Oil Eater fleet wash

Oil Eater fleet wash

Oil Eater fleet wash Product Image

Kafko International's Oil Eater Fleet Wash makes it easier to wash away diesel, oil, grease, dirt and bird droppings from trucks and other heavy equipment. Eco-friendly Oil Eater features a biodegradable composition that will not coorode floors. Can also be used in friction and no-touch washing as long as it is diluted. Designed to works in hard and soft water, lubricate brushes, be safe on proportioners, and for use in automatic and high pressure self-service systems. Safe for polished aluminum, rubber, vinyl and paint when used as directed. Available in a 5-gallon bucket and 30 and 55-gallon drums. A sample is available upon request.

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All Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Product From Wizards Products

The Wizards Products All Wheel & Tire Cleaner safely removes stubborn road grime, brake dust and scum without staining or etching wheels. It is safe to use on factory as well as custom wheels including polished aluminum, roughcast, uncoated, anodized, chrome, clear-coated and physical vapor deposition. The All Wheel & Tire Cleaner is non-acidic, non-caustic, biodegradable, VOC-compliant and made in the U.S.A. The All Wheel & Tire Cleaner is available in 22 oz and gallon sizes.

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Brite Wash

Product From Shurhold Industries

The Shurhold Brite Wash is scientifically formulated to clean fiberglass, clear coat, metal, rubber and painted surfaces. It removes dirt, grease, salt and other impurities without dulling a vehicle's finish or stripping wax or polish. Brite Wash resists water spots for a streak-free shine. For best results, customers should use a high-quality brush or wash mitthen washing, users should always work from the highest point down. Brite Wash comes in a 32 oz bottle.

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Model T60 Industrial Parts Washer

Product From TEMCO Industrial Parts Washing Solutions

TEMCO Industrial Parts Washing Solutions' Model T60 Industrial Parts Washer has a working height 96" and a 60" diameter turntable. Will support a load capacity of 5000 lbs. Comes in both carbon or stainless steel designs. Can be used to degrease very large transmissions, steel die rollers and other large steel manufacturing components.  

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Beetle Juice Bug Remover

Product From Valvoline Oil Company

Valvoline Car Brite provides a concentrated bug remover that offers professional auto detailers a solvent-free alternative without sacrificing performance. New Car Brite Beetle Juice Bug Remover is water-based and formulated as an environmentally safe alternative because it is biodegradable, VOC compliant and free of phosphates, NPE's, glycol ether and solvents, and safely and effectively removes stubborn insect residue from all exterior surfaces including paint, chrome and glass. Beetle Juice's CleanGredients surfactants easily penetrate even baked-on bugs, effectively breaking their bond to the vehicle's surface. 

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SEMPER Quick Dissolve Windshield Washing Mix

Product From CAF Environmental Solutions

CAF Environmental Solutions has just launched SEMPER Quick Dissolve Windshield Washing Mix. Quick Dissolve is an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional bulky 1-gal, jugs of "blue water." 

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5-gallon Truck & Bus Wash

Product From Kafko International

Kafko International offers the 5-gal. Truck & Bus Wash. This solution is safe on glass, rubber, vinyl, aluminum and paint when used as directed. It  cleans dirt, diesel, grease, grime, bird dropping and much more. Kafko offers a 100-percent money-back guarantee.

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Magic Mix Pre-Soak Cleaning Concentrate

Product From Valco Cincinnati Inc.

Valco Cincinnati offers the Magic mix Pre-Soak Cleaning Concentrate. This concentrate loosens dirt so it can be rinsed away just like a "touchless carwash." The revolutionary concentrate quickly removes dirt, grease and grime from most surfaces. Easy to use, single-step detergent, extremely fast acting, rinses freely, and is 100 percent biodegradable.

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Eco-Green Detailing Products

Product From Daimer Industries

Daimer Industries is introducing Eco-Green®, the first line of truly eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Non-toxic, plant-based formulations for car detailers include: Heavy-Duty Car Wash, Glass Anti-Fog Protector, Glossy Tire Shine & Protector, Brake Dust Eliminator, and more. Eco-Green® employs Micro-Blasting® technology, which breaks down dirt and stains into microscopic particles that disperse in water and repel one another. The particles are easy to remove and less likely to re-adhere to cleaned surfaces.

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Truck & Bus Wash 55/30 Gallon Sizes

Product From Kafko International

Kafko International offers the Truck & Bus Wash 55/30 Gallon sizes.

  • Dilute up to 100:1
  • Great for automatic & high pressure self-serve systems
  • High foaming
  • Lubricates brushes
  • Clean rinsing - spot free
  • Work in hard and soft water
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45 DualForce

Product From Zep Inc.

The Zep 45 DualForce is a long-lasting, dual-action penetrant and lubricant with PTFE that can be used to loosen rusty and seized bolts and screws, minimize friction, and moisturize and protect door hinges, roll-up doors and more. The 45 DualForce has a large pad actuator with a fan mist spray for wide areas and a straw to pinpoint stream accuracy in narrow areas. 45 DualForce penetrates for 10 minutes or longer while delivering the lowest percentage of wear among tested competitors, according to the company. The product’s slotted stacker cap allows for easy straw storage. With less than 10 percent VOCs, the 45 DualForce meets and exceeds California VOC future and current requirements. 

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