SMART MUTT® DIGITAL 9007A Product Image

The Smart MUTT® is a portable trailer tester for the mobile and commercial trailer repair technician, It places a load on the trailer’s electrical circuits to identify wiring problems while providing remote control operation for the lights.

Built to facilitate a one-man testing operation, the Smart MUTT® reduces guesswork and inspection time to prevent failures that lead to expensive road calls and citations.  

The Smart MUTT® requires an internal battery or external power source for operation. 

The internal battery can be purchased separately or directly from a battery distributor. 

The Smart MUTT® is to be used on 7-way round pin trailer connections.

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6.7" Light Cannon LED

Product From Vision X Lighting

The Vision X Lighting 6.7" Light Cannon LED shines at almost a half-mile of usable light from a single 50 watt luminous LED. The 10-degree spot pattern Light Cannon is also like having 12 lights in one. It enables optional snap-on polycarbonate cover filters to quickly change the beam pattern from Spot to Euro or Flood, while the colored filters (clear, blue, yellow or red) can improve visibility in various conditions. The universal single bolt mounting accompanied by an available wiring harness, provides a quick, traditional installation on a multitude of applications. The

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78065 PWM Power Pro

Product From Hickok/Waekon

The Hickok/Waekon PWM Power Pro supplies, measures and displays variable current providing enhanced diagnostics for components and their related wiring harness. Current is supplied to DC and PWM components being tested using Pulse Width Modulation, allowing the current output percentage to be manually adjusted from 0 to 100 percent, in one-percent increments. This tool delivers 0-40 amps and displays actual current draw. This kit includes the main unit with 7' cable, two 3' 40 test leads, two battery clips, two alligator clips, two female spade probes and one male spade probe.

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CR-HD diagnostic tool

Product From Launch Tech USA

The Launch Tech CR-HD is used to diagnose and clear heavy duty diagnostic trouble codes. The CR-HD can monitor all data and view live data streams. This tool covers J1587, J1708 and J1939 and OBDII protocols for accessing engines, transmissions, brakes and more. It is ergonomic, features a 2.8” full color LCD display, includes a 6-pin and 9-pin Deutsch connectors and a 16-pin connector, and is highly portable and easy to use, according to the company.

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Power Pic Reach

Product From Mikise Filter Tools

The Mikise Power Pic Reach is the extension arm for the company's Power Pic Pro filter cleaner. The extension arm fits securely onto the comfort grip handle for ease-of-use and it provides extra reach to clean all large reusable filters, inside and out. The linear nozzle design provides an evenly disbursed, wide broadcast and generates a unique water/air agitation action to quickly and thoroughly clean deep down between pleats. The end cap doubles as a tool-within-a-tool for unclogging outlets, if needed.

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Flexible DMM Test Accessory Kit, No. 3604

Product From E-Z-Hook

The E-Z-Hook Flexible DMM Test Accessory Kit, No. 3604, is a comprehensive test kit that includes a variety of connectors including alligator clips, probes and insulation piercing test hooks. The kit includes five different test leads of various lengths. The connectors and test leads are designed to work with most industry standard digital multimeters. The kit variety provides a choice of test connectors that can easily be interchanged depending on the requirement. The insulation piercing XEL test hook has recently been redesigned with shrouded banana sockets on both sides of the handle, allowing for greater flexibility in the field.

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Pro 48" Two-Speed Evaporative Cooler, No. PAC2K482S

Product From Port-A-Cool

The Port-A-Cool Pro 48” Two-Speed Evaporative Cooler, No. PAC2K482S, utilizes high-efficiency cooling media and water to naturally cool up to 4,000 square feet and lower temperatures as much as 30 degrees F. The unit provides 20,000 CFM airflow delivery and features a water reservoir capacity of 40 gallons. Requiring only 12.0 amps, the 48” unit provides an economical, efficient cooling solution. It has a durable one-piece molded polyethylene housing that is rust-free and leak-proof, heavy duty casters to provide easy rolling portability and it is shipped completely assembled.

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ESM Ultra 31/900

Product From Maxwell Technologies

The Maxwell Technologies Engine Start Module (ESM) Ultra 31/900 assumes the starting responsibility for the truck and effectively eliminates cranking problems that come from weak or discharged batteries. T

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TH513 Delphi Jumper Wire and Circuit Replacement Kit

Product From Thexton Manufacturing Company, Inc.

The Thexton TH513 Delphi Jumper Wire and Circuit Replacement Kit is designed to test and replace defective Delphi terminals. This kit includes all of the necessary jumper wires, test leads, terminals, butt splices, terminal release tools and heat shrink to repair most damaged Delphi circuits. If a terminal is deemed defective simply remove the terminal using the correct terminal release tool provided in the kit, cut the defective wire off and splice in a new wire using the parts provided in the kit.

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GOLO app

Product From Launch Tech USA

Launch Tech USA offers real-time remote diagnoses with the GOLO app. Shops are able to help customers with vehicle driveability issues anywhere, any time. When a customer's 'check engine" light turns on on the road, the customer can use his or her smartphone to call the GOLO app. The app triggers the "GOLO" light on the connected technician's scan tool in the shop. The technician has immediate access to his customer's vehicle's systems. The tech can then perform a health-check on the vehicle remotely to confirm if there are any issues, and can turn the "check engine" light off if and when necessary (e.g. a loose gas cap). 

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N500 Series spring rewind reel

Product From Hannay Reels

The Hannay Reels N500 Series high-pressure, low-maintenance spring rewind reel is designed for efficient hose handling in applications such as hydraulics, air and water, and chassis grease for all machine and implement needs. A compact frame and narrow base also allows easy installation in almost any location. 

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