KRA2410 Top Chest

KRA2410 Top Chest

KRA2410 Top Chest Product Image

With over 21,000 cu. in. of space, 10 interchangeable drawers and a huge flip-top lid area, Snap-on’s KRA2410 top chest is the perfect add-on storage solution for an existing Snap-on roll cab. This 55" top chest with lid comes pre-drilled for optional power strip, and includes an easy-to-operate flip lid utilizes high strength gas struts for safe, convenient lifting and shutting. Drawers are interchangeable – 2" and 4" drawers can change position if desired. Each drawer will hold up to 120 lbs. and the 4" drawers will accommodate an extra set of slides to hold up to 240 lbs. per drawer.


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41" Extreme Deluxe Portable Workstation and Roller Cabinet Combination No. PWSRC4129TX

Product From Extreme Tools, Inc.

The Extreme Tools 41” Extreme Deluxe Portable Workstation and Roller Cabinet Combination, No. PWSRC4129TX, helps techs organize hand tools and charge power tools, along with the ability to work on the pull-out shelf and open the side drawer with its built-in power strip to use a computer, and then securely store it all in one place.  Under the lid, two large interior drawers were designed with socket holders and extension trays on the drawer fronts to provide convenient storage for holding screws, nuts or any small items. The Deluxe Extreme Portable Workstation provides pegs, slots, holders and racks for most hand tools (combination wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchet drivers, extensions, deep and shallow socket pegs, drill bits, pliers), plus four power tools. Pair it up with the 41” 11 Drawer 24” Deep Deluxe Roller Cabinet with secure self-latching drawers, and tools become truly portable.

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Mobile Mini-Racking and Shelving accessories

Product From Rousseau Metal Inc.

The Rousseau Metal Inc. Mobile Mini-Racking and Shelving accessories are built to last and increase the range of possibilities available for Rousseau storage solutions. These accessories include a mobile base that installs under shelving units, with handles to help with moving units and protective bumpers to prevent damage. 

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Four-Drawer Cabinet No. 36-BBS-241-4DB

Product From Strong Hold Products

The Strong Hold Products Four Drawer Cabinet, No. 36-BBS-241-4DB, is a 12-gauge, all welded storage cabinet with 110 yellow bins, an adjustable shelf and four drawers, measuring (2) 3" high by 29" wide by 13" deep and (1) 6" high by 29" wide by 13" deep. Ball bearing slides provide for smooth opening of drawers.The large bin is 8-1/4" wide by 14-3/4" deep and 7" high and hold up to 60 lbs.

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3/4" Drive Socket Boss Twist Lock Socket Tray

Product From Ernst Mfg.

Helping improve storage in the drawer, on the bench, or on the go, the Ernst Mfg. 3/4" Drive Socket Boss Twist Lock Socket Trays fit a large set of tools using a small amount of storage space. Twist-Lock clips on the tray keep sockets secure and prevent tool loss. Socket rails stay locked in the tray for security, and unlock with the push of a button. Individual rails can be removed or switched for customization. Highly customizable, the tray allows users to add or remove socket clips, label socket sizes with ID stickers for labeling socket sizes and easy recognition of missing tools, trade colors and swap out drive sizes. Recommended color options: red for SAE and blue for metric sizes.

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C24SL Roller Cabinet

Product From Beta Tools

The Beta Tools C24SL Roller Cabinet has a heavy duty, multi-ply laminated wood top that offers a usable work area for the technician.  It’s like having a workbench built-in to your tool storage. It also has pre-drilled holes with inserts for securely mounting a vice on to the workbench top. 

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HJ H Series Hinged Cover Metal Enclosures

Product From Hammond Manufacturing Company Inc.

Hammond's HJ H Series Hinged Cover Metal Enclosures come environmentally sealed to NEMA Type 3R, 4 (IP66), 12 and 13. Designed for wall or bulkhead mounting, the HJ H Series can house electrical, electronic equipment and instruments as an electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic control housing. It can also be used as an electrical junction box or terminal wiring enclosure. It comes in 27 sizes, ranging from 4.0" x 4.0" x 3.0" (100 x 100 x 75mm) to 16.0" x 14.0" x 10.0" (400 x 350 x 250mm). The body of the unit comes fabricated from 16 or 14-gauge steel.

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Abrasive Blast Cabinet, No. YA3825

Product From Snap-on Inc.

The Snap-on Abrasive Blast Cabinet, No. YA3825, effectively cleans metal parts right down to the bare substrate. The cabinet offers 25 lbs of glass bead abrasion and features a trigger style variable output blast gun. Its high efficiency 135 CFM dust collection system uses an enclosed cartridge filter to separate dust from useable media, providing operator visibility during use and minimal wasted media. It has a right hand door for smaller parts and a unique clam shell lid that facilitates easy loading of heavy parts. The work area comes lit with two fluorescent lights for increased visibility.

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EVA wave foam storage tray

Product From King Tony America

King Tony America's KT Pro EVA wave foam storage tray organizes tools in a revolutionary way. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) comes chemical, oil and water resistant. The tray has a unique wave pattern mold in order to hold tools securely in place. Made to fit standard tool box drawers. Has wrench sizes marke on the outside. Comes in 9-, 13- and 16-piece (metric) and 9-, 13- and 14-piece (SAE) varieties.

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Scoop Front Bin Cabinets

Product From Craftline Storage Systems

Craftline's  12-1/2" Deep Modular Bin Cabinets make retrieving bin contents a snap, with no more cutting fingertips trying to get those jagged tipped fasteners out of those flat front bins. With Craftline’s unique "scoop front bin" design, small items just roll into the palm of a hand. No more digging for items stuck in the corners like other bins. Modular design allows bins to be stacked in any bin configuration. 

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Docking station, No. DS-PAN-600

Product From Havis-Shields Equipment Corp.

Havis' docking station, No. DS-PAN-600, for the Panasonic Toughbook H2 offers computer charging, security and connection to peripherals in medical, enterprise and in-vehicle workplaces. Top exiting ports and easy to use strain relieving allow for a low profile mount in mobile solutions and reduces the need for cable extensions. Use of barcode scanners is available while the computer is securely docked. Side exiting USB ports are optional with minimal effort. Maximize your productivity with this lightweight and strong design that is built with theft deterrence, longevity and stability in mind.

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