Nissan and Mitsubishi Engine Performance Training Manual

Nissan and Mitsubishi Engine Performance Training Manual

Nissan and Mitsubishi Engine Performance Training Manual Product Image

Are you tired of the diagnostic strategy, "Replace with known good unit and retest"? Nissan and Mitsubishi repair information lacks the system operation and strategic details that give you the diagnostic edge.

These manufacturers use very advanced circuits and components to manage drivetrain functions and to verify operation, but without a proper explanation you are left to your best guess.

Do you understand how Nissan and Mitsubishi PCMs monitor voltage drop and counter-electromotive force for diagnostics? 

Do you understand the common 6-circuit stepper motors used for idle control and EVAP purge control?

This class will explain these hidden Nissan & Mitsubishi engine management strategies. This information is not available anywhere else, and was documented using field research just for this class.

Come and see how the following systems and many more function on applications from the early 1990’s through current year models:

  • Distributor, Coil-On-Plug, and DIS Ignition Systems
  • 2-Speed Fuel Pump Control
  • EGR, EVAP, and other Emissions Systems
  • Detailed Monitor & Trouble Code information
  • Network Communications (Controller Area Network)

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Emergency Parking Brake Tool No. BT20

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Service technicians can save an average of 20 minutes on brake jobs when using the Snap-on Emergency Parking Brake Tool, No. BT20, on rear parking brake springs found on  many  Toyota  vehicles. The  brake  shoes  need  to  be  removed  when  doing  a complete brake job and this can be a challenging task on model year 2000 through current Tacoma, Tundra,

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Oil Funnel, No. SD1270H

Product From Mac Tools

The Mac Tools Oil funnel, No. SD1270H, is designed to fit most models of Honda vehicles. The SD1270H is threaded to screw onto the oil valve cover just like an oil cap, allowing the funnel to stay seated and sealed without leaking. With the funnel firmly attached, users can work hands-free with the oil bottles. The funnel stays upright to protect from fumes and spills. A clear stem allows users to watch for backups as baffles can slow down the oil flow. Made from durable ABS plastics, these funnels are designed for a long life in the shop.

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Wheel Hub Grinder Type 1

Product From Mueller-Kueps LP

The Mueller Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder Type 1 includes a special grinder for cleaning the wheel centering device as well as the attachment area between wheel and hub. This tool allows technicians to completely remove burned-in corrosion residues in a quick and easy process. Actual process time per hub only takes about 3-25 seconds, depending on residue thickness.

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MitsuReset tool

Product From ATEQ Corporation

The ATEQ MitsuReset tool is a one-touch TPMS re-learn module for the Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander and Mirage, which previously required the use of an expensive scan tool coupled with a TPMS trigger tool in order to reset a TPMS system. ATEQ’s standalone MitsuReset allows technicians freedom to use any other TPMS trigger tools like the ATEQ VT55 diagnostic tool, the ATEQ VT30 or VT15 trigger tools. The MitsuReset tool is easy to use, fully updateable with a computer, and is compatible with all TPMS trigger tools capable of triggering Mitsubishi sensors.

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12-Point Metric Axle Nut Socket Set, No. 976

Product From Cal-Van Tools

The Cal-Van Tools 12-Point Metric Axle Nut Socket Set, No. 976, fits axle nuts and automatic transmission tail output shafts on Toyota, Lexus, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Audi, Volkswagen and BMW makes, and many more. The set comes with a blow molded case and includes socket sizes: 29mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm and 39mm.

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Product From Innova Electronics Corp.

The Innova Quicklink device pairs with a smart device for immediate access to a virtual dashboard of information that can help keep vehicle owners safe, save time and money and provide peace-of-mind. The Quicklink can be used to solve check engine problems, check for road trip readiness, double-check automotive repair shop estimates, improve fuel economy and more. It is compatible with 1996 and newer import and domestic cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids. Quicklink users also have easy access to RepairSolutions online free basic reports. 

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Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card, No. 95120-CVT

Product From Fluid Rx Diagnostics

The Fluid-Science Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card, No. 95120-CVT, by Fluid Rx Diagnostics, provides a quick and easy way to identify the true condition of Nissan fluids. This Instant Lubricant Diagnostics kit provides service personnel and customers with a simple, on-the-spot evaluation that shows the actual condition of all Nissan and Infiniti fluids including brake, power steering, CVT transmission and transfer case fluids. There is no guesswork, and the results are verified within seconds of fluid testing. Only one drop of the Nissan CVT is needed to accurately measure the condition of a vehicle’s fluid and results are instant. 

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Mitsubishi Assisted Relearn Tool

Product From Bartec USA

The Bartec Mitsubishi Assisted Relearn allows aftermarket technicians faced with installing a new TPMS sensor on the Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander and the new Mirage, to complete the all-important relearn step right in their service bay. The Mitsubishi Assisted Relearn process provides full diagnostic capability in addition to completing the proper relearn. The Mitsubishi Assisted Relearn process includes testing the sensors installed, detecting and recording DTCs (fault codes) and verifying that the proper sensors were relearned. All of this information will be stored on the tool and technicians can easily print the Bartec TPMS Audit Report for the customer.

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Mini Cooper Fuel Line Tool, No. MC 814

Product From Assenmacher Specialty Tools (AST)

The Assenmacher Specialty Tools Mini Cooper Fuel Line Tool, No. MC 814, is used to disconnect the fuel line from the high-pressure fuel pump that is driven by the mechanical connection to the intake camshaft. It is comparable to the Mini Factory Tool, No. 130250, and can be used on 2007-2013 Mini Cooper Turbo models. This tool is made in the U.S.A.

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BMW / MINI Service Reset Tool

Product From AutoEnginuity

The AutoEnginuity Service Reset Tool, for BMW / MINI 2001 to 2013 model years, can perform the CBS oil reset and battery replacement registration without a personal computer. The Service Reset Tool can perform both the Service Interval Reset (SIR) and Conditional Based Service (CBS) oil resets, and perform the battery replacement registration feature for late-model BMW / MINIs. 

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