Spectrum Modular Viscous Fan Clutch System

Spectrum Modular Viscous Fan Clutch System

Spectrum Modular Viscous Fan Clutch System Product Image

Kit Masters' Spectrum Modular Viscous Fan Clutch System dramatically reduces end user downtime by creating same day access to 99 percent of all viscous fan clutches sold in the last 10 years. By creating several universal viscous drive units (heads), along with interchangeable brackets and adapters, the field of viscous fan drives fhas been reduced to just a few components. This helps get their product immediately, resulting in minimal downtime. Components come backed with a one-year / 100,000 mile warranty.

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CC2066 DPF Adapter Kit

Product From Kiene Diesel Accessories, Inc.

The Kiene Diesel CC2066 DPF Adapter Kit is an adapter for the company's multi-functional Clutch Caddy. The CC2066 DPF kit includes a support tray, a matched set of ballistic nylon JackSacks and a 2” Load Hugger Safety Strap to secure the load. The adapter safely handles DPF units of all shapes and sizes. The Caddy now has 16 adapters, which makes this tool an extremely versatile lifting, holding and positioning, safety tool.

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Expansion Tank Service Kit

Product From Standard Motor Products

Standard Motor Products' Expansion Tank Service Kit deal with the fact that the OE designed expansion tank system can fail over time, leaking coolant and increasing the risk of over-heating. The thermostat located on the oil cooler can often be damaged while removing the expansion tank. THe kits provide the expansion tank, oil cooler thermostat and coolant level sensor to replace the damaged unit and restore the vehicle's proper cooling functions.

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One Piece Clutch Brake

Product From Babcock Clutch Brake, Inc.

One piece clutch brake. 

Heat treated for long life. 

2 Sizes Available
2 in. 1 PC 200
1 3/4 in. PC175

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Two Piece Clutch Brake

Product From Babcock Clutch Brake, Inc.
  • Installs in 1 hour without pulling transmission
  • Saves down time and money
  • Design - breaking surface protects tabs
  • Heat Treated for long life
  • Recommended for 13 speed transmissions and under
  • Patented: U.S. - Canada
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Modulator Fully Variable Fan Drive, No. RCV250

Product From Horton Inc.

Horton's Modulator Fully Variable Fan Drive, No. RCV250, helps improve engine cooling efficiency for global applications. Coming as an integrated belt-driven fan drive of lighter, compact design, engineered to turn larger fans that require higher torque. Its variable operation reduces fan noise, increases fuel efficiency and available horsepower. Product features include an integral fan speed sensor for close-loop control and a magnetic design that speeds reaction time, which in turn increases modulation and cooling. Its reservoir, actuator and valve system design allow for faster response time and lower off-speed to maximize efficiency.

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Cooling System Tester, No. SVTS262C

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on's Cooling System Tester, No. SVTS262C, tests pressure caps and cooling systems for leaks on a wide variety of domestic and import vehicles. Cap has rotating lever for fine pressure adjustment. Set features hand pump and tester head with 12" hose that reads in both PSI and kPa. Improved material in pump head is corrosion resistant. Includes SVT262-28A, TAB10036 and TA38C Radiator Adaptors plus SVTS262-23 Storage Case.

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Pre-formed harnesses and bundles of Nylon Air Brake

Product From Parker Hannifin Corp.

Pre-formed harnesses and bundles of Nylon Air Brake from Parker Hannifin can reduce installation time by more than 70 percent. Designed for use in tractor, trailer and other mobile air brake applications, time studies show an average chassis harness installation took four employees about 40 minutes to complete. However, with a Parker preformed harness, installation time dropped to 10 minutes and only one employee was required to complete the install. It comes in sizes 1/8" O.D. up to 3/4" O.D. and has a maximum working pressure of 150 psi. It can operate in temperatures as high as 200 degrees F.

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Command heavy duty antifreeze/coolants

Product From Prestone Products Corp.

Prestone’s Command Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant products work as an universal antifreeze for any heavy duty vehicle. Available in two different formulations, the extended life coolant provides 600,000-mile/12,000-hour CAT EC-1 protection for any diesel-powered heavy duty engine. A prediluted 50/50 formulation is available for convenient top-off applications. Extended Service comes SCA pre-charged and provides advanced protection from freezing, overheating, cavitation erosion, corrosion, scale and foaming in any heavy duty engine with need-release filter technology. This technology is employed during normal to severe duty cycles and extreme temperature conditions.

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Viper Cooling System Service Center, No. AF3250

Product From Clore Automotive

Clore Automotive's Viper Cooling System Service Center, No. AF3250, comes as a multi-function cooling system service center that can be operated easily. It offers cooling system drain and fill, power flush and back flush functions, plus adds useful diagnostic testing operations to assist with cooling system troubleshooting. A cooling system flush can be completed in as little as 15 minutes or less on most vehicles. It features quick vehicle hook-ups at either the upper radiator hose or at the heater hose and includes a full assortment hose adapters, tees and radiator cap adapters. Detachable 7-gallon tanks ease changeover between different coolants. 

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M8 E-Z Flex Hybrid Hose

Product From Parker Hannifin Corp.

Parker Hannifin's M8 E-Z Flex Hybrid Hose incorporates thermoplastic and rubber hose constructions. Able to handle high pressure applications without compromising flexibility, because it has a two-wire braid construction with four-spiral wire hose performance. This allows for a smaller O.D., creating a tighter bend radius and easier handling. The bend radius for a 5/8" I.D. E-Z flex hose is only 4". Competing rubber hoses of the same size I.D. need at least 8". The smaller O.D. allows for a tighter bend and greater flexibility. With mechanically bonded, rather than chemically bonded engineering, the hose has a low volumetric expansion.

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