Rotabroach Master Kits

Rotabroach Master Kits

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Each of the Blair Rotabroach Master Kits are an all-in-one set containing 16 different sizes of Rotabroach Cutters for drilling holes in materials up to 1/4" thick. The fractional kit includes cutters from 1/4" to 3/4", and the metric kit includes sizes from 6mm to 20mm.Rotabroach annular cutters are ideal for use in metal fabrication, restoration, maintenance and electrical applications, spotweld removal, plugs holes for welding, and automotive aftermarket installations.

Each kit is packaged in a sturdy plastic storage case and includes an arbor assembly, extra pilots, center punch, washers and instructions on use. Rotabroach Cutters can be used in handheld electric drills with 3/8" chucks and in drill presses.

Rotabroach Cutters are made of M2 H.S.S., hardened and precision ground. The annular or hollow design cuts only at the periphery of the hole, leaving the center as a solid slug of material. Because there is no center point or "dead zone" as with conventional hole making tools, the annular cutter configuration has demonstrated the ability to drill holes up to three times faster and last 10 times longer than twist drills or hole saws. The cutters cut holes that are virtually burr-free and do not deform the surrounding material, even thin sheet metal.

Made in the USA.

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18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Band Saw, No. XBP01

Product From Makita

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Band Saw, No. XBP01, is powered by one 18V LXT battery that reaches a full charge in only 30 minutes. It has a blade cover to enable appropriate one-handed operation, and it has a 630 ft-per-minute blade speed for fast, efficient cutting. The saw accepts standard 32-7/8" by 1/2" blades, and with a 2-1/2" cutting capacity, it is able to cut conduit, Unistrut, copper pipe, threaded rod, angle iron and channel. Additional features include a built-in LED, "tool-less" blade change, and adjustable foot to protect material and provide improved support for more accurate cutting.The band saw weighs only 7.5 lbs.

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Cable Shears, No. 95 11 165

Product From KNIPEX Tools LP

Knipex's Cable Shears, No. 95 11 165, features precision ground, hardended blades, high-grade special tool steel that is forged and oil-hardened, and has an adjustable bolted joint with a self-retaining screw. The tool produces clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation. Its easy-cutting ability allows for one-handed operation and allows for cutting copper and aluminum single conductors as well as multiple stranded cables. These shears should be used on steel wire or hard drawn copper conductors.

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5-Axis Water Jet System, No. EDGE X-5

Product From Jet Edge Inc.

The Jet Edge 5-axis water jet system, No. EDGE  X-5, cuts complex taper-free and 3D parts from virtually any material. Featuring Jet Edge's Permalign EDGE technology, the machine can cut chamfers, weld bevels and sophisticated 3D parts such as impeller blades. The AquaVision Di Controller's open architecture design gives operators the freedom to fine-tune programs from any CAD/CAM/nesting software, utilizing standard G&M code. The system's Intelligent Work Envelope automatically adjusts depending on the angle of the cut to protect the operator, material and system components. This machine comes in an array of sizes and is made in the U.S.A.

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Ratcheting Tube Cutter, No. 331

Product From Beta Tools

The Beta Tools Ratcheting Tube Cutter, No. 331, comes as a ratcheting tube cutter that allows the user to cut tubing that is located in tight spaces. Traditional tube cutters require the user to spin the tool around the tubing which can be nearly impossible when other mechanicals are in the way. With the No. 331, the user simply opens the end to place the tubing inside the tool, and then tighten the thumbscrew and ratchet.

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TKO Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters

Product From Ideal Industries, Inc.

Ideal Industries offers the TKO Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters. These cutters act as a clean cutter replacement for traditional knockouts, by making smooth holes in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Specifically designed to cut sheet metal, TKO cutters will even cut stainless steel with fine grained, carbide tips. The innovative design includes the exclusive SmoothStart replaceable pilot drill, which guides the cutter to the surface, avoiding cutter damage and providing smoother holes. An integral overdrill flange prevents cutter penetration beyond the sheet metal.

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8" Cable Shear

Product From KNIPEX Tools LP

The Knipex 8" Cable Shear, with a twin cutting edge, can cut through copper and aluminum cables.  This tool features precision ground, hardened blades that can accomplish a clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation. The user does not need to exert as much effort, because the tool features a favorable lever ratio and optimized cutting-edge geometry. It has a guard that prevents pinching the user's finger and its twin cutting edge allows a comfortable handle position in all cutting situations within its specified cutting capacity.

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Super Combo Scissors

Product From Vampire Tools International, Inc.

Vampire's Super Combo Scissors can cut through steel and cooper. These 4-in-1 multi-purpose compact scissors benefit from being made in Japan of carbon steel. They come with an ergonomic S-shaped handle that prevents pinching of the palm and provide maximum leverage to the blades. These scissors have the flat blade design for standard cutting. Also equipped on the inside one of the blades are micro-serrations that give the user the non-slip ability to cut through rope and insulated cables. Opposite of that is the double-sided blade that can be used as a straight-edged knife, like a box-cutter.  

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Premium Quickie Cut Cut-Off Wheels

Product From CGW Green Grind

CGW, Camel Grinding Wheels' Premium Quickie Cut Cut-Off Wheels for use with metals, including stainless steel expands CGW's existing Quickie Cut line of cut-off wheels. The flexible cut-off wheels cut 14 percent more than the best-producing cut-off wheels in the same category, accordingt to the manufacturer. Designed for enhanced free-cutting action, the wheels require less effort while eliminating the wheel sticking in aggressive work pieces. In addition, the wheels reduce stress on the work piece by causing minimal burning, and reduce the need for extra cleaning and/or deburring.

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TechProbe Digitizer

Product From Techno Tools Corp.

Techno Tool's CNC plasma accessory, the TechProbe Digitizer, can mount to any Techno CNC plasma machine. The user-friendly TechProbe software will digitize an object with simple or complex geometric shapes. Input the object, scan-area dimensions and desired step-resolution into the software and the program automatically collects the data. Most of the software's default settings, like speeds and resolutions, will not have to be reconfigured. Digitized two-dimensional objects are generated onto the screen in a field of automatic toolpath points. The software allows the user to view the scan through its active-preview window. 

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Cutoff tool, Nos. PT430 and PT490

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on's 1 hp Cutoff Tools, come in 3" (No. PT430) and 4" angle (No. PT490) versions to help service technicians perform more cutting jobs. These tool can cut exhaust pipes and hangers, body panels, hoses and flat iron. Some features include a thermally balanced air motor that cools internal parts and the tool's surface, double bearings for smooth operation, a built-in speed regulator for easy adjustment, paddle-style trigger/safety lever for easy operation and an adjustable wheel guard so the tool can be used at any angle.

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