SiliKroil lubricant

SiliKroil lubricant

SiliKroil lubricant Product Image

Kano Laboratories' SiliKroil is the result of the blending of Kroil, which loosens, and dymethyl silcones, which lubricate. SiliKroil penetrates to one millionth inch spaces, dissolves rust and lubricates to loosen frozen metal parts and keep them moving. It can be used for frozen slides, bearings, gate valves, hinges, chains, locks, rollers or any place needed to loosen a frozen part and provide long-lasting, non-evaporating, silicone-enhanced lubrication, the company says. Kroil is now available in eight sizes including a new 16.5 oz economical industrial size.  


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Battery Protection products, Nos. 80368 and 80370

Product From Permatex, Inc.

The Permatex Battery Protection products, Nos. 80368 and 80370, are two easy-to-use aerosols that helps simplify battery maintenance when corrosion on terminals, cables, and connections can compromise connectivity and performance. Permatex Battery Cleaner is a fast-acting foam that clears away corrosive build up from battery terminals and connections. The a cleansing foam surrounds and penetrates the corrosion in five minutes. Permatex Battery Cleaner can be used in variety of automotive, marine, farm machinery and motorcycle battery applications. Permatex Battery Protector and Sealer helps to protect batteries, cables and terminal connections against the formation of acid salt corrosion. These products are sold separately.

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Krown product line

Product From SKF

SKF offers four rust protection products in the Krown product line including Krown Corrosion Inhibitor, Fast Acting Penetrant, Salt Eliminator and Chain Lubricant. The Krown Corrosion Inhibitor protects heavy duty and light truck body, paint, chassis, beds and plow attachments in grueling environments. It will not damage paint, plastic, rubber or electrical equipment. Krown Fast Acting Penetrant penetrates and loosens seized and rusted mechanical parts. This solvent-free penetrant remains on surfaces, lubricating and protecting parts from rust.The Krown Salt Eliminator makes removing salty deposits easy. It can be used on heavy duty vehicles, cars, vans, buses and bikes and is also safe to use on plastic, rubber and vinyl. The Salt Eliminator contains no solvents, NPEs or VOCs and easily rinses to a beading, waxy finish. Each product is available in 1-gal, 5-gal or 55-gal drums, as well as an easy-to-apply aerosol can. 

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Utility socks

Product From KEEN Utility

Keen's utility socks are built left foot- and right foot-specific for optimal fit with a three-layer impact cushioning system in the heel, metatarsal and toe areas. For additional cushioning these socks are extra durable knit in high stress areas and include a seamless toe as well as arch support to stop bunching. Available in various colors in men's M-L-XL and women's S-M-L. 

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6-pc. Air File Set, No. AF-3406

Product From Genius Tools USA, Inc.

Genius Tools now offers a 6-pc. Air file set, No. AF-3406. This set includes an air file wrench with a free speed of 3,400 rpm and 90 psi air pressure. This set also comes with five files: flat, round, half-round, square and triangle.         

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TriGage Combo Tool

Product From Murray Corporation

Murray Tools' TriGage Combo Tool measures bolt diameter, thread pitch and bolt grade to ensure that when you are replacing bolts or studs, you select the correct size. It also helps to select the correct size split thread repair die when repairing exterior threads.

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Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel

Product From New Pig Corporation

New Pig introduces the Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel Draining Tool — a flexible tool for guiding oil from large vehicles and heavy equipment into oil drains for easy, no-mess oil changes. Edges can be molded around large filters and drains to create a leakproof seal. At 22” long by 8.625” wide, the Form-A-Funnel is constructed of a moldable aluminum alloy core encapsulated in thick and pliable nitrile rubber. This tool bends easily to fit tight spaces, holds any shape and is unaffected by temperatures up to 425 degrees.

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Relay Buddy Automotive Relay Tester, No. 190

Product From Electronic Specialties, Inc.

Electronic Specialties introduces the No. 190 Relay Buddy Automotive Relay Tester to provide an indication of the general health and function for most common 4/5 pin automotive relays. Relay Buddy cycles the relay several times while loading the contacts to detect any excessive resistance, and watches for consistency in every test cycle. Uses the vehicle's 12V battery as a power source. Test results displayed with a green light mean the relay is good; a red light means the relay is bad.

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Hub Bearing Removers, Nos. 69610 and 69630

Product From SP Tools/Schley Products Inc.

The SP Tools' Hub Bearing Removers were designed to remove the hub bearings that are rusted to the steering knuckle, without removing the steering knuckle from the vehicle or the CV axle assembly. When utilized properly, this tool also does not require the use of a press. Two sizes available. The 12 mm (No. 69610) works on many Chrysler, GM, Ford, Mazda, Saturn, Volvo, Isuzu, Saab and other vehicles with 12 mm X 1.75 thread. The 14 mm (No. 69630) works on many Chrysler, GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Infinity, VW, Audi, Mazda, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hummer and other vehicles with 14 mm X 1.5 tread.

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Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575, is a complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle. This kit eliminates unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press. The tools, along with the manual, provide the capability to remove the hub and the bearing, and replace both on domestic, Asian and European vehicles. It applies to cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that have replaceable wheel bearings and can be used on either front-wheel or rear-wheel drive applications.

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Specialist line of products

Product From WD-40 Co.

WD-40 Specialist line of products are formulated to help users get specific tasks done with ease. The line features the following products: 

  • Rust Release Penetrant penetrates deep into crevices, threads and seams to break bonds that hold stuck parts together. 
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