365 Clamp Meter

365 Clamp Meter

365 Clamp Meter Product Image

The Fluke 365 clamp meter gives technicians access to difficult-to-reach wires. The 365 has a thin, small, detachable jaw with a flexible lead, allowing access to wires and viewing the display easier than ever. The compact jaw measures current up to 200A AC/DC while allowing easy access to wires in PLCs and other tight spaces. The Fluke 365 measures up to 600V AC and DC, and provides 6000-Ohm resistance measurement and continuity detection. Signal processing allows for use in noisy electrical environments, while providing stable readings.

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688 True RMS Low Current Clamp Meter

Product From Electronic Specialties, Inc.

The Electronic Specialties 688 True RMS Low Current Clamp Meter feature a 3/4" clamp opening, which allows clamping over heavy duty ground cables and some multiple ground cable systems. The larger clamp will permit a wider range of use across heavy duty vehicles. This clamp meter has improved the drift on DC amps readings, and it has a built-in full range Digital Multimeter for true RMS accuracy. The clamp meter measures DC/AC volts, ohms, frequency, capacitance, diodes, continuity and temperature in F and C. Multimeter test leads, temperature probe and zippered carrying case are included. 

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Clamp Meter No. CM600A

Product From Matco Tools

The Matco Tools Clamp Meter, No. CM600A, is designed to allow accurate current measurements using clamp jaws and has other features found only in full-function multimeters when used with test leads and a temperature probe. The tool is suited for testing starting/charging circuits, provides easy access to current, voltage, and other key automotive measurements. The clamp meter features: 1000A and 400A AC/DC, 600V AC/ DC, duty cycle, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity, frequency, and temperature.

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CM100 Current Clamp Meter

Product From General Technologies Corp.

Use the General Technologies CM100 Current Clamp Meter to accurately measure current, current leaks and electrical loads from 1mA to 100 amp AC/DC and voltages from 0 to 600 AC/DC.  The CM100 features a small and narrow jaw, making it ideal for use in confined spaces and on small gauge wires. Other features include resistance measurement, audible continuity test, display hold and peak detector. The unit includes a user’s manual, test leads, batteries and a soft carrying/storage pouch.

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Clamp meter, No. CM600

Product From General Technologies Corp.

General Technologies; 600-amp AC/DC Clamp Meter, No. CM600, features auto-range and high-sensitivity feedback that allows the measurement of AC/DC currents with a resolution down to 0.1 amps, and a maximum current of 600 amps, making it ideal for all kinds of loads. It features a small, narrow jaw that works in confined spaces and accepts small-gauge wires up to 1” cables. Includes user’s manual, test leads, batteries and a storage pouch. Features:

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Low Amp Clamp

Product From Automotive Scope Applications

ASA’s compact Low Amp Clamp works with any labscope and has a fast current draw analysis of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, ignition coils and modules. Features:

  • Built-in shielding against EMI.
  • No 100mV to10mV output change at 10 amps.
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CA-60 AC/DC current clamp

Product From Precision Diagnostic Instruments

The Precision Diagnostic Instruments CA-60 AC/DC current clamp measures and monitors current draw without the need to break the circuit. The long, narrow clamp jaws make it possible to take measurements in even the tightest of spaces. The clamp accurately measures DC or AC current from 10mA to 60A. Banana plug leads allow the clamp to be used with most digital multimeters and an optional adapter allows its use with many popular scopes.

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Multimeter-clamp kits with i400 and 322 Clamp Meters

Product From Fluke Corporation

The new Fluke multimeter-clamp kits combine one of three Fluke digital multimeters - the Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter, Fluke 87V True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter or Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter - with a Fluke clamp meter for measuring current without interrupting a live circuit. The Fluke i400 Clamp Meter comes with the 289 and Fluke 87V, and is a single range 400 A AC current clamp compatible with most Fluke multimeters. The Fluke 322 Clamp Meter comes with the 179, and is designed to verify the presence of load current, AC voltage and continuity of circuits, switches, fuses and contacts. It is ideally suited for current measurements up to 400 A in tight cable compartments. The Fluke 322 also offers DC voltage measurements and has a higher resolution for loads below 40 A.

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78065 PWM Power Pro

Product From Hickok/Waekon

The Hickok/Waekon PWM Power Pro supplies, measures and displays variable current providing enhanced diagnostics for components and their related wiring harness. Current is supplied to DC and PWM components being tested using Pulse Width Modulation, allowing the current output percentage to be manually adjusted from 0 to 100 percent, in one-percent increments. This tool delivers 0-40 amps and displays actual current draw. This kit includes the main unit with 7' cable, two 3' 40 test leads, two battery clips, two alligator clips, two female spade probes and one male spade probe.

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Flexible DMM Test Accessory Kit, No. 3604

Product From E-Z-Hook

The E-Z-Hook Flexible DMM Test Accessory Kit, No. 3604, is a comprehensive test kit that includes a variety of connectors including alligator clips, probes and insulation piercing test hooks. The kit includes five different test leads of various lengths. The connectors and test leads are designed to work with most industry standard digital multimeters. The kit variety provides a choice of test connectors that can easily be interchanged depending on the requirement. The insulation piercing XEL test hook has recently been redesigned with shrouded banana sockets on both sides of the handle, allowing for greater flexibility in the field.

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ESM Ultra 31/900

Product From Maxwell Technologies

The Maxwell Technologies Engine Start Module (ESM) Ultra 31/900 assumes the starting responsibility for the truck and effectively eliminates cranking problems that come from weak or discharged batteries. T

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