Lighted Inspection Mirror, No. 45051

Lighted Inspection Mirror, No. 45051

Lighted Inspection Mirror, No. 45051 Product Image

The Mayhew Lighted Inspection Mirror, No. 45051, is the newest addition to our LED Lighted Tool line. This Lighted Inspection Mirror has a bright LED illumination with an on/off switch. It features a shatter-resistant polycarbonate mirror that is maneuverable. Telescopes from 8” to 29-1/2” to get to difficult to reach areas. Packed in a 6-piece display box.

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General Tool Inspection Mirror, No. 80560

Product From General Tools & Instruments

General Tools & Instrument's Telescoping Lighted Inspection Mirror, No. 80560, incorporates a 2" by 3", fully-polished and shatter-resistant glass mirror topped with two extra-bright LED bulbs. This tool is designed for seeing the “unseeable”, such as electrical wiring under dashboards. It is ergonomically designed with an 8" handle and a stainless steel telescoping shaft that extends from 12" to 33" and features a 360-degree swivel, double-ball joint for maneuvering in tight spaces.

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HTK-2 Telescopic Rectangular Inspection Mirror

Product From Ullman Devices Corp.

The Ullman HTK-2 Telescopic Rectangular Inspection Mirror features a swivel-free antenna and a 2-9/16” by 3-3/4” rectangular head. The HTK-2 includes a quick-release tab at the top of the head to easily replace the mirror. An all-angle ball joint holds the mirror head firmly at any angle. The stainless steel handle is long, strong and lightweight and provides users the ability to adjust from 6-3/4” to 29-3/4”. The heavy duty grip will not slip in wet or oily hands.

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NitroPRO NTO-200 Nitrogen Tire Top-Off System

Product From Mahle RTI

RTI Technologies' NitroPRO NTO-200 Nitrogen Tire Top-Off System was developed to provide a lightweight, portable and cost-effective tool for nitrogen tire top-off service and individual tire conversions. It can be used for nitrogen inflation of smaller pneumatic tires like bicycle, motorcycle and lawn and garden implement tires.Features:

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Product From Megatester Inc.

The Megatester Multi-Tester is a super bright LED flashlight with a built in electrical tester that can outshine most "D" flashlights, according to the company. It is compact enough to carry all the time and can test almost all un-energized circuits 3V to 220V AC+DC circuits. Megatester can also trace wires and find bad grounds. This unit comes with two holsters: one velcro holster and one belt holster, for convenient access to flashlight and tester at all times. This unit comes with a push-button switch and How-To-Test guide, which explains how to perform basic safe testing. Megatester is made to the highest quality standards, backed by the company's unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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Long Coil Kit, No. MD99-675

Product From Induction Innovations

The Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor Long Coil Kit enables the user to gain greater access with Invisible Heat on hard-to-reach areas where torches can’t go.  The Long Coil Kit, No. MD99-675, for use with the Mini-Ductor II and Inductor U-555. This kit offers popular sizes with extra-long 13” leads. The kit comes in a transparent case with eight pre-formed coils, with an I.D. ranging from 3/4” to 1-3/4”, giving the tools a larger array of applications.

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13-pc 1/4"-drive Universal Spline Socket Set No. 9723

Product From Sunex Tools

The 13-piece ¼” drive Universal Spline Socket Set with Mini Flex-Head Ratchet, No. 9723, from Sunex Tools, features universal spline sockets which can be used to turn universal spline, 6-point, 12-point star, square and rounded hexagonal fasteners. This 72 fine tooth mini flex-head ratchet provides swivel arc of only 5 degrees at every ratchet head angle, from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. A  1/4” hex shank to 1/4” drive socket adaptor included, allowing use of sockets with cordless drills and screwdrivers. 

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Smoke Pro Total Tech

Product From Redline Detection LLC

Redline Detection offers the new and OEM-approved Smoke Pro Total Tech. Use this compact full-featured tool to pin-point leaks in EVAP, vacuum and exhaust systems, as well as many others. The unique Air-Safe can be used with or without nitrogen. EVAP-approved, the Smoke Pro Total Tech includes a complete accessory kit and vacuum/decay gauge. This economical system uses mineral oil, works with shop air and has no glow plug.

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Qwik Draw Brake Flush Machine

Product From Link New Tech

Using positive pressure and vacuum, the Link New Tech 10L Qwik Draw Brake Flush Machine exchanges all brake fluid and removes any air in the complete brake system  including the brake reservoir, master cylinder, brake lines and ABS module. Completed in less than ten minutes, the Qwik Draw Brake Flush comes with 12 master cylinder reservoir adapters for all major makes and models. The four coil hoses with magnetic and Velcro holders eliminates the tangling of hoses and allows all four brake lines to be flushed simultaneously. 

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Seized Fastener Remover Set No. 60260

Product From Lisle Corporation

The special socket design of the Lisle Seized Fastener Remover Set, No. 60260, applies the impact force to the center of the frozen bolt through the nose on the pneumatic driver. These low-profile, heat-treated sockets center the pneumatic driver on the frozen bolt. The hex shaped socket floats on the driver allowing a turning wrench to be used while impacting the bolt head. Six socket sizes fit up to 0.830" hex. Focuses the pneumatic hammering action on the center of the fastener. Made in the U.S.A.

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Cloud-Based Digital Format Car Opening Manual

Product From Access Tools

Access Tools has released a car opening manual in a cloud-based digital format accessible from mobile phones and devices with internet access. The manual features every vehicle from passenger cars to heavy trucks and semi's from present day back to 1979. With detailed instructions, diagrams and pictures to aid the opening, each lockout is researched and tested extensively for accuracy. The car opening manual features a Tool ID system to identify the proper tool, and is updated yearly, allowing for the latest vehicles to be added. The manual is available in three formats: print, CD-ROM, and digital. 

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