PSE 1 Power Steering Fluid Exchange Equipment

PSE 1 Power Steering Fluid Exchange Equipment

PSE 1 Power Steering Fluid Exchange Equipment Product Image

The Symtech Corp. PSE 1 Power Steering Fluid Exchange Equipment has two high-volume 12V pumps to eliminate co-mingling between new and used fluids. Electronic, handheld controls for precise fluid dispersing. This unit comes with vehicle battery operation, with a low vehicle battery warning indicator, and may be adapted to cart with a self-contained internal battery power source. Comes with four quarts, plus capacity new and used tanks. Includes multiple extraction wands to accommodate various sizes and styles of fluid reservoirs access. Made in the USA.


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Import-Specific Power Steering Fluid

Product From The Penray Companies, Inc.

The Performance Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid from Penray comes blended specifically to meet the requirements of late-model European vehicles. The fluid can maintain especially stable viscosity characteristics over a wide range of ambient and operating temperatures, with improved flow at low operating temperatures. It also features anti-wear agents to promote long life of internal power steering components, consistent with the extended fluid change intervals as specified by these automakers. It can also be used in hydraulic suspension systems, hydraulic shock absorbers and traction control systems.

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Inner tie rod end boot kit

Product From Beck/Arnley Worldparts Inc.

Beck/Arnley's inner tie rod end boot kits include the tie rod, with additional parts if necessary, along with a steering rack boot and fasteners for the steering rack. There are 62 part numbers for 745 applications, which covers 28,149,089 registered vehicles in the U.S.. This allows shops tp match to more current OE tie rod offerings, which sometimes includes boots and/or boot mounting hardware, without paying the OEM price.

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Synthetic universal power steering fluid, No. 7004B

Product From Petra

Petra's Synthetic universal power steering fluid, No. 7004B combines low temperature fluidity with shear stability to meet and exceed the most stringent performance requirements of the OEMs. This product comes formulated for use in power steering systems that require high performance lubricating fluids such as CHF+ found on German vehicles. Features: keeps power steering units clean, reduces wear and valve noise over a wide temperature range, non-foaming and non-corrosive, compatible with all power steering systems, and conditions seals and hoses.

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PSX-3 Power Steering Fluid Exchanger

Product From Mahle RTI

Users of the PSX-3 Power Steering Fluid Exchanger from RTI Technologies follow three easy steps: Insert dual hose wand into reservoir, power up unit, and cycle steering wheel lock to “lock” until waste fluid matches color of new fluid. This fluid exchanger offers a dual pump process, using two positive displacement diaphragm pumps. The clear dual process hose provides an exceptional new/used fluid visual. A fast and easy changeover allows flexibility between multiple power steering fluid types. 

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Qwik Draw Power Steering Flush Machine

Product From Link New Tech

Link New Tech offers the 10L Qwik Draw Fully Automatic Power Steering (PS) Flush Machine. By turning a single green valve, the precise exchange of fluid can be achieved with no overflow due to automatic shut-off directly from the power steering pump reservoir. Flushes can be performed in less than three minutes. The PS Flush is maintenance-free with no mechanical pumps or AC/DC components that need replacement. The large swivel casters and small footprint make the PS Flush Machine highly maneuverable in tight spaces. 

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Fluid dispenser, No. MV6400

Product From Lincoln Industrial

Mityvac's fluid dispensing system, No. MV6400, uses a 1-gal. fluid reservoir with a manual pressure pump integrated into the lid. Operating the pump pressurizes the reservoir to produce a continuous fluid flow. The MV6400 includes a pressure gauge, safety valve and manual pressure relief valve. The dispensing hose connects to the reservoir with a push-to-connect coupler and has an integrated control valve and an automatic shutoff valve. Reservoirs in 2.5- and 5-gal. sizes are available for separate purchase.

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SteerClean 1000 power steering fluid exchanger

Product From Motorvac, Inc.

MotorVac offers their SteerClean 1000 power steering fluid exchanger as part of their 1000 Series of basic fluid exchange equipment. The unit is designed to perform an exchange in 5 minutes in helping to increase shop profitability and productivity with fewer steps and one-person operation.

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Flo Dynamics catalog

Product From Flo-Dynamics

Flo Dynamics presents their newest catalog with details on their fluid management equipment. The full-color catalog provides detailed descriptions and images.

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Universal Flushing System No. 982100

Product From Clore Automotive

Clore Automotive introduces its 982100 Universal Flushing System from VIPER. Applications of the air-powered unit can include A/C condensers, oil coolers, power steering coolers and transmission coolers as it uses a patented pulsating action to remove system contaminants or degrease under-vehicle components. Additional features include:

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MFX HD35 and FX HD35 Transmission and Power Steering Fluid Exchangers

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on offers their HD35 Series Heavy-Duty Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluid X-Changers that perform transmission and power fluid steering exchanges quickly and accurately. The Snap-on MFX HD35 model (EETF304A) performs transmission and power fluid steering exchanges and the FX HD35 model (EETF303A) exchanger solely replaces automatic transmission fluid. Both units offer easy to use flush and fill features that replace old power steering fluid in about 8 minutes. Users can control the exchange rate through a remote pendant control and both units have vehicle-specific adapter hoses that connect directly to transmission cooler lines. Additional features of both units include:

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