MASTER PROHEAT Plastic Welding Kit No. PH-1400WH

MASTER PROHEAT Plastic Welding Kit No. PH-1400WH

MASTER PROHEAT Plastic Welding Kit No. PH-1400WH Product Image

The Master Appliance MASTER PROHEAT Plastic Welding Kit, No. PH-1400WK, is a self-contained, general purpose hot air welding system for fast and simple fabrication and repair of rigid and flexible plastics, auto bumpers, tarps, liners, covers, tents, inflatables and more. This kit is built around the compact, lightweight MASTER PROHEAT LCD Dial-in Electronic Heat Gun, No. PH-1400. The heat gun’s dial-in feature offers 10-degree increment temperature control from 130 to 1,000 degrees F and control of airflow from 4 to 16 cfm. The magnetic key lock-in feature makes it easy to “lock-in” proper temperature and airflow for each welding application. 

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Line of MIG Pulse Welders

Product From Car-O-Liner Company

The Car-O-Liner Line of MIG Pulse Welders includes three welders which can be used to repair the 2015 F-150. The CMI300II MIG/MAG Pulse Welder was developed for modern car body work including a variety of steels, aluminum and MIG brazing. The

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Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX

Product From Dent Fix Equipment

The Dent Fix Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station, No. DF-900DX, is a complete aluminum repair station, which allows shops to start working on highly profitable aluminum repairs. The five steps for aluminum repair are covered by the tools included in this set: Expose the bare aluminum, apply heat, weld pins, pull the dent and shape the dent. Unique features to this system include the locking doors and dust cover that ensures the tools are isolated from outside contaminants. The Aluspot includes a five-year warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

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Master ProHeat STC heat gun No. PH-1600

Product From Master Appliance

The Master Appliance Master ProHeat STC heat gun, No. PH-1600, brings work surfaces up to target temperatures quickly. It also provides a continuous surface temperature reading, so users can work at the upper limit of the target temperature cure zone, speeding up the heating process to get the job done quickly. To use, turn on and point the PH-1600 at a work surface. The unique Laser Targeting System calculates the proper field of view for accurate temperature measurement and displays work surface temperature. Then simply dial-in a target temperature and watch while the displayed surface temperature rises to reach the target. Once your target temperature is reached, the heat gun automatically regulates the heater to maintain the target. Temperature output is adjusted to compensate for any change in the distance from the work surface. To prevent a change of the temperature and airflow you have dialed in, the unit’s unique Proloc supervisor locking system can lock the controls.

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Precision Heat Gun Kit, No. HG 350

Product From Steinel

The Steinel Precision Heat Gun Kit, No. HG 350, features a bright LED to illuminate the work area, targeted 3.5 CFM airflow and temperature up to 930 degrees F, suited for precision work. This ESD safe heat gun can be used on electronics and small-profile heat shrink tubing. An integrated LED illuminates the work area and acts as an “on” indicator light enhancing safety and precision. The red “hot” indicator warns the user not to touch the unit until the nozzle has cooled. Several accessories can be purchased including a 7mm reducer, reducer with reflector guard, 40mm reflector and a precision reflector.

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Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i Auto-Pak

Product From Victor Technologies Group, Inc.

Victor Technologies' Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i Auto-Pak includes a 3-in-1 multi-process, fully integrated portable welding system designed to take on many MIG, Stick and TIG applications. The pack includes a Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i system that delivers up to 180 amps of welding output power plus all the necessary accessories: E70S-6 Welding Wire (.023", 2 lbs), E70S-6 Welding Wire (.030", 2 lbs), welding gloves, Tweco 11-23 tips (.023", 25 quantity), Tweco 11-30 tips (.030", 25 qty), Welper MIG pliers and an auto-darkening helmet.

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Semi-Automatic MIG Guns and Consumables catalog

Product From Bernard Welding

Bernard's Semi-Automatic MIG Guns and Consumables catalog helps guide customers in their selection of the company's semi-automatic MIG guns and consumables. Includes valuable product feature and benefit information, as well as comparative reference charts and amperage rating charts to make it easier for customers to determine the right product for their welding needs. Includes important details on its popular Q-Gun Series, along with its Dura-Flux Self-Shielded Guns, T-Gun, TGX Semi-Automatic Gun, and the FILTAIR Fume Extraction Gun.Each page offers photos, diagrams and charts that are easy to read and compare with other products in the catalog.

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Heat gun, No. HG5551V

Product From Makita

Makita's heat gun, No. HG551V, features a precision balance and a pistol grip, with a rubberized handle for greater comfort and the lowest weight in its class (only 1.3 lbs.). It has a variable temperature control dial (180 to 1,020 degrees F) with numbered settings, as well as 2-speed blower settings (8.8 and 16 CFM) so the user can set the heat and blower speed to the application. Durability features include an optimized air intake around the motor engineered for longer motor life, and a ceramic core to protect the heating element for longer tool life. 

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Flexible neck MIG torch, No. CKS15FN1030

Product From Snap-on Inc.

Snap-on's flexible neck MIG torch, No. CKS15FN1030, allows users to weld the top of an exhaust pipe without lowering the exhaust system, increasing productivity so welding jobs can be completed more efficiently. The tool allows welding completely 360-degrees around. With its flexible neck, the tool can be placed in an infinite number of positions. Includes the torch and cable and is designed to work only with the following Snap-on welding machines: MM140SL, MM250SL, MM350XL, MIG140, MIG220, YA212AIND and FM140A.

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Trailblazer engine-driven welder/generators, Nos. 275 and 325

Product From Miller Electric

Miller's Trailblazer engine-driven welder/generators, Nos. 275 and 325, feature technology that reduces fuel use by about 35 percent, increasing run times as much as 50 percent. Smart-Cor technology provides independent weld and generator power, ensuring no interaction between the welding arc and other tools. Welder/generators without this capability can cause fluctuations in the welding arc when a load is simultaneously applied to the generator. Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to run at lower speeds determined by the load applied to the machine. Whereas other comparable welder/generators operate at 3,600 rpm at all times, the Trailblazer series varies its output based on demand.

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Pro-Tack Plastic Welder

Product From Shark Industries

Shark Industries’s Pro-Tack Plastic Welder comes with seven staple shapes that penetrate into the plastic of many products, including bumpers. This welder can repairing virtually anything made of breakable plastic, according to the manufacturer. It can be used to fix everything from motor cycle fairings to office chairs, lawn chairs, garbage cans, wheelbarrows to many other plastic parts on a car. Rated to a maximum of 65 amps, the welder’s unique core cut staples easily bend off without cutting. It comes with an additional adapter that inserts into the tool end to smooth the plastic over the repair staples.

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