Axle bushing and hub bearing lubrication modification product

Axle bushing and hub bearing lubrication modification product

Axle bushing and hub bearing lubrication modification product Product Image

The Axle bushing and hub bearing lubrication modification product from Courtsara allows users to service the front driven steer axles on Class 6 and 7 trucks. Normally, to pack the hub bearings and the spindle bushing, it would take 16 or more hours, says the company. With its process, this can be done in 10 minutes, without removing the brake drum or even the tire. The axles it pertains to are the Fabco 1200, 1400 and 1600; Marmon-Herrington CT8, MT8, MT10, MT11 and CT12; and Meritor 120, 140 and 160.  

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Product From STEMCO

The PPS+7 from STEMCO provides premium long-life products that work together as a system to ensure the most comprehensive wheel end performance available while reducing vehicle wight. The Tire Inflation package comes with a Aeris Automatic Tire Inflation System, Guardian HP or Discover Seal, Pro-Torq axle fastener, Sentinel hub cap and STEMCO bearings. The Light Weight Performance package comes with a STEMCO CentriFuse Drum and Hub Assembly, STEMCO Crewson Automatic Brake Adjustor, as well as the wheel end products. The packages come with a seven year warranty.

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40-Ton Capacity Electric Shop Press

Product From Carolina Industrial Equipment
Carolina Industrial Equipment's 40-Ton Capacity Electric Shop Press can press in bearings, crush oil filters and perform other tasks that require a high capacity press. Features a electric air operated two speed pump, 4" chrome ram, table range 1" to 40", 30" wide bed and 75" height. Includes everything a technician needs to start pressing bearings including bed plates, bearing punch and bearing shield.
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Press and Pull Sleeve Kit No. 609 400

Product From Mueller-Kueps LP

The Mueller Kueps Press & Pull Sleeve Kit, No. 609 400, is used for easy bearing extraction or mounting on almost any type of car. Use this universal tool set for extracting and mounting the following: silent bearings, hydraulic bearings, ball bearings, rubber bearings, shaft seals, bearing bushes and more. Ideal for various vehicles due to universal application. Inner sleeves are made out of non-hardened metal for easy adjustments or re-shaping. Nuts include bearings to further reduce friction. 

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Brake Caliper Pin/Bolt Remover Set No. 7302

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Brake Caliper Pin/Bolt Remover Set, No. 7302, quickly removes seized, frozen or troublesome brake caliper bolts without damage. The kit and design, exclusive to OTC, includes a striking version and air hammer adapter, allowing a technician to strike the pin without damage to surrounding vehicle components. 

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Pneumatic Brake Pin and Bushing Driver Kits, Nos. A1166 and A954

Product From Ajax Tool Works Inc.

The Ajax Tools Pneumatic Brake Pin and Bushing Driver Kits, Nos. A1166 and A954, are used to remove anchor pins and install bushings on trucks, trailers and buses between 16,000 and 30,000 lbs. These kits eliminate the need to heat seized pins and bushings during the removal process and reduce removal and installation time by 60 to 70 percent. The A166 is a .401 shake brake pin bushing driver set that consists of one A1114 and A1115, and the A954 is a .498 set that includes one A956 and A957.  The o

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Ultra ONE wheel with MagnaForce alloy

Product From Alcoa Wheel Products

The Alcoa Wheel Products Ultra ONE Wheel is 47 percent lighter than steel wheel of same size and can save up to 1,400 lbs per rig, according to the company. The wheel features the MagnaForce lightweight alloy. 

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All-in-one Fluid Stopper 2-pc Set No. 13700

Product From SP Tools/Schley Products Inc.

The SP Tools All-in-one Fluid Stopper 2-pc Set, No. 13700, allows technicians to stop fluid draining from various lines found on vehicles, heavy duty trucks and equipment. These clamp style stoppers feature four different sizes for various applications including brake lines, hydraulic lines and smaller coolant lines. This set features four sizes in one compact clamp: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and banjo. These tools are constructed of high-quality composite plastic and provide a quick and easy way to stop dripping lines. 

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Emergency Parking Brake Tool No. BT20

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Service technicians can save an average of 20 minutes on brake jobs when using the Snap-on Emergency Parking Brake Tool, No. BT20, on rear parking brake springs found on  many  Toyota  vehicles. The  brake  shoes  need  to  be  removed  when  doing  a complete brake job and this can be a challenging task on model year 2000 through current Tacoma, Tundra,

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P600 Series Heavy-Haul Planetary Axles, Nos. P610 and P614

Product From Meritor Inc.

The Meritor P600 Series Planetary Axles, Nos. P610 and P614, are engineered for heavy-haul, oil field, logging and mining applications globally. These axles are available in tandem and tridem configurations with weight ratings of 84,000 lbs and 126,000 lbs, respectively. The axles use common components from other

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BrakeShot brake fluid additive

Product From Phoenix Systems

The Phoenix Systems BrakeShot brake fluid additive is designed to fight corrosion induced by the harmful effects of copper. BrakeShot prevents sticking calipers, ailing master cylinders and other ABS braking troubles brought about by corrosion and high copper levels, in the brake system. A 1-oz shot of BrakeShot treats up to 1L of brake fluid, which is the average capacity of a vehicle’s braking system. Cheaper and quicker than a brake flush, BrakeShot is universal and works on all foreign and domestic vehicles. BrakeShot comes packaged in a case of 12.

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