1/2" Composite Air Drill, No. SP-7527

1/2" Composite Air Drill, No. SP-7527


SP Air's 1/2" Composite Air Drill, No. SP-7527, features a double-gear mechanism with a free speed of 400 rpm. It weighs 2.9 lbs and has a length of 7-5/64”. The unit has a chuck size of 1/2” (13mm) and a 1/4” air inlet. With the tool’s SAS (side and side) forward/reverse system, the user can easily switch directions with one hand. The tool is made in Japan.

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Step drills

Product From Blair Equipment Company

The Blair step drills benefit from being made of premium cobalt M42 high-speed steel with a TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating which improves tool life. The step drills also feature an angled double flute which increases penetration rates and reduces the force needed when drilling. Starting the hole is made easy, thanks to the drill's split point. These step drills are available in the following sizes: No. 35400 for sizes 1/8" to 1/2" for 1/8" materials, No. 35401 for sizes 3/16" to 1/2" for 3/8" materials and No. 35402 for sizes 3/16" to 7/8" for 1/8" materials. 

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Reversible Drill, Nos. FP-985 and FP-986

Product From Florida Pneumatic Manufacturing

Florida Pneumatic's Reversible Drills, Nos. FP-985 (3/8" chuck) and FP-986 (1/2" chuck), come designed for users that have a preference for low weight precision drills with added power and performance. The FP-985/986 series provide modern designs that are also more compact and are lower in weight than other competitive brands, according to the company. These tools have a 3/5 hp motor that provides added stall resistance while the teasing trigger allows the user to harness the power. In addition, 2.5 m/sec vibration and 87dBA noise levels ensure quiet and smooth use.

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Heavy Duty 90 Degree Drill Attachment

Product From Eazypower Corporation

Eazypower's Heavy Duty 90 Degree Drill Attachment allows users to get into tight places with drill bits, wire brushes, polishers and grinding discs. It fits into a chuck just like any drill bit would. It tightens easily into any 3/8" drill chuckand includes a grease fitting built in for easy gearbox lubrication. It can be used as a substitute for a complete angle drill.

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Drill and Tap Guides

Product From Big Gator Tools

It is virtually impossible to hand drill or tap a perpendicular hole without a guide. When properly aligned using a guide, such as the Big Gator Tools line of patented Drill and Tap Guides, drill bits cut faster and taps cut uniform threads. Drill bit and tap failures are also reduced. These guides are manufactured using a heat-treated nickel alloyed steel. The guide base surface is machine-ground to assure stability and perpendicular alignment on flat surfaces. The V-Groove base allows the guide to be positioned on virtually any round object or square corners. Convenient alignment marks on one side of the drill guides center the guide holes over material to be drilled. 

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SP-7520 3/8" Composite Drill

Product From SP Air Corporation

SP Air offers the SP-7520 3/8" Compact Composite Drill with low-speed (500 rpm) and high torque, making this tool great for spot welding. This durable, compact, lightweight air drill features a reversible, variable speed trigger. The Side And Side (SAS) system allows users to switch from forward/reverse with one-hand operation. Other features include a double gear mechanism and air exhaust with muffler.

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Challenger Super Duty 1/2" Reversing Air Drill No. NPT 6-1136

Product From NAPA

Napa offers the Challenger Super Duty 1/2" Reversing Air Drill, No. NPT 6-1136, part of the Pro Power Series. Features include a variable speed trigger, an advanced technology stall-resistant motor, a one hand forward/reverse lever, an industrial Jacobs keyed chuck, a comfort grip, lightweight composite body and two sets full cage gearing for extra power. 

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Blue-Point Cordless tool line

Product From Blue-Point/Snap-on

Each of the Snap-on Blue-Point 14.4V cordless tools features a slide-on battery that provides better contact and safe operation. In addition, their perfectly balanced compact shape with surrounding soft-grip handle helps reduce fatigue. The Blue-Point 14.4V cordless family includes:

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3/8" reversible red composite drill, No. 4338

Product From AIRCAT Pneumatic Tools

AIRCAT's 3/8" reversible red composite drill, No. 4338, features an ergonomic handle, Jacobs chuck and 1,800 rpm free speed. Works at 85 decibels; weighs 2.6 lbs.

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Accessory Kit for Drills

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on’s Accessory Kit for Drills, No. SDMEXT19K, includes the most popular sizes and lengths of extensions, adaptors and bits for most applications. Includes carrying case.

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Pneumatic drills

Product From Dynabrade Inc.

Dynabrade's line of industrial-quality pneumatic drills include a variety of speeds and configurations, including Pistol Grip, Angle Head and Vacuum Models. Pistol Grip Drills feature RPM speeds from 500 to 20,000. Angle Head Drills at 0.4hp have RPMs of 950 and 3,200. Straight Line, 7-degree Offset, Pistol Grip and Right Angle Models are also offered in 0.4hp, 0.7hp and 1hp. 

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