MCL Series Mobile Column Lifts

MCL Series Mobile Column Lifts

MCL Series Mobile Column Lifts Product Image

MAHA USA introduces the MCL 12 and MCL 15 to their series of Mobile Column Lifts, accompanied by the redesign of the MCL 16 and MCL 18. Lifting 12,000 lbs per column, the MCL 12 is a cost-effective solution for lighter duty maintenance facilities that are in need of a larger capacity lift to service medium duty trucks and vans. The MCL 12 offers the Extra-Wide Universal Carriage, designed specifically for agriculture and farming vehicles and engages tires measuring up to 79" in diameter. The MCL 15 holds 15,000 lbs per column and features a 20" fork length with an extended base. This longer fork length allows the option to lift dual tire assemblies while completely engaging the surface of both tires.

The MCL 16 is now equipped with 16" long standard forks and is capable of engaging super-single tires better than any other standard length carriage on the market. Updates to the MCL 16 include an increased carriage width, giving users the ability to engage wider tire diameters. The MCL 16 also features an extra-wide body carriage with a width of 36.61" to reside in the same size base frame as the MCL 16 standard carriage. This new carriage design allows the MCL 16 to flawlessly hold floatation type tires and oversized tire diameters like those found on military vehicles.

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Mobile Column Lift

Product From Nussbaum Automotive Lifts

With a strong, but lightweight design, the Nussbaum Mobile Column Lift features a quick setup time and a lifting capacity of 12,000- or 16,500-lbs per column, this mobile lifting unit is powerful and durable. Each of the mobile columns can be operated individually from the master column, with an emergency stop button located on each. 

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Line of Mobile Column Lifts

Product From SEFAC, Inc.

For more than 30 years, SEFAC has been using the same tried and trusted self-locking screw to power its lifts, including their line of mobile column lifts. This technology has proven itself to be more robust than hydraulic lifts,according to the company. The self-locking screw system will not leak, does not rely on an independent lock (as it is self-locking) and is substantially maintenance-free. The entry level S1 series has a 12,000-lb capacity per column (48,000 lbs for a set of four). The top line lift available has a capacity of 18,000 lbs per column (72,000 lbs for a set of four). These lifts feature electronic capability for fault finding, synchronization and user-friendly controls. SEFAC offers after sales support, and covers free telephone technical support and annual maintenance inspection programs for its customers.

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Wireless Portable Lifting System, No. WPLS i3

Product From Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc.

The Gray Manufacturing Wireless Portable Lifting System, No. WPLS i3, offers the user an innovative touch screen control system that will guide the technician in quickly and correctly setting the columns for proper lifting. The patent pending control system allows the user to park the lifts, use the lifts in paired or single mode and has auto slow mode for vehicle placement on stands. The paired and single mode feature auto-return to make it easy for the technician to re-engage the vehicle and remove the vehicle from stands.

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EarthLift wireless mobile column lift No. 1082RRA

Product From Stertil-Koni USA

The Stertil-Koni  EARTHLIFT wireless mobile column heavy duty vehicle lift (No. 1082RRA) is the first hydraulic green mobile column lift in the industry, according to the company.  Its columns are made with components that are 98 percent recyclable and the Active Energy Retrieval System (AERS) allows operators to achieve 35 percent more lifting cycles at maximum lifting load. The on-screen display highlights the AERS system, enabling the operator to see savings in real-time.  EARTHLIFT also uses a closed hydraulic system that contains bio-degradable oil and the batteries are 100 percent recyclable.

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MCH413 Mobile Column Lift

Product From Rotary Lift

The Rotary Lift MCH413 mobile column lift was designed in response to customer requests for a smaller mobile column lift that can pick up a wide range of vehicles, from cars to heavy duty trucks. Because the columns are portable, the lift is a great choice for facilities that only need a higher-capacity lift for larger vehicles at certain times. The MCH413 is the smallest lift in Rotary’s Mach family of mobile column lifts, all of which are at least 30 percent faster to set up than similar lifts, according to the company. They can completely raise a vehicle for service in just 78 seconds. The MCH413 has a rated lift capacity of 13,000 lbs per column. It has been third-party tested by ETL and ALI-certified to meet ANSI safety and performance standards.

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FCH family of mobile column lifts

Product From Forward Lift

Forward Lift's FCH family of mobile column lifts offers 18,000 lbs of capacity per column in an affordable, portable package perfect for independent repair facilities. Designed with small to medium-sized shops in mind, the family's economical price allows the user to enter the heavy duty market. The fixed forks on FCH lifts fit most truck tires without the need for adjustment, enabling faster set-up. One end of the lift is always open, making it easy to pull vehicles in and out. Each lift has an 18,000 lb capacity, with a set of four capable of lifting 72,000 lbs.

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PCL-18 portable column lift system

Product From BendPak/Ranger

BendPak's PCL-18 portable column lift system combines heavy duty capability with ease of use that reduces operator fatigue in the placement of the lift columns. Its 6" diameter Cush-Ride front wheels feature an adjustable active leaf spring design that provide variable up-front ground clearance for smooth traveling over uneven floors, deteriorating asphalt, expansion seams and thresholds. Intuitive touchpad controls allows the user to operate, view and change operation parameters directly from each individual touch-sensitive display.

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Product From Garage Equipment Supply

Garage Equipment Supply's MaxJax can be used by DIY'ers, enthusiasts and shop owners that want the ability of a full size two-post lift, but also want the convenience of a portable lift. The manufacturer intends for it to be the medium between the two. People tired of using sketchy jack stands and working on the ground, will appreciate the MaxJax's ability for quick setup and clearance. Shop owners that need more room to work on their customer's vehicles will appreciate the MaxJax's ability to conveniently store away when finished. 

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MAHA USA wireless mobile column lift

Product From MAHA USA LLC

MAHA USA's new wireless mobile column lift is the only wireless lift designed with a re-circulating ball-screw lifting mechanism. Unlike hydraulic lifts, MAHA USA's unique ball screw design eliminates fluid leaks and synchronization problems and will operate at any temperature, inside or outside. Operating on long lasting, rechargeable batteries, available capacity options include 16,000 lbs or 18,000 lbs per column with the ability to communicate on up to 10 different frequency channels, allowing operation of multiple sets in the same area.

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Atlas mobile column lift system No. MC36K-KIT

Product From Greg Smith Equipment Sales

The Atlas mobile column lift system, No. MC36K-KIT, is an electro mechanical mobile lift set rated at 9,000 lbs per column. Features include a virtually limitless wheel base application, unlike a traditional four-post lift; use of (included) jack stands allowing for complete access to wheels for any type of wheel service; simultaneous operation of all columns; an electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns; safety stops in case of malfunction; electronic device checks the correct main supply phase sequence; and low voltage controls (24V) on the main column with dead-man push buttons.

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