Tire Dolly

Tire Dolly

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Mohawk’s Tire Dolly provides faster, safer and easier handling of heavy duty single and dual tires. Available in a 1,000-lb (TD1000) or 2,000-lb (TD2000) capacity, the dolly has a full 46" lifting height and a 6" side shifting ability. There are two rear 360° swivel casters with caster locks. The dolly features a safety chain to secure locks, a hand crank with high gear ratio which allows for one-handed operation and a foot pump that allows for hands-free operation making tire removal and replacement a one-person task.

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6-Axle Steer Dolly

Product From Talbert Manufacturing Inc.

Talbert Manufacturing's 6-Axle Steer Dolly offers versatility, additional steering control and extra capacity to handle self-supporting superloads for a variety of industries. The 60-ton dolly can be used for heavy, low-riding materials, such as bridge beams and steel girders, to tower sections for wind energy development. The unit comprises two groups of three axles with the axles in each group spaced at 60". With a bunk between the two groups that is connected to the rear-axle bearings through a tie rod system, the total spread is 16' 1". This configuration allows operators to carry more weight and complies with federal bridge 

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RCD-1500 wheel dollies

Product From Ranger Products

The RCD-1500 wheel dollies from Ranger Products quickly go into place and lift vehicles. These advanced floor jacks can be compared to "GoCarts" in the way the can quickly fit around the wheel of a vehicle and easily raise it off the shop floor in a few quick foot pumps. With four wheel dollies, one person can effortlessly move up to a 6,000 lb car or truck.

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SL-1200 Dolly

Product From Snap-Loc Cargo Control Systems

The Snap-Loc SL-1200 Dolly allows users a simple, safe and convenient way to move and secure any type of cargo, anywhere. A heavy-duty integrated steel frame and casters offer a 1,200-lb. capacity per dolly, to move heavy loads with ease. With a connectable platform, users can connect one dolly to another in any direction. The Snap-Loc Integrated Strap System also provides users the ability to strap cargo to the dolly. Cart conversion available to convert dolly into a push cart or panel cart. The simple, safe and convenient way to move and secure any type of cargo, anywhere.

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Winntec Tire Dolly

Product From Gaither Tool Company, Inc.

The Gaither Winntec Tire Dolly incorporates two sets of wheels for easy use and good balance. The rollers are adjustable to use with tires ranging from 6.5" to 22.5" with a capacity of 500 lbs. This unit is made from heavy-duty steel, making it strong enough to handle heavy off-the-road tires as well as standard and super single truck tires. Please note that the wheels are located in the rear, therefore completely eliminating the need to lift any part of the tire/wheel assembly.

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Wheelfloat wheel dolly

Product From Wheelfloat Inc.

The unique Wheelfloat wheel dolly design virtually eliminates lift from the entire tire changing process, including lifting to the vehicle hub, the tire changing table and the balancing machine. Suitable for single and dual tire and wheels up to 130 lbs., the Wheelfloat lifts a wheel and tire up to 36" in diameter, including 19.5" truck rims. No adjustment is necessary between different wheel sizes.

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7707 Car Dolly with 7707ADT Car Dolly Adapter

Product From Sunex Tools

The Sunex 7707 Car Dolly with 7707ADT Car Dolly Adapter provides techs with simple and efficient immobilized vehicle movement in shop environments. The adapter enables users to remove a tire from the vehicle and still remain mobile in the garage. With a rated capacity of 1,500 lbs., the dolly includes 4" heavy-duty casters.

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Aluminum Car-Dolly Sets

Product From Car-Dolly.com

Car-Dolly.com offers their made in the U.S.A. aluminum car-dolly sets with choice of caster styles available. Options include:

  • Choosing from the standard ball-bearing swivel casters with wheel bushings or the upgraded ball-bearing swivel casters equipped with roller.
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Optional pneumatic wheel lift for TCX500 and 550

Product From Hunter Engineering Company

The optional pneumatic wheel lift for Hunter's TCX500 and TCX550 Tire Changers helps technicians mount wheels without bending or manual lifting. The pedal-controlled wheel lift raises the wheel to a more manageable work height, leaving the technician's hands free to control the wheel and position it on the clamping table. The lift handles wheels up to 165 pounds and takes up minimal space around the tire changer.

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Leverless Tire Changer, No. R80DTXF

Product From BendPak/Ranger

The Ranger Products Leverless Tire Changer, No. R80DTXF, offers an automatic bead lifter, a variable speed turntable and a bilateral bead loosener with direct, hand-operated controls. Other time saving tools on the changer include a traveling, drop-center tool, top-bead assist rollers, dual lower-bead lifting

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The TPMS Service Tool Kit, No. TPM5010

Product From Standard Motor Products

The Standard Motor Products TPMS Service Tool Kit,  No. TPM5010, contains all the tools necessary to manage TPMS service, according to the company. Included are 1/4” torque wrench with 30-150 in/lbs of torque, 1/4” torque screwdriver, a valve core torque tool a rugged tool case and much more.

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