Tuff-T-Lock tiles

Tuff-T-Lock tiles

Tuff-T-Lock tiles Product Image

Made of 100 percent post-industrial recycled PVC, Flooring Adventures Tuff-T-Lock tiles utilize an interlock system that creates a locked, water-resistant surface that will not crack, deflect or shift under heavy rolling loads. Easily installed over existing concrete floors using a simple overlap and tap process, Tuff-T-Lock flooring requires no adhesive and minimal subfloor prep. Tuff-T-Lock tiles are slip-resistant, muffle noise, dissipate vibration and reduce standing fatigue. Tiles are 20-1/4" by 20-1/4" in size, and 13/64" (5 mm) thick. Backed by a 5-year warranty.

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Utility socks

Product From KEEN Utility

Keen's utility socks are built left foot- and right foot-specific for optimal fit with a three-layer impact cushioning system in the heel, metatarsal and toe areas. For additional cushioning these socks are extra durable knit in high stress areas and include a seamless toe as well as arch support to stop bunching. Available in various colors in men's M-L-XL and women's S-M-L. 

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6-pc. Air File Set, No. AF-3406

Product From Genius Tools USA, Inc.

Genius Tools now offers a 6-pc. Air file set, No. AF-3406. This set includes an air file wrench with a free speed of 3,400 rpm and 90 psi air pressure. This set also comes with five files: flat, round, half-round, square and triangle.         

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TriGage Combo Tool

Product From Murray Corporation

Murray Tools' TriGage Combo Tool measures bolt diameter, thread pitch and bolt grade to ensure that when you are replacing bolts or studs, you select the correct size. It also helps to select the correct size split thread repair die when repairing exterior threads.

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Clean Walker "reusable" sticky mat, No. CW-900EZ

Product From JDV Products, Inc.

JDV Products' Clean Walker "reusable" sticky mat, No. CW-900EZ, can be used in the entrances of clean rooms and shower booths. This product, when compared to conventional "peel-off" or disposable tacky mats, can pick up more dirt in hard to reach areas and benefits from reusability, according to the manufacturer. This can keep costs down and be more beneficial to the environment. The gel-like stick material retains its adhesive nature for up to three years and can be cleaned simply with water. Both sides of the mat are adhesive so it can be flipped over when one side gets dirty.

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Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel

Product From New Pig Corporation

New Pig introduces the Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel Draining Tool — a flexible tool for guiding oil from large vehicles and heavy equipment into oil drains for easy, no-mess oil changes. Edges can be molded around large filters and drains to create a leakproof seal. At 22” long by 8.625” wide, the Form-A-Funnel is constructed of a moldable aluminum alloy core encapsulated in thick and pliable nitrile rubber. This tool bends easily to fit tight spaces, holds any shape and is unaffected by temperatures up to 425 degrees.

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QUIKRETE anti-skid textured coating

Product From Valspar

Valspar offers QUIKRETEAnti-Skid Textured Coating. Whether inside or outside, a new surface or a repainted surface, QUIKRETEAnti-Skid Textured Coating can help make walking and working that much safer. QUIKRETEAnti-Skid Textured Coating is a high-build coating fortified with new, heavy duty resin technology that provides the increased traction and more protection. It works well on interior or exterior concrete surfaces such as walkways, steps, ramps, pool decks and other areas that need improved traction. It is not recommended for use on garage floors, parking areas or decks.

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Mica-Flex Decorative Flooring Systems

Product From Dur-A-Flex, Inc.

Dur-A-Flex, Inc. offers Mica-Flex E and Mica-Flex M, the newest in their lineup of decorative flooring systems. The new Mica-Flex systems utilize Dur-A-Flex's proven epoxy and methyl methacrylate (MMA) resins in combination with the unique look of natural mica flakes. Mica-Flex E is a 1/16" epoxy-based broadcast system finished with Dur-A-Flex's hard-wearing Armor Top urethane topcoat. Mica-Flex M is a 1/16" all MMA broadcast system. With a natural, metallic luster, the Mica-Flake systems UV stability ensures consistent color for the life of the floor. Both systems are available in six standard colors and three blends of micro and macro sizes.

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Pressure Sensitive Electrical Safety Edges

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive electrical edges that stop a machines operation in key presence sensing conditions depending on the product selection. These products are used for safety, sensing and detection among many operations throughout the world. Improve shop safety with safety edges for lifts, toe activation for machinery, safety bumpers for vehicle detection, road switch mats for vehicle counting. Offer trapped key interlocks and non-contact interlocks for guarding of machining and equipment areas, power switching of machinery and access control.
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Relay Buddy Automotive Relay Tester, No. 190

Product From Electronic Specialties, Inc.

Electronic Specialties introduces the No. 190 Relay Buddy Automotive Relay Tester to provide an indication of the general health and function for most common 4/5 pin automotive relays. Relay Buddy cycles the relay several times while loading the contacts to detect any excessive resistance, and watches for consistency in every test cycle. Uses the vehicle's 12V battery as a power source. Test results displayed with a green light mean the relay is good; a red light means the relay is bad.

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Hub Bearing Removers, Nos. 69610 and 69630

Product From SP Tools/Schley Products Inc.

The SP Tools' Hub Bearing Removers were designed to remove the hub bearings that are rusted to the steering knuckle, without removing the steering knuckle from the vehicle or the CV axle assembly. When utilized properly, this tool also does not require the use of a press. Two sizes available. The 12 mm (No. 69610) works on many Chrysler, GM, Ford, Mazda, Saturn, Volvo, Isuzu, Saab and other vehicles with 12 mm X 1.75 thread. The 14 mm (No. 69630) works on many Chrysler, GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Infinity, VW, Audi, Mazda, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hummer and other vehicles with 14 mm X 1.5 tread.

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