Scratch Repair Kit

Scratch Repair Kit

Scratch Repair Kit Product Image

PlastiKote’s all-in-one Scratch Repair Kit features specially formulated automotive paint, primer and clear coat for professional results. Kit includes:

  • Sanding tool.
  • Two-in-one paint applicator.
  • Polishing tool.

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Metal Flake Paint

Product From PlastiKote

PlastiKote Metal Flake Paint is simple to use and dries fast for a deep, rich shine.

Designed for use on automotive and motorcycle equipment and accessories as well as bicycles, PlastiKote Metal Flake Paint is lacquer based and available in red (310), green (312), black (320), clear (307), blue (311) and burgundy (313). Featuring the innovative twist-lock cap that reduces accidental sprays and ends the era of lost tops forever, PlastiKote Metal Flake Paint also sprays 33 percent easier from any angle for smooth, even coverage in tough-to-reach spots.

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Magic Wool Polisher Pad and Hand Pad

Product From Shurhold Industries

Shurhold's Magic Wool Polisher Pad and Hand Pad keeps glass windows clear and sparkling. Both versions of the pad come custom-blended from high-grade bronze metallic wool. Similar to a steel wool, these pads benefit from being ultra fine and rust resistant. They can be used to restore, maintain and finish all wood, metal and glass surfaces. When combined with Shurhold's Buff Magic, these Magic Wool Pads are ideal for removing water spots from glass. The Magic Wool Pads can also be used to remove rust and oxidation without scratching, polish all chrome, stainless, copper and brass surfaces, and polish and clean glass surfaces and solar panels.

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Dual Action Polisher Pads

Product From Shurhold Industries

Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher Pads including the Pro Polish Pad and Brite Bonnet, deliver a shiny surface to any vehicle. With pads specialized for specific applications, the black foam polishing and waxing pad measures 6-1/2" in diameter helps leave a smooth finish. For an unmatched finish, the shaggy microfiber Brite Bonnet pad can be used to remove excess wax and buff a surface to a final shine. Fitting snugly over the 6-1/2" polishing pad, the bonnet features a lining that serves as a vapor barrier to prevent a wet waxing pad from leaking through. 

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Headlight restoration kit

Product From Philips Automotive Lighting North America

Philips' headlight restoration kit brings back headlight clarity for improved nighttime vision and enhanced driving safety. The kit features coating technology that delivers excellent results with minimal effort and does not require the use of power tools. It also adds a protective UV coating that can help prevent future clouding for up to two years. Designed for use by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to restore lens surfaces in a few easy steps, improving the light output and overall appearance of plastic headlamp assemblies. The kit also works on taillights, turn signals, and reflective lens covers.

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1/4" Heavy Duty Angle Head Die Grinder No. SP-7211

Product From SP Air Corporation

SP Tools Inc, a division of SP Air Corporation, introduces the 1/4" Heavy Duty Angle Head Die Grinder, No. SP-7211. Features include an ergonomically-designed cushion-grip handle; a rear exhaust; a built-in power regulator; and a safety throttle lever. This die grinder provides a free speed of 18,000 RPM, is 6-7/8" in length and weighs 1.75 lbs.

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Variable Speed Polisher No. GP712VS

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

At 6 lbs, the Bosch No. GP712VS Variable Speed Polisher is easy to maneuver for extended periods of time. The tool's 12-amp motor offers up to 20 percent more power than the competition, giving it the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. The variable speed dial allows users to match their work speed to the application they're working on. Speeds range from 750 to 3,000 rpm. A separate on/off trigger switch - unique to Bosch - allows for more versatility than the traditional lock-on button next to the trigger.

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Product From Superabrasive Inc.

ScratchPro is the only do-it-yourself scratch removal system that uses diamond powder in its buffing paste — the key ingredient to the professional-grade repair typical of body shop polishing machines. It also works for putting the sparkle back into headlights that have dulled over time. The same compound and pads are used on the plastic covers, eliminating the need to purchase additional products to keep cars looking their best — even the same three-step process is used. 

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SX7770 7" Horizontal Polisher

Product From Sunex Tools

The Sunex HD SX7770 7" Horizontal Polisher provides unmatched power with the 0.7hp motor. The SX7770 features a spindle lock which makes changing the backing pad quick and easy with just one tool, instead of the normal two-tool process.  This lightweight tool provides quiet operation at 85 dBA. Comes with a two-year warranty. 

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3" Mini-Polisher No. ARS1207

Product From ACDelco/Durofix

The ACDelco 12V Li-ion compact 3” mini-polisher is the ideal tool for buffing small areas, quickly and efficiently on cars, trucks, motorcycles, wave runners, boats, or any other vehicle requiring a paint job. Use this tool when a regular buffer/polisher is too large for small area touch-ups or scratch removal.  The package includes a 30-minute charger,  3” sanding pads, a wool pad and a foam pad, plus two Li-ion 12V batteries. The kit also includes a replacement brush set and a wrench for head exchange.

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Low Weight Silenced 6-1/2" Polisher, No. FP-719A

Product From Florida Pneumatic Manufacturing

Florida Pneumatic's Low Weight, Silenced 6-1/2” Polisher, No. FP-719A, weighs in at only 2.5 lbs. while the internal silencing reduces noise levels in the work area. The 1/2 HP motor and 2,500 rpm speed are sufficient for auto paint polishing. The built-in regulator also provides additional speed control when required. The FP-719A comes with a 6-1/2" rubberized backing pad and lambs wool polishing bonnet.

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