Power Jet Aerosol A/C Flush Kit

Power Jet Aerosol A/C Flush Kit

Power Jet Aerosol A/C Flush Kit Product Image

Supercool offers the Power Jet Aerosol A/C Flush Kit, a ready to use high pressure flush system complete with 15 oz. replaceable flushing agent, nozzle depressor valve and hose. This easy to use flush kit applies constant pressure until the flush can is empty, without requiring shop air. The Power Jet Aerosol A/C Flush Kit features Supercool’s Flash Flush, a powerful and fast evaporating flush that removes oil, debris, and other contaminants from the A/C system. Flash Flush leaves no residue, is non-corrosive and is safe for all A/C systems.

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Qwik Draw QD7S Stationary Coolant Flush & Exchange Machine

Product From Link New Tech

The Qwik Draw QD7S Stationary Coolant Flush & Exchange Machine, from Link New Tech, features four see-through fiberglass tanks (20-gal capacity). The QD7S exchanges coolant and vacuums air pockets from most car and truck radiators in under five minutes without spills or removing hoses. The 10" long stainless steel telescopic trash chute prevents spills. The Qwik Draw QD7S has a convenient tech tray to hold tools, additives and accessories. 

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AC1234-6 RRR A/C Service Machine

Product From Robinair, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The Robinair AC1234-6 RRR A/C Service Machine is designed to work with the new R-1234yf refrigerant, meeting all SAE requirements for R-1234yfRobinair has created a fully automatic ACS machine with an integrated refrigerant identifier to sample the vehicle’s A/C system prior to recovery, ensuring accurate and reliable service. 

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Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System, No. CT6

Product From BG Products, Inc.

The BG Large Capacity Coolant Transfusion System, No. CT6, installs 50/50 coolant quickly and efficiently while simultaneously removing worn out coolant. The CT6 provides a quick and efficient alternative to traditional drain-and-fill coolant exchange methods, according to the company. With a 15-gal capacity, it is designed to service heavy duty equipment with or without running the engine. This process sends clean fluid through places in the coolant system not accessible when fluid is flowing in the regular direction.

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Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine, No. MT1732

Product From Santech Industries

The Santech Industries portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine, No. MT1732, provides technicians an efficient, safe and reliable solution for refrigerant recovery. The MT1732 is both Industrial HVAC and ARI-700 certified to handle CFC, HCFC, HFC and R410A refrigerants. All units are equipped with an oil-less compressor operation from 1/3hp to 1hp. The MT1732 is supplied with an oil separator and automatic shut-off when refrigerant recovery is completed.

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Temperature Tester, No. 5811585

Product From Global Parts Distributors, LLC

The Global Parts Distributors Temperature Tester, No. 5811585 allows technicians to easily and quickly measure the temperature performance of an automotive air conditioning or heating system. It can also be used to detect restricted condensers and heater cores. The screen displays inlet and outlet temperatures and the differences between them. The Temperature Tester probes are color-coded blue and red and the clamps are designed for easy attachment, even in difficult-to-reach areas. Easy-to-follow instructions are included as a reference guide. 

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9-Pc Oil Filling System, No. 7470

Product From CTA Manufacturing Corp.

The CTA 9-Pc Oil Filling System, No. 7470, allows for fast and spill-free oil filling on a wide range of Asian, European and domestic makes and models. As many new oil cap and filter designs require special funnels, this oil-filling system allows the use of one funnel with seven color-coded adapters. A unique aluminum swivel-extension arm allows for hard-to-reach, low-clearance and angled applications.  

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Bosch now offers online WebEx training

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch technical training programs are now available to technicians and shop personnel via an online/WebEx format that brings the most current diagnostic and parts information right to the desktop in the shop. The visual information is delivered via computer and the audio is delivered via phone.

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A/C Oil Bottles

Product From UView Ultraviolet Systems

The UView A/C oil Bottles are high-performance lubricants, which feature super concentrated UV dye with an enhanced additive package that reduces wear, extends component life, and improves the overall efficiency of the A/C system, according to the company. These oils are available in 8oz bottles of PAG 46 and PAG 100 viscosities, with or without A/C ExtenDye, and they ship in packs of 12.

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Fluid Line Stopper Kit, No. FLS330

Product From S.U.R.& R. Auto Parts Inc.

The S.U.R. & R. Fluid Line Stopper Kit, No. FLS330, is designed to stop the mess when replacing fluid lines. It can help make line repair work easier and cleaner to perform.This kit features a cone-shaped tip and the spring-loaded stoppers lock into place to plug the line. Leaking ends and fluids are kept safe from the risk of contamination. Included within the kit are four stoppers, which can be used to plug lines 3/16" to 1/2" as well as those using a banjo-style connection. The stoppers are also available for purchase individually.

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Total Leakstop + U/V Dye

Product From Supercool

The Supercool Total Leakstop + U/V Dye for metal and rubber components, features patented HFC-free aerosol technology. The Total Leakstop will fix small leaks in evaporators, condensers, hoses, gaskets and seals. Total Leakstop also contains a full charge of U/V dye to detect future leaks. The built-in BOV adapter and hose allows easy, single-step application to the low side of A/C systems without additional tools. One can treats one vehicle. Total Leakstop does not contain polymers so it will not harm or clog A/C system components or RRR machines.

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