Air Intake Throttle

Air Intake Throttle

Air Intake Throttle Product Image

Norgren's Air Intake Throttle precisely regulates airflow so that emissions control systems operate at peak efficiency. Common techniques for reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter or soot to meet 2013 EPA Tier IV Final Emissions Regulations include Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). When used as a tandem they manage the airflow essential for boosting the EGR while maintaining high exhaust temperatures for maximum SCR and DPF efficiency.

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Idle Management System for T680

Product From Kenworth Truck Company

Kenworth's Idle Management System comes factory-installed for its long-haul T680 with a 76" sleeper. It has a battery-based APU system for air conditioning that is tied directly into the Kenworth T680's ducting system. An optional fuel-fired heater provides full engine-off heating capability. It features full on-board controls in the sleeper, so once the truck is shut down, the driver simply uses the control panel in the sleeper to maintain temperature control. An LCD display gives drivers full system information, plus allows the driver to monitor remaining battery power.

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Handheld gas analyzers, No. IR-6000

Product From Infrared Industries

The Infrared Industries handheld gas analyzer, No. IR-6000, weighs less than 2 lbs, and measures only 7.5” in height, 3.5” in width and 2” in depth. These analyzers come in various configurations and prove to be highly accurate and reliable, according to the manufacturer. The IR-6000 series gas analyzers can measure up to five gases—chosen from over 270 different gases—simultaneously utilizing both NDIR and chemical luminescence sensors. Each unit contains Infrared Industries manufactured elements, which include a filter, pump, optical bench and detectors. Comes with a multi-language LCD display, which allows text to be displayed in English, Spanish or Arabic. Can record data and be connected to PC.

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Sensata Klixon circuit breaker

Product From Peerless Electronics, Inc.

Peerless Electronics' Sensata Klixon thermal circuit breaker, No. 6766-19, is manually switchable and ignition protected. It works on rugged applications such as accessory and equipment protection for heavy equipment, construction vehicles, off road vehicles and marine equipment, as well as ignition protected applications. This rust, weatherproof circuit breaker comes in amp ratings from 35 through 150 amps.

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Multi-Max F1000 heater controller

Product From Espar Heater Systems

The Espar Multi-Max F1000 heater controller serves the needs of the hydronic line of engine coolant heaters, and gives fleets complete control over their pre-heat coolant heaters. By introducing a desktop programmer and a Micro SD card slot, the Multi-Max gives fleets tamper-proof control of every aspect of every heaters’ operating parameters based on each vehicle’s individual work schedule. Users can program the heater to have as many as four distinct events per day, each with a different start and finish time, triggered on whatever day of the week that vehicle is in use. The controller includes a diagnostic indicator; a tri-colored LED with a simple flash code that notifies drivers when the heater needs either routine or unscheduled attention. Once in the shop, that same flashing code tells technicians the fault code causing the problem.

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STX1220A-DEF Sliding Vane Pump

Product From Blackmer

Blackmer's STX1220A-DEF Sliding Vane Pump has been designed specifically for use in applications that require the handling of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The STX1220A-DEF pump has a flow-rate range of 42 gal/min. to 92 gal/min. Other features include a pushrod-free design that allows higher pump speeds from 700 to 1,200 rpm, maximum viscosities of 100 SSU (22 cSt), a 90-degree porting with weld flanges, foot-mounting and internal adjustable relief valve. This pump offers dimensional interchangeability with Blackmer TXD2 and TXD1220 pump models. Three drain ports allow draining in any mounting position. Meets ISO 22241 material standards and cleanliness specifications required for DEF applications

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Pure Power Filters

Product From Clean Air Fleet

CLEANABLE & REUSABLE Stainless Steel Oil and Fuel Filters.

Recycling disposable paper filters is good, Reusing our Cleanable Filters is Better.  Saves you money on fuel and oil cost, proven to be 90% more efficient than paper filters by Mack Trucks and countless customers since the mid 90's.

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Anti-Idling Device

Product From Transportation Safety Technologies

Transportation Safety Technologies' Idle Guard 200 is a solid-state timer that automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling. The easy-to-install retrofit device is for use with gas and diesel engines with manual or automatic transmissions. The timer is triggered by either a positive or negative signal from the park brake on a manual transmission or the park/neutral switch on an automatic transmission. Idle Guard 200 is offered in three models, offering engine shut off after 3, 5 or 15 minutes.

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CleanBlue DEF

Product From PACCAR Parts

TRP Aftermarket Parts' CleanBlue diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) can be used in all diesel powered vehicles that use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission. Available in 2 1/2-gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums and large 275 gallon and 300 gallon totes, CleanBlue is clear, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-hazardous, and non-flammable.

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XRB Air Cleaners

Product From Donaldson Company, Inc

These compact air cleaners are for off-road equipment operating in medium dust conditions. Their durable construction and end service access provide improved handling and maintenance. Available in three sizes (8", 10" and 12"), they install horizontally, have built-in mounting brackets, and the side inlet/outlet configuration fits many existing installations.

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ECO Series Catalytic Converters

Product From Eastern Manufacturing, Inc.

Eastern Catalytic, a world-class manufacturer of catalytic converters and related emission control components, has launched a new series of catalytic converters that are designed to keep the ‘Check Engine Light' (MIL) off on post-1996 and low emissions applications. The new converters feature catalysts with higher loadings of precious metals, and are fully compatible with second-generation onboard diagnostics (OBD II). The ECO II series is effective on most complex or second generation on board diagnostic (OBD II) systems, while the ECO III series converters are designed with twice the amount of Rhodium to help keep the MIL ‘off' on vehicles with high mileage, low emissions, or higher than normal emissions.

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