Fold & Go ramps

Fold & Go ramps

Fold & Go ramps Product Image

Kar Lift Solutions by Omer's Fold & Go ramps come as low angle retractable approach ramps that can be folded up. Heavy vehicles that come lower to the ground make access difficult when the lift is surface mounted. These low angle approach ramps for the KAR series Pantograph vertical platform lifts benefit from being strong yet light weight and can be easily retracted by the technician. They come in several different models capableof a maximum capacity between 44,000 lbs to 99,000 lbs. 

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DriveMaster Driveline Lift, 5130

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC DriveMaster Driveline Lift, No. 5130, with a 1,000-lb capacity has a low profile of 6” and raises to 30”, enabling the handling of a wide variety of driveline components, from light duty to heavy duty. The included differential adapter makes the tool even more versatile, spreading the purchase cost among multiple uses. 

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Hoist Hanger

Product From Hoist Hanger

Hoist Hanger provides an accessory for automotive lifts that allows wheels to be placed on and removed from vehicles at the same level the technician works, preventing the need to bend down to pick up or place a vehicle. Each Hoist Hanger is an independent unit that is quickly and easily installed or removed. When the technician is allowed to hang the wheel off to the side, back strain is avoided entirely.The Hoist Hanger comes in several sizes and fits almost any two-post lift. Each unit folds "out of the way" against the lift arm when not in use.

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MW-200 Mobile Wheel Lift

Product From Rotary Lift

The Rotary Lift MW-200 Mobile Wheel Lift helps reduce the risk of employee injury while simultaneously increasing productivity. The air-operated lift provides 200 lbs of capacity at 100 psi, enough to lift a broad range of wheels and tires. The lift's design requires no batteries and it has a rise time of six seconds. The wheel lift rolls on four high-quality casters for easy maneuverability and features single-lever controls for quick operation. Once properly positioned within the lift, a tire or wheel can be rotated 360 degrees on three large rollers.

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Backsaver lift accessory

Product From Mohawk Lifts

The Mohawk Lifts Backsaver can be used on all Mohawk 10,000-lb to 18,000-lb two-post lifts. The tool allows technicians to hang tires from lift swing arms, saving them from having to bend down to lift heavy tires and preventing potential sick days or workers' compensation claims from back pain. It can be installed in 10 minutes. With a 100-lb capacity, the Backsaver can hold the heaviest passenger car and light truck tires. Heavy rubber coating on the Backsaver prevents damage to expensive wheels and rims. 

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LED Rack Lighting Kit

Product From Hunter Engineering Company

The LED Rack Lighting Kit by Hunter illuminates wheel alignment adjustment points for higher productivity in the alignment bay. It mounts higher on the runway surface for brighter and more focused illumination. The kit switches on and off automatically as the rack rises and lowers. They can be installed by a Hunter Service Representative during a new rack installation or at a future date as required.

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Adjustable frame-contact adapters, Nos. T110564 and T100285

Product From Forward Lift

Forward Lift's adjustable frame-contact adapters, Nos. T110564 and T100285, provide fine adjustment capabilities to better reach manufacturer-recommended lifting points, including situations where the lift is installed on an uneven floor. The new accessory is compatible with the Forward Lift DP10A, DP10S and I10 two-post lifts and fits into any of the height extensions provided with those models. The adapter can be adjusted with a screw that has a range of 1.25". Perched atop the screw on the adapter comes a frame cradle pad designed to securely hold vehicles in place.

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Quick Cycle vehicle lift technology

Product From Challenger Lifts

Challenger Lifts' Quick Cycle technology has increased the rise and descent speed of their CL10V3 two post and EV1020 inground lifts. Quick Cycle lifts have reduced lifting time from 48 seconds to 27 seconds, equating to a 42 percent time savings and a lowering speed to a constant 17 seconds (approximately) regardless of the weight of the vehicle. Quick Cycle technology was engineered as a solution for the expanding need for quick service bays, and has proven to be a simple and inexpensive way to add express services to shops everywhere.

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LNB-350 Lift'n Buddy

Product From Lift'n Buddy

The LNB-350 Lift'n Buddy makes it faster, safer and easier to transport and reposition items. It helps transfer loads to and from shelves, workbenches, conveyors, delivery trucks and customer vehicles. At the touch of a button, the unit's powered platform positions loads at a comfortable height to eliminate bending and stretching. The tool's linear actuator ensures smooth lifting and lowering with zero drift. The tethered push-button control allows the user to adjust height from any side of the load. The tool comes built on a lightweight aluminum frame it can handle loads of up to 350 lbs and lift them a full 36".

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KAR Pantograph lifts

Product From Kar Lift Solutions by Omer

Kar Lift Solutions by Omer's KAR Pantograph lifts come with "Volumetric" control, so it can be controlled without electronic sensors and programmable logic control (PLC). Four "master cylinders" in side the control come tied to a large "5" Torsion Bar. Each of these cylinders feed a matching "slave cylinder" on the lift maintaining exact coplanarity through even extreme uneven loading.  

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Heavy Duty Air Rolling Jack for 4 Post Hoists, Nos. WK15 and WK18

Product From W-K Sales & Distribution

WK Sales & Distribution's Heavy Duty Air Rolling Jack for 4 Post Hoists, Nos. WK15 and WK18, come adaptable to all major four-post hoists in the marketplace. Designed for brake, suspension, wheel alignment and all other vehicle service work. Features 15,000-lb/18,000-lb lift capacity (between the WK15 and WK18 respectively), air bag enclosed in steel shell for added protection, three safety lock positions every 2", air control valve providing a non-spark design, stackable adapter, precision rollers that allow the jack to be positioned anywhere beneath vehicle, and telescoping side members that allow runways to be adjusted to various widths.

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