Oil Light Reset Kit No. 3596H

Oil Light Reset Kit No. 3596H

Oil Light Reset Kit No. 3596H Product Image

OTC's Oil Light Reset Kit, No. 3596H, provides technicians with a fast, cost-effective solution for resetting the oil service lights and inspection service reminders on 2010 and older Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volvo model vehicles without the need of an OE scan tool. The kits Oil Light Reset Guide provides reset procedures for domestic and import vehicles, which require manual reset. It also includes functionality to reset additional service lights such as maintenance cycle and service interval. 

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Drain Plug PRO Kit No. 5961

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Drain Plug PRO Kit, No. 5961, eliminates the issue of dropped drain plugs with a magnetic head, several adapters for common makes/models usage and a flexible cable allowing the drain plug to fall away from the oil stream, reducing splashing. The kit builds on an original, patented innovation by broadening the application to all automotive drain plug designs. 

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9-Pc Oil Filling System, No. 7470

Product From CTA Manufacturing Corp.

The CTA 9-Pc Oil Filling System, No. 7470, allows for fast and spill-free oil filling on a wide range of Asian, European and domestic makes and models. As many new oil cap and filter designs require special funnels, this oil-filling system allows the use of one funnel with seven color-coded adapters. A unique aluminum swivel-extension arm allows for hard-to-reach, low-clearance and angled applications.  

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Lifetime Protection Plan program

Product From NitroFill, LLC

NitroFill, in partnership with the Castrol Motor Oil division of BP Lubricants USA, Inc., offers the Lifetime Protection Plan (LPP) program. The LPP combines extensive customer benefits including a lifetime engine warranty, lifetime auto club membership and lifetime tire maintenance service with customer retention features for the selling dealer. This plan combines the use of NitroFill tire inflation and Castrol Edge Professional motor oil, Castrol’s latest and most advanced full synthetic motor oil.  

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Greg's Drip-Free Oil Filter Funnel

Product From Ernst Mfg.

Ernst offers the Greg’s Drip-Free Oil Filter Funnel for use on all Harley Davidson Evo and Twin Cam 1985 to present, with a forward mounted oil filter. This funnel keeps oil from damaging the Harley’s rubber engine mount. The tool’s U-shaped design fits in tight places when refilling oil, transmission and primary fluids for Harley's. The tool features American-construction with a lifetime guarantee.

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Dual-sided universal oil cap removal tool, No. LT-265

Product From Lock Technology, Inc. (LTI Tools)

Lock Technology's dual-sided universal oil cap removal tool, No. LT-265, helps removed seized plastic oil caps. Oil caps on Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and many imported manufacturers tend to seize up, even if the last mechanic to do the oil change lubricated the bottom. This tool easily removes oil caps without damaging them, including a slotted end that fits Toyota and most single fin oil caps and a double prong side that fits into slotted notched sides of Nissan oil caps. Prevents breaking the oil cap by attempting removal with an oil filter wrench or hammer and screwdriver.

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Standing Oil Drains

Product From BendPak/Ranger

Both the lightweight 8-gal. RD-8G and 18-gal. RD-18G upright portable oil drains, from Ranger Products, feature wide-bodied designs to eliminate the risk of tipping and to ensure proper balance throughout the workday. Keep these drains stationary or roll across the shop floor on smooth ball bearing casters.The RD-18G also includes a convenient hand pump for faster oil draining. Both standing oil drains are constructed of high-quality, slightly translucent polyethylene for strength, durability and easy oil level viewing.

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Eco Pure

Product From Clean Air Fleet

Eco Pure, from Clean Air Fleet, is a third generation used-oil-to-fuel blending unit with four stages of filtration and precision blending technology. The system saves money by reducing fuel purchases and eliminating costs for used-oil disposal. It also cleans the fuel and improves its combustion characteristics for better performance and reduced fuel consumption.

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Series 875 Environmentally Safe Oil Change

Product From Environmentally Safe Oil Change, Inc. (ESOC)

The ESOC Series 875 Environmentally Friendly Oil Changer is a revolutionary system that dramatically reduces labor time and costs.  With this Quick Oil Change Technology, an oil change with the Series 875 can be completed in less than 10 minutes, saving approximately 20 minutes on every oil change performed. This equipment offers closed loop technology that uses air to purge used oil from the vehicles filter and passages while the engine is being evacuated, and replace it with clean oil; using minimal time and labor. This equipment includes quick-connect no-spill drain fittings and an automatic process that eliminates the operators contact with oil.

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8-qt. Dispenser with Cap and Lid No. 19702

Product From Lisle Corporation

The updated Lisle 8-qt. Dispenser, No. 19702, offers a spout cap and lid to keep out contaminants. This dispenser works great to transport bulk oil. Constructed of a translucent polyethylene material to enable the user to read the oil level on the container up to 8 quarts. This container is marked in both quarts and liters. Flexible, removable 8" pouring spout enables easy transfer of liquid. Now in a gray color. 

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Billet Oil Filter Assembly

Product From Billet Connection

Billet Connection has developed a patent-pending Billet Oil Filter Assembly. This filter assembly allows the user to visually inspect the filter element for any contaminants and particles that have been filtered out of the oil system, without draining or leaking any oil, unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings, and without losing any oil out of the oil system. This can be done in seconds after the engine is shut off, even when filtering non-transparent fluids like oil. A must-have tool for engine and transmission dynamometers or for any motorsports application.

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