EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder

EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder

EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder Product Image

The new Snap-on Data Bus Fault Finder (No. EEFF500) is the essential tool to diagnose Data Bus communication failures. When the Data Bus fails the scan tool loses communication with the vehicle's network of onboard computers. Technicians can waste hours searching for a computer data circuit failure. By utilizing the Data Bus Fault Finder, they can find the communication breakdown source more efficiently and solve the problem faster. 

Features and benefits include:

  • User controlled elimination of modules to isolate defects and find the failure location
  • Eliminate rogue/defective modules or data circuits that lock up the data bus via 12 switchable data channels
  • LED indicators light amber for short to ground and red for short to power
  • Self test upon power up; newer versions have a membrane switch while initial versions have toggle switches

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Wheel Hub Grinder Type 1

Product From Mueller-Kueps LP

The Mueller Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder Type 1 includes a special grinder for cleaning the wheel centering device as well as the attachment area between wheel and hub. This tool allows technicians to completely remove burned-in corrosion residues in a quick and easy process. Actual process time per hub only takes about 3-25 seconds, depending on residue thickness.

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Two-Position Ratcheting Screwdriver with LEDs, No. 82788

Product From GearWrench/Apex Tool Group

Gearwrench's Two-Position Ratcheting Screwdriver with LEDs, No. 82788, has two LEDs that help illuminate a work area, making it easier to work in poorly lit spaces. It has a 45-tooth ratcheting mechanism with forward, reverse and locked positions to quickly tighten or loosen fasteners. The screwdriver features a stainless steel collar that magnetizes the bit tip to help hold fasteners on the tool, resulting in fewer dropped and lost fasteners. Users also benefit from 6-bit storage (Phillips #1, #2 and T15, T20, T25 and T127 included) in the handle.

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2013 Maintenance Reminder Reset Procedures, No. 13-450

Product From Autodata Publications Inc.

The 2013 Maintenance Reminder Reset Procedures, No. 13-450, from Autodata helps users to ensure that vehicles always leave the shop with the maintenance reminders reset. The manual covers domestic and imported vehicles from 2002 to 2013, and includes step-by-step instructions, vehicle specific illustrations and system operation notes. The convenient spiral bound format lays flat or folds in half for easy handling within the vehicle.

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Spark Plug Starter Set, No. 63100

Product From Lisle Corporation

The Lisle Spark Plug Starter Set, No. 63100, features a 9" flexible shaft that allows technicians to obtain the desired angle to accurately install most spark plugs, without cross threading. The 3/8" square drive socket includes a strong neodymium magnet to hold the spark plug in during installation and removal. The tool can also be used as a magnetic pickup tool with a weight capacity of 1.56 lbs. The set includes four spark plug sockets: 9/16", 5/8", 3/4" and 13/16". Made in the U.S.A.

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XL Pass-Thru Ratchet and Socket System

Product From GearWrench/Apex Tool Group

GearWrench's XL Pass-Thru Ratchet and Socket System eliminates the need for two sets of sockets. With 11 locking head positions and a head profile up to 50 percent thinner than conventional ratchet systems, it provides unprecedented access in tight automotive applications. The ratcheting box end requires as few as five-degrees of swing arc to move fasteners, which dramatically increases productivity. The XL Pass Thru System can lower overall costs because automotive technicians no longer need deep sockets. Additionally, these sockets work where even deep sockets won't, such as providing access to a nut halfway down a threaded rod. 

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Wide Capacity Tongue and Groove Pliers, No. 7412

Product From SK Hand Tool, LLC

The SK Hand Tool Wide Capacity Tongue and Groove Pliers, No. 7412, can be used on round objects like pipes, rods and hoses providing three points of contact for a more positive grip on the object than a traditional tongue and groove pliers. The wide capacity, ranging from 1/2"-4", eliminates the need to carry multiple tools to cover the full range of work surface sizes. The tool's angled narrow head design allows access into tighter spaces than other pliers. Other features of the pliers include a flush rivet design for access in tight work spaces and a textured cushion grip for positive hold. 

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Tradesman Vise, No. 1755

Product From Wilton Tool Group

Made in the U.S.A., the Wilton Tool Group Tradesman Vise, No. 1755, has a 5-1/2" jaw width, 5" jaw opening and 3-3/4" throat depth. This means that it can handle the most demanding clamping applications. Unlike most vises that have a fixed center nut, this one has a round channel vise nut anchored at the rear. This rear anchored nut provides straight line pull and even pressure resulting in greater durability. The round channel design also allows for a completely enclosed spindle and nut assembly. This enclosure keeps debris out and lubrication in for a lifetime of smooth operation.

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8" Cable Shear

Product From KNIPEX Tools LP

The Knipex 8" Cable Shear, with a twin cutting edge, can cut through copper and aluminum cables.  This tool features precision ground, hardened blades that can accomplish a clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation. The user does not need to exert as much effort, because the tool features a favorable lever ratio and optimized cutting-edge geometry. It has a guard that prevents pinching the user's finger and its twin cutting edge allows a comfortable handle position in all cutting situations within its specified cutting capacity.

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Split Rethreading Dies

Product From JME Innovations

The American-made two-piece JME Innovations Split Rethreading Dies can repair damaged threads on studs, drive shafts and struts without having to remove the part. Using a die stock, socket or a “gear wrench” to get the job done, this two-piece die can be placed anywhere there are good threads, and repair the threads from the bottom up, or the traditional way from the top down.

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uActivate Ultimate Circuit Breakout Box

Product From AESwave (Automotive Electronics Services, Inc.)
The AESwave uActivate Ultimate Circuit Breakout Box makes it easy to connect test equipment to complete voltage, current and resistance tests. Connect the uActivate to the circuit – one connection to the circuit. Next, it is now easy to connect a lab scope, digital multimeter as well as an amp probe to the ports on the uActivate. The innovation of this product helps users with circuit testing through the relay socket, through the fuse, through a connector -- the user is in control (of when the circuit turns on); flip the switch and uActivate the circuit on demand. This updated uActivate features updates to the internal circuitry, and comes with an added universal cable kit and adapters. 
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