Evolve LED Series Area Light

Evolve LED Series Area Light

Evolve LED Series Area Light Product Image

The Evolve LED Series Area Light from GE Lighting combines the latest in LED system electronics, thermal management, mechanical and optical design to make the advantages of LED lighting a practical reality in parking lots and general lighting applications. It delivers 30 percent energy savings compared with traditional metal halide lighting while providing an estimated 10-year service life (50,000-hour rated life) that is four times the recommended service interval of a standard HID system. It also offers significantly reduced glare at all viewing angles compared with HID lamps.

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Mountain Underhood Lite MTNUL39

Product From Mountain

The Mountain Underhood Lite MTNUL39 allows 25 watts of fluorescent light to be positioned anywhere, even under the hood. Removable straps allow the light to be used without the included light-bar apparatus. The heavy duty anodized aluminum telescoping bar is 44". It has a two-stage switch-low beam and high beam and is made in the U.S.A.

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Corded shop lights

Product From Mac Tools

The Mac Tools line of corded shop lights for professional technicians feature a higher wattage of light output to illuminate the work area. Available in 36W and 18W models with 25' and 1' SJTOW sub-zero cords with rubber-like jacket, all models offer increased brightness over traditional 26W and 13W lights. The 36W models provide 1,700 lumens light output and the 18W models provide 1,130 lumens light output. The high-impact polycarbonate body with a bumper and shatter-resistant lens can withstand tough shop environments, while the ratcheting/swivel fold-away hook offers flexibility while working under hood or under body. 

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Professional Under Hood Lights, Nos. 12-1016 and 12-1017

Product From Associated Equipment

Associated Equipment's LED Under Hood Lights, Nos. 12-1016 and 12-1017, utilize the latest lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology for long life, better brightness and also come in a cordless model for hands free use. They feature a 6x1 watt SMD LED that provides 400 to 500 lumens of light, double injected ABS handles that provide impact protection for heavy duty use, aluminum alloy coated padded hooks that prevent scratching of the vehicles surface, bars that extend from 47" to 75" and 360-degree ratcheting hooks that provide safe and firm attachment.

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Lumination Luminaires

Product From GE Lighting

Designers can dress bland commercial ceiling space in chic new style with GE Lighting's Lumination Luminaires. The Lumination Suspended fixture delivers remarkable light output in an ultra-thin, provocative design. A clear, narrow band surrounds the edge of the fixture, making the light source appear to "float" through the air. The Lumination Recessed Troffer comes as thin as the width of a finger and emits a crisp, pleasing light and instantly enhances the look of any room. When illuminated, these lights produce an even glow, delivering exceptionally uniform light to fill the space.

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Lighted Magnetic/Mechanical Pickups, No. 70390 and 70391

Product From General Tools & Instruments

General's Lighted Magnetic/Mechanical Pickups, No. 70390 and 70391, provide illumination and powerful recovery capability along with comfortable, ergonomically designed hand controls. When depressing the handle gently, the powerful white LED centered in the tip directly illuminates the task at hand. Depress the handle fully and a strong four-pronged steel-jaw grabber extends from the tip to capture small objects. A retractable magnetic sleeve (housed in the handle) can be deployed easily to retrieve nuts, bolts and other metal objects. The long flexible shafts (24", No. 70390; 36", No. 70391) allows the user to maneuver behind workbenches and in other constricted spaces. 

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Vision upgraded headlight bulbs

Product From Phillips Industries

Philips Automotive's Vision upgraded headlight bulbs deliver performance with a focus on safety and style. Drivers can simply choose the level of lighting performance that best fits their driving needs and budget. In this range, Philips offers three lighting options: Philips Vision, which provides 30 percent more light, Philips VisionPlus offering 60 percent more light, and Philips X-treme Vision, which can deliver up to 100 percent more light than a standard halogen headlight bulb. These headlight bulbs benefit from being designed to put more light on the road, so the drivers can see obstacles and hazards sooner.

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128-LED Cordless Rechargeable Under Hood Light, No. ECUB128

Product From Blue-Point/Snap-on

Blue-Point's 128-LED Cordless Rechargeable Under Hood Light, No. ECUB128, capable of 180-degree light distribution, this cordless light illuminates the entire engine compartment, giving service technicians the ability to perform service repairs faster and more efficiently. Features a long running time, diffusion tube technology that eliminates shadows, 128 high-output LEDs that create 700 lumens of light, cordless design that prevents entanglement while providing convenience, rechargeable lithium-ion 4400 mAh battery that offer three hours of continuous light, IP56 rated for water and dust resistance, and underhood bracket telescopes from 47" to 71" to fit most vehicles.

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GloLight Series

Product From Optronics International

Optronics' GloLight Series lighting comes as both 4-inch round and 6-inch oval LED stop, tail and turn lamps. Designed to stand out and look different than other lamps, these lights have a smoothly illuminated outer band that surrounds a central LED array that remains unlit during standard tail light operation. The dual-function outer ring brightens and the central LED array lights only during stop and turn functions. Meets all FMVSS 108 and SAE photometric requirements for visibility and safety. Made of tough sonically welded polycarbonate material with a solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration.

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570 series LED driving lamps

Product From PIAA

PIAA's 570 series LED driving lamps cast 75,000 candela of cobalt-blue (6000 Kelvin) illumination. The lamps cast light in a precise long-range driving pattern, with a 30-degree spread. SAE/DOT compliant and suitable for use on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks and SUVs. Includes an 8-watt controller that boosts the output of each five-watt bulb to nine watts. Each lamp has two LED bulbs for a total output of 18 watts per lamp. Compared to halogen and H.I.D. bulbs, this lamp offers greater longevity. Comes with a 7 3/16" diameter and depth of 4 1/4". Rustproof and water resistant.

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Explosion-proof LED emergency light, No. HALP-EMG-48-2L-LED

Product From Larson Electronics LLC

Larson's explosion-proof LED emergency light, No. HALP-EMG-48-2L-LED, can withstand wet and corrosive conditions and provide instant and automatic emergency lighting operation in the event of power failures. This LED emergency light provides an effective safety measure for hazardous locations and will provide 90 minutes of illumination in the event that standard operating power is abnormally cut. Contains two T8 style LED tube lamps that can provide a total of 5,900 lumens of crisp white light for effective illumination of work areas, walkways, storage areas, and any location where less reliable fluorescent fixtures are traditionally used. 

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