Blue Cobra truck tire service set No. PN 35442

Blue Cobra truck tire service set No. PN 35442

Blue Cobra truck tire service set No. PN 35442 Product Image

The Ken-Tool Blue Cobra Truck Tire Service Set, No. 35442, features the company's Blue Cobra Truck Tire Demount Tool (No. 35440) and includes six other needed components to service most 22.5" and 24.5" truck tires quickly and easily. This set also includes the T45C Classic Tubeless Tire Iron, No. PN 34645C; Double-End Tire Spoon, No. PN 33050; Euro Lube Paste – 8 lb. Pail, No. PN 35848; Euro-style Lube Applicator Brush, No. PN 30512; two aluminum C-Loc Bead Holders, No. PN 31713; and Leather Rim Protector, No. PN 31810. The service set is packaged in a single, 40-lb box.


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Lisle Wheel Stud Pilot Pin Set, No. 13950

Product From Lisle Corporation

The Lisle Wheel Stud Pilot Pin Set, No. 13950, makes it easier to remove and install wheels on many European vehicles with lug bolts. Three pairs of metric threaded wheel stud pilot pins allow users to hang the wheel without having to balance the wheel on the small lip of the hub. This helps prevent the wheel from falling and causing damage or injury. Users can simply insert the proper size threaded pins into hub bolt holes to hold the wheel in place while inserting or removing lugs. This set includes 12mm by 1.5mm, 14mm by 1.25mm and 14mm by 1.5mm threaded pins, which are also available individually.

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Tire Lifter, No. K-1353

Product From Kiene Diesel Accessories, Inc.

Kiene Diesel Accessories' Tire Lifter, No. K-1353, offers technicians a lifting tool that makes lifting mounted 22.5, 24.5 and 300 lb super single tires, a safe one man operation that makes moving tires around the shop a breeze. When not in use, the lightweight portable tool, folds into a compact 49" package.  13531353

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Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer, No. 9060

Product From Innovative Products of America (IPA)

IPA's Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer, No. 9060, can accurately read and inflate tire pressure on multiple tires (up to five) at the same time. Helping maximize fuel economy and tire life in order to reduce costs, the tool comes equipped with two integrated high-capacity air regulators, and two accurate, high-resolution, glycerin- filled pressure gauges for consistent and precise tire pressure readings. Mounted on a welded steel cart with pneumatic tires and features wheel-specific color-coded hoses with corresponding panel indicators and convenient hose hangers.  Simple to hook up, easy-to-use and with accurate and repeatable results, according to the manufacturer. Made in the USA.

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Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide, 4th Ed.

Product From ATA Business Solutions

The fourth edition of the Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide, from ATA Business Solutions, is packed with more than 200 color photographs and illustrations, and contains detailed descriptions of every tire failure and service condition for both original and retread tires. It shows what to look for when examining diagonal tire wear, irregular wear, side wall separations, the "zipper condition," shoulder wear and more. Guide also tells users how to correct the problem. The fourth edition features many updates to existing repair, retread and wear conditions as well as new conditions, such as those that pertain to the increasingly popular wide-base tires. Available in book or CD.

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Quick Check drive under configuration

Product From Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter's ceiling-mounted drive-under configured Quick Check system contains no moving parts and hangs from a standard bracket 10' above the floor, allowing it to be installed without floor area obstructions. The drive-under configuration comes with standard Quick Check accessories, including Quick Check console and rolling carts.

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Pneumatic truck tire bead breaker No. 20425

Product From Equipment Supply Company (ESCO)

ESCO offers its new pneumatic truck tire bead breaker, No. 20425. It eliminates the need to lift and turn the 200-lb heavy truck tire/wheel assembly over to break the second bead. The No. 20425 is powered by standard shop or tire service truck air at 100 psi to develop a bead breaking force of over 5,000 lbs. The unit will handle all truck tire/wheel sizes 19.5” through 24.5” including all super singles and X-One type wide base tire/wheels. With a shop floor footprint of only 28” by 32” operating space is not a problem.

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Bead Bazooka XL

Product From Gaither Tool Company, Inc.

The Gaither Bead Bazooka XL is the second generation of the Bazooka range of bead seaters, and is the larger version of the already established Bead Bazooka 6L. This tool has been especially designed for use with larger, more stubborn truck tires, as well as some OTR and AG tires. The XL provides 100 percent more energy at release by adding 50 percent (3L) more volume over the original Bead Bazooka. A new grip adds texture for better handling in shop conditions and a more ergonomic feel. Weighs only 15 lbs for easy handling and operation.

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Mega AirBlast Bead Seating Tool No. 31444

Product From Ken-Tool

Ken-Tool introduces the Mega AirBlast Bead Seating Tool No. 31444, designed to properly and efficiently seat the bead of tubeless tires to the rim. The tool uses pressurized air to uniformly force the tire's bead onto the rim before inflating the tire to the correct pressure. It has an operating maximum pressure of 165 psi (11 bar). A portable 5 gal (18.9 liter) air reservoir tank is the center of the No. 31444. A heavy-duty, 2" diameter tube with a ball valve carries the air to the insertion point between the bead and the rim. 

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Direct Mount Hub Adapter

Product From Tru Align LLC

The Tru Align Direct Mount Hub Adapter is a product add-on used to eliminate the need for alignment clamps during wheel alignments. This adapter is perfectly centered and easily attaches to the updated Tru Align Plate. The expandable sleeve allows for any manufacturer’s alignment heads to directly mount on the Tru Align Plate. By attaching directly to the vehicle’s hub, Tru Align eliminates the alignment inaccuracies and clamp attachment difficulties of both the “quick clamp” and “traditional” alignment systems.

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Body Line Marker Tool, No. DF-BL10

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

Re-create fender curve lines perfectly every time with the DF-BL10 Body Line Marker Tool from Dent Fix. The Body Line Tool makes accurate measurements around wheel opening moldings quickly and easily. Using the same method a compass uses to draw exact circles or arcs from a single point, this tool draws a line equal distance from any part of the fenders edge.

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