Best Forged Hammers (B.F.H.)

Best Forged Hammers (B.F.H.)

Best Forged Hammers (B.F.H.) Product Image

The aptly named Best Forged Hammers (B.F.H.) from OTC feature an indestructible steel rod core rubber handle and drop-forged, induction-hardened head for extended life, according to the company. Its specially bonded steel locking plates eliminate any loosening of the hammer head, ensuring a secure fit and confident swing. For use on automotive, tire service, construction and industrial applications, the hammers range from the standard sledge to ball peen, cross peen and specialty tire service. All of the hammers feature a lifetime steel rod core rubber handle with increased impact and anti-vibration resistance. 

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Tire Service Hammer

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Tire Service Hammer is designed with unique tire and wheel service features — a bead breaking wedge, a top hook and a sledge edge.The convex-shaped bead breaking wedge penetrates the tire bead effectively, and a top hook can be used as a wheel tipper. A sledge end features a hook to drag the tire into position. 

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Indestructible Hammers, No. 24Z041

Product From Westward - Exclusively from Grainger

Westward's Indestructible Hammers, No. 24Z041, can drive cold chisels, set rivets and bend and shape metals without every getting damaged. The hammer features a rubber handle that comes molded over steel bars, giving users a firm grip. Furthermore, its rounded and flat head helps the user perform a variety of tasks. Its forged steel head and handle help prevent dislodging. The hammer meets ASME B107.400. 

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Professional Wheel Weight Hammer, No. P110

Product From Ascot Supply Co.

Ascot Supply's Professional Wheel Weight Hammer, No. P110, comes made with a fiberglass shaft and a cold rolled steel replaceable hook for added longevity and durability. The hammer can easily remove and install all types of clip-on wheel weights. With comfort and ease of use in mind, the hammer comes with a slip-resistant, ergonomic grip that reduces arm strain and fatigue. In addition, the striking face of the hammer has a non-marring, surface protective medium-hard replaceable tip. The fiberglass shaft has a lifetime wear warrantee. 

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Anti-Vibe Hammers

Product From Mac Tools

Mac Tools Anti-Vibe Hammers are available in a variety of sizes including 8 oz. (No. BH08AV), 12 oz. (No. BH12AV), 16 oz. (No. BH16AV), 24 oz. (No. BH24AV) and 32 oz. (No. BH32AV) and feature patented AntiVibe technology to dampen vibration. This helps technicians keep their hands and wrists pain-free throughout the day.

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Wheel Weight Hammer

Product From Nupla Corporation

Nupla's Wheel Weight Hammer provides users an easy way to mount wheel weights without marring the wheel surface. This soft face 13 oz hammer has a replaceable hook assembly that easily attaches into the hole in the metal weight clip to easily remove it from aluminum or steel wheels. The hammer features a chemical resistant cushion grip handle that provides a non-slip grip surface that prevents it from getting dirty and slipping out of the user's hand.

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Dead Blow Hammers

Product From SK Hand Tool, LLC

SK Hand Tool LLC offers four lines of Dead Blow Hammers. A fully molded Trucothane shell protects the head from splitting and reduces the risk of flying chips when hitting hard metal. SK claims the hammers will not leave marks or produce sparks. The line includes these varieties:

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Hot cast dead blow hammers

Product From Trusty-Cook

Trusty's urethane hot cast dead blow hammers includes multiple sizes and weights of soft face hammers, bossing mallets, sledgehammers, slim line and ball pein hammers. The hammer's hot cast makes it four times more cut resistant than injection molded and nylon materials, according to the manufacturer. The hammer features a welded together steel canister and rod for greater strength and safety and the shot filled canister provides dead blow action for sustained impact, maximum power and striking force. 

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Rainbow Assortment Color-Coded Tools

Product From PB Swiss Tools/Count On Tools, Inc.

Count On Tools Inc. offers the PB Swiss Tools Rainbow assortment, tools that are color-coded according to size and function. Since color is retained more easily in memory, color-coding helps visual perception and allows a tool to be located faster in the toolbox, at the workplace, in the field or on the construction site. Whether screwdrivers, hex key L-wrenches or striking tools, with the Rainbow assortment, the work is done more easily. Whether color-coded by size or tool type, both systems guarantee that the desired tool can be reached as quickly as possible. 

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B.A.S.H. Ball Pein and Cross Pein hammers

Product From Wilton Tool Group

The Wilton B.A.S.H. (Bad Ass Sledge Hammer) ball pein and cross pein hammers feature a steel core design that prevents breakage during overstrikes, which is the most common cause of failure in wood and fiberglass handled sledge hammers. These hammers have drop-forged steel heads for superior strength versus conventional cast hammers, and their hi-vis green heads are easily identified in busy work areas. The hammers also feature ergonomically designed, cushioned, vulcanized all-rubber molded handles to improve grip while lessening vibration. The grips resist oil and other solvents. Located at the bottom of the handle is a steel reinforced hole to loop and secure a lanyard. 

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Thor Copper Hammers

Product From Anglo American Tools

The Thor Copper Hammers, from Anglo American Tools, are mallets that feature square solid heads made from 99.9 percent pure electrolytic copper rod. These copper mallets are ideal for positive blows on highly finished or closely ground machined parts (aircraft, automotive, etc.).

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