

Product From Snap-on Inc.

The Snap-on 3/8” Drive Ratchet, No. F80, with Dual 80 technology, comes with dual pawls and an 80-tooth gear which provides this Snap-on classic with more power in less lateral space. With up to 25 percent less ratcheting arc than previous designs, the F80 requires less arc to engage the next gear tooth. The ratchet has up to 250 ft/lbs of ultimate torque and it keeps seven teeth in constant contact with the gear to provide greater strength and durability. Its sealed head helps keep the dirt out of the head mechanism.

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Limited Edition Camouflage Pliers, No. 2000

Product From Klein Tools Inc.

Klein Tools's Limited Edition Camouflage Pliers, No. 2000, come with a plastic-dipped camouflage handle design and a distinct black-oxide plier head with a special laser-etched "Support Our Troops" logo. These pliers come fully functional with all the features and benefits professional tradespeople have come to expect from Klein.  Made in the USA.

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Power Probe III

Product From Power Probe

Power Probe’s Power Probe III features an easy-to-read backlit voltmeter for reading voltage at the tip. 42V ready, it has rugged, gold-plated connectors for more secure connections. A standard 4mm cap ensures full compatibly with the company's Gold Series leads, as well as all other 4mm leads, plugs and jacks. Pressing the unit’s rocker switch forward provides a hot lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans and relays. Moving the switch rearward provides an instant ground lead. Simultaneous use of the hot lead and ground lead will activate components right in the user’s hand. With the polarity tester, positive, negative and open circuits can be identified without having to re-polarize or reconnect hook-up clips.

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Torque Master Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Product From Equipment Supply Company (ESCO)

Pneumatic Torque Wrench Extremely High Accuracy: Consistent Torque Values +/- 5%. Reversible - One Tool Does it All: Powerful Nut Removal / Precision Torque On. Designed to Torque a Complete Range of Wheel Types and Sizes. Why Torque?It's The Law – OSHA Regulations Require Accurate Torquing of Wheels Helps Prevent Wheel Off's.

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2-in-1 Seat-Stool Combo, No. CRS350

Product From Mac Tools

The Mac Tools 2-in-1 Seat-Stool Combo, No. CRS350, is a multi-purpose seat with a 2-in-1 function built around a strong professional-grade reinforced steel frame. It is topped with an extra-thick cushion for comfort and a treaded steel plate for added traction while standing on top of the stool. The patent-pending rolling seat rolls smoothly around on top of five 3” oil-resistant, 360-degree rotating casters for easy mobility while keeping all tools at hand in the thick, plastic tool tray.

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Genuine Repair and Replacement Parts

Product From Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc.

Mitsubishi Fuso makes a wide range of genuine repair and replacement parts available for fleets of all sizes. FUSO parts offer the same specifications, longevity and performance as the factory originals, according to the company, and all parts come with a 12-month/unlimited-mileage warranty. Parts inventory is maintained in Logan Township, NJ, and at satellite locations in St. Louis, Jacksonville and Sacramento. The company notes it has consistently maintained a better than 98 percent parts fill rate for the past 20 years.

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E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector Repair Solution

Product From Delphi

Delphi's E3 Diesel Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) repair solution can repair more than 48 injectors and are fitted to a wide range of Volvo, Mack, Hyundai, Volvo Penta, Renault and Nissan on and off-highway applications. The product expansion will provide Delphi's authorized repair network the potential service opportunity of more than seven million injectors. The repair solution accommodates the E3's dual valve operation, which enhances the injection accuracy. This will help to ensure that the injectors operate as efficiently as possible, reducing fuel consumption, vehicle downtime and maintenance costs. 

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FleetValue parts for Isuzu trucks

Product From Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc

Isuzu's FleetValue parts for Isuzu trucks provide an alternative lower cost maintenance part which help reduce the overall cost of ownership to Isuzu's customers. The expansion of the FleetValue brand allows fleet managers to achieve OEM high quality standards and in some cases exceeding those standards, while providing a competitively priced part versus the aftermarket alternatives. These FleetValue service parts must adhere to the same rigorous testing standards and criteria as their OEM counterpart or in some cases improve on the quality, all the while offering a price competitive, low cost of ownership to the customer.

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OE Specialty Aerotwin Wiper Blade Sets

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch's OE Specialty Aerotwin Wiper Blade Sets come specific to vehicles with specialty wiper systems. They have been added to the company's specialty wiper blade product line, which is usually a dealer only option. These sets are for Audi, BMW and VW applications including the 2011+VW Jetta and Passat.

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