Laser Steering Wheel Straightener

Laser Steering Wheel Straightener

Laser Steering Wheel Straightener Product Image

Use the Laser Steering Wheel Straightener from to straighten the steering wheel after a wheel alignment. The tool utilizes a “floating laser head” that goes up against the rear wheel or tire, specially designed to shine a wall of light from the rear wheel towards the front of the car. Technicians then measure the distance to the front and rear lip of the front wheel. Measurements can be made in minutes without the need to install the wheel alignment equipment back on the car or truck. An adjustment on the “floating head” of the tool has a unique calibration that allows it to be used even on un-level surfaces.

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Lazer Series Safety Air Gun Kits

Product From Guardair Corporation

The Guardair Corp. Lazer Series Safety Air Gun Kits offer patented ergonomic contoured grips with comfort triggers in palm-switch and pistol-grip styles, which are available with aluminum extensions from 6” to 72” in length. Designed to maximize operator comfort and reduce hand fatigue, these air guns provide extended-reach capability for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The integrated hanging hook and eyelet offer intuitive storage and retrieval, enabling quick access for versatile cleaning applications. Additional features include a lightweight, all-metal construction, an aluminum venturi nozzle, a 1/4” FNPT inlet, a pressure barrier from the inner air hose and they meet OSHA standards.

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EFX60 In-ground Scissor Lift

Product From Rotary Lift

Rotary Lift’s EFX60 heavy duty in-ground scissor lift incorporates patented design features to make lift setup and operation faster and easier, resulting in more productive technicians and less vehicle downtime. The EFX60 incorporates Rotary’s patented universal style lifting saddle with flip-up adapters and a wide range of lightweight, certified adapters. This technician-friendly design makes lift set-up a breeze. The lift’s infinite adapter adjustment range means technicians can precisely position adapters to properly lift vehicles weighing up to 60,000 lbs. The EFX60 was built with superior strength to provide greater service life, reduced maintenance and better overall productivity. Its centering links are 33 percent stronger than those on similar lifts. 

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Wrench Connection Set, Nos. WC100 and WC200

Product From E-Z Red Company

The E-Z Red Wrench Connection set connects almost any 6-point or 12-point tool to another, making the possible angle and leverage combinations almost limitless. Molded-in magnets assure hold, allowing these tools to connect any wrenches to each other no matter how long, short  or offset they may be. Also connect socket to wrenches with or without the use of extensions, or no matter how deep or shallow sockets may be. Two sizes available: No. WC100 low-profile metric Hex set includes sizes 8mm-19mm; No. WC200 low-profile SAE hex set includes sizes 1/4” to 13/16”.

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11100 Manual Bushing R&R Tool

Product From SP Tools/Schley Products Inc.

The SP Tools Manual Bushing Removal and Installation Kit, No. 11100, allows techs to service a wide range of bushings without removing components from the vehicle. Due to the awkward dimensions of many suspension components, using a conventional press to remove and replace bushings can be time consuming and frustrating. This complete system can be used to service the vehicle anywhere in the shop. This kit comes with 22 cups and receivers, with hundreds of size combinations, for quick R&R of suspension bushings. Includes four acme thread spindles, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm, featuring ball bearing thrust washers to ensure smooth operation.

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ACS 9000 A/C Service Machine

Product From Mahle RTI

The RTI Technologies ACS 9000 A/C service machine handles R-1234yf refrigerant. The A/C service machine is designed and approved to meet the stringent VDA General Specifications for R-1234yf automotive A/C service equipment in Europe.  It includes separate oil lines to handle standard and hybrid vehicles.  The precise automation on the machine enables it to handle exact refrigerant filling, guaranteed purity levels, integrated flushing, self-diagnostics and an advance warning system on filter replacement. Technicians can interface with the unit in 33 languages and collect reports through the onboard printer or through digital export with a memory stick for PC use.

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Click Lock A/C Security System

Product From AirSept Inc.

The Airsept Click Lock A/C Security System is a unique new tool that alerts service providers if an air conditioning system has been opened since the repair shop last serviced the system. The Click Lock tamper-proof cap features a one-piece heat-resistant plastic housing that snaps closed around an A/C service fitting. Once closed, Click Lock cannot be opened without visibly damaging the cap. It fits over standard High or Low Side service fittings. The locking mechanism snaps together by hand. Each Click Lock tool is labeled with a unique serial number. This allows easy repair order tracking.

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Subaru Headbolt Socket No. S6214

Product From Snap-on Inc.

The Snap-on Headbolt Socket for Subaru vehicles (No. S6214) is a 1/2" drive, 12 point 14mm mid-length specialty tool that is designed to remove and install headbolts on 1995 to current Subaru vehicles. The length of the socket is critical to the application as it allows for the removal and installation of headbolts with the engine in the car. While deep sockets are too long and do not fit between the frame and the engine, shallow sockets do not clear the head. The Snap-on Headbolt Socket for Subaru vehicles allows technicians to use a 1/2” drive torque wrench. 

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GRX-3000 Battery Diagnostic System

Product From Midtronics, Inc.

Fast and accurate, the Midtronics GRX-3000 Battery Diagnostic System can determine, often in less than five minutes, the difference between a recoverable battery and one that is not. Defective batteries with open welds and shorts are rapidly identified and recoverable batteries are safely and quickly charged. Diagnostic charging sessions are customized and controlled. Charging stops as soon as batteries can be returned to customers, or are determined to require replacement. The GRX diagnostic station delivers efficiency in the shop and more accurate preventative maintenance decisions by helping to eliminate guesswork and wasted time charging defective batteries.

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Grip-Tite Super Sockets

Product From BT & F LLC

Grip-Tite Super Sockets, from BT & F, remove rusted, damaged and severely rounded nuts and bolts with ease. These sockets hold and capture nuts and bolts in hard-to-reach places - no more banged knuckles or dropped fasteners. The secret to the bite is Grip-Tite's patented Advanced Camming Technology (ACT), which locks six floating cams against the flats of the nut or bolt as the socket rotates.  The more torque users apply, the more tenaciously the cams grip.  ACT also allows the cams to hold fasteners securely (even upside-down) for easy installation in hard-to-reach places. Exceeds ANSI torque specifications.  Lifetime warranty.

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Relay Bypass Switch Set No. 9036

Product From Innovative Products of America (IPA)

The IPA Relay Bypass Set (No. 9036) is a first-time tool that plugs in place of a vehicle's fuel pump relay providing direct control over the fuel pump circuit. When testing fuel injection systems, the Relay Bypass allows actuation of the fuel pump when the engine is not running. The 3-pc set covers the most common domestic and Japanese applications, along with popular German models. The Relay Bypass Set acts as an on/off switch that plugs in place of the most common relays. They are simple-to-use and help to troubleshoot fuel system and electrical problems.

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