Pack-Master Compactors

Pack-Master Compactors

Pack-Master Compactors Product Image

Newstripe offers the Pack-Master compactors, available in manually operated and air-operated models. These compactors compact general shop waste in 55 gal. drums and reduce waste volume by up to 60 percent.



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Product From XL Crude

XL Crude's Kazzkade can be used for the disposal of waste fluids created from oil changes, transmission and coolant flushes, the replacement of hydraulic fluids and more. This 30 gallon transparent waste oil cart has an onboard air pump that evacuates the tank in seven minutes and a one touch locking system that holds the tube firmly in place up to 72 inches. Comes with a 28" x 8" funnel with a mesh screen to prevent splashes and oil spills. Mobile for easy everyday use.

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Big Squeeze container crusher

Product From Newstripe, Inc.

The Newstripe Big Squeeze container crusher uses standard shop air to crush automotive oil filters, 1-gal. cans and 5-gal. metal pails quickly and easily. Excess fluids drain to a separate container allowing collected liquids to be disposed of while filters and containers can be sent out as scrap metal. A safety door lock stops the crushing process if the door is opened during the cycle, or any time the door is open. The Big Squeeze is backed by a 36-month warranty and an optional floor stand is also available.

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Eco Pure

Product From Clean Air Fleet

Eco Pure, from Clean Air Fleet, is a third generation used-oil-to-fuel blending unit with four stages of filtration and precision blending technology. The system saves money by reducing fuel purchases and eliminating costs for used-oil disposal. It also cleans the fuel and improves its combustion characteristics for better performance and reduced fuel consumption.

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Aerosol Can Crusher, No. AFC2

Product From Herkules Equipment Corp.

Herkules manufactures an air-operated Aerosol Can Crusher, No. AFC2, to puncture, drain and crush cans with 15 tons of crushing force. Flatten up to two cans in a 25-60 second cycle, while 95-98 percent of the residual liquid is removed. An outlet valve allows for draining and capturing the liquid from the crusher. The AFC2’s activated carbon filter absorbs much of the gas contaminants and odors., as a fume extractor directs gases away from unit. Powered with Herkules' Air Bag Technology, eliminating the hazards and maintenance problems associated with hydraulics or electricity. 

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Standing Oil Drains

Product From Ranger Products

Both the lightweight 8-gal. RD-8G and 18-gal. RD-18G upright portable oil drains, from Ranger Products, feature wide-bodied designs to eliminate the risk of tipping and to ensure proper balance throughout the workday. Keep these drains stationary or roll across the shop floor on smooth ball bearing casters.The RD-18G also includes a convenient hand pump for faster oil draining. Both standing oil drains are constructed of high-quality, slightly translucent polyethylene for strength, durability and easy oil level viewing.

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Crew Chief 25-gal. Low-Profile Oil Drain, No. JDI-LP5

Product From JohnDow Industries, Inc.

JohnDow Industries' Crew Chief 25-gal. Low-Profile Oil Drain, No. JDI-LP5, is equipped with a 110V electric pump, a 10' evacuation hose and four baffles to prevent fluid splashing when moved. Electric pump is protected by a metal guard for long-term durability.

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RA-250 and RAD-250 Waste Oil Heaters

Product From Reznor Waste Oil Heaters

Reznor's RA-250 and RAD-250 Waste Oil Heater models can be ceiling-suspended or supported above the Reznor Workbench Fuel Tank, forming a practical and convenient waste oil recycling center. Both models are rated for 250,000 BTU input. The models also feature an air atomizing burner; a quiet, on-board air compressor; positive displacement fuel metering pump; and an automatic thermostat-controlled operation.

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Aersolv aerosol-can puncturing and draining system

Product From Katec Aerosolv

Katec offers the Aerosolv aerosol-can puncturing and draining system, a cost-saving aerosol-can puncturing and draining system that neutralizes leftover gasses and liquids. The system technology punctures, depressurizes and drains aerosol cans containing paint and hydrocarbons.

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RP-6KC Can Crusher

Product From BendPak/Ranger

The Bendpak/Ranger RP-6KC air-operated Can Crusher will crush oil filters and many types of industrial filters for easy disposal. The RP-6KC features three-ton crushing force, a 20-second cycle time, compact bench-mount design, all-steel industrial construction and a filter, regulator and air gauge. The can crusher measures 37" high and 15" wide, with an overall depth of 14".

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CB-500-CTB Used-Oil Coil Tube Boiler

Product From Clean Burn

The CB-500-CTB large-capacity, used-oil coil tube boiler from Clean Burn can recycle up to 3.6 gallons of used oil per hour. The CB-500-CTB weighs 1,600 lbs. and can heat an area of more than 12,000 sq. ft., with an input reading of 500,000 BTU. The unit has a low-mass design which holds just 20.6 gal. of water, yet 37 gal./min. flow through the coil.

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