Memory Saver, No. MS4000C

Memory Saver, No. MS4000C

Memory Saver, No. MS4000C Product Image

E-Z Red Co.'s  MS4000C automotive computer/presets memory savers adds a connection lead through the cigarette lighter for older model vehicles that do not have OBDII ports. Features:

  • Saves all drivability codes and settings when changing a vehicle’s starter battery.
  • Green LED indicates connection to circuit, amber LED indicates when the internal battery requires charging.
  • Protects settings and codes for anti-theft radios, clocks, keyless entry systems, alarms, cellphone settings, GPS memory and TPMS.

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CrimPro 4-in-1 Angled Wire Tool, No. 5950A

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC CrimPro 4-in-1 Angled Wire Tool, No. 5950A, combines four separate tools into one convenient configuration for common wire repairs technicians experience every day. Simplify wire repair in hard-to-reach places with the ability to pull or twist wires, cut, strip or crimp from any angle. When wire service is compromised by limited access,

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Wire Loom Threading Kit, No. 4462

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Wire Loom Threading Kit, No. 4462, saves time and hassle when servicing or adding electronic components to a vehicle. It allows new wire to be threaded into existing looms without cutting tape or zip ties,

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Product From Megatester Inc.

The Megatester Multi-Tester is a super bright LED flashlight with a built in electrical tester that can outshine most "D" flashlights, according to the company. It is compact enough to carry all the time and can test almost all un-energized circuits 3V to 220V AC+DC circuits. Megatester can also trace wires and find bad grounds. This unit comes with two holsters: one velcro holster and one belt holster, for convenient access to flashlight and tester at all times. This unit comes with a push-button switch and How-To-Test guide, which explains how to perform basic safe testing. Megatester is made to the highest quality standards, backed by the company's unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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Regulator Activator

Product From Killer Tools & Equipment Corp.

Killer Tools introduces the Regulator Activator, providing technicians with complete control of window regulator without jumper leads. This tool reverses the polarity with the rocker switch and activiates other 12V systems. The headlight helps illuminate dark areas. This set comes complete with probes, crocodile clips and wire piercing clips. Designed and built in the USA. 

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Test Lead Kit No. ATLK96

Product From Strategic Tools & Equipment Co.

Strategic Tools & Equipment Company offers the ATLK96 Test Lead Kit that enables technicians to turn their testing/measurement tools into more powerful and time-saving diagnostic tools.The set contains 96 commonly used leads and connectors in a convenient carrying and storage case. This complete kit turns testing and measuring devices into diagnostic tools for fault-finding on the increasing number of sensors, actuators, and electronic circuits found on today's vehicles. The aids are for tracing, checking, capturing, or fixing complex vehicle circuitry. 

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Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures a complete line of electrical, pressure sensitive electrical safety mats that provide safety, sensing and signaling for many purposes, including but not limited to preventing injuries, providing control of and safeguarding machines and equipment, and guarding areas, automotive shops and service areas. These mats are custom-engineered, high-quality and reliable mat products and systems, including those with large areas, cut-outs, and multiple sensing zones mats with the shortest lead times in the industry. We build complete safety, sensing, and detection mat systems.
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Deluxe Relay Test Kit No. 60660

Product From Lisle Corporation

The Lisle Deluxe Relay Test Kit, No. 60660, includes eight jumpers to fit most popular relays. With the 60660, there's no need to pierce wires or connect multiple jumper wires. The included test lead kit allows user to easily and securely connect relay test jumpers to a multimeter. The jumper wire has a test port to easily check voltage, and may be used between common and open, to close the relay circuit for testing. The kit also includes relay puller pliers to easily remove electrical relays without damage to the relay or electrical box.

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158-pc Heat Shrink Set No. HS34

Product From E-Z Red Company

The E-Z Red 158-pc Heat Shrink Set, No. HS34, offers eight different sized tubes that shrink to fit over cable splices and can be used for wire harnessing, covering, marking and bundling wires. This set can be used for automotive, marine, home, industrial, computer and many more applications. This set offers a 2:1 shrink ratio. The case also features a molded-in ruler for accurate measurement.

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Thermal Imager No. Ti9

Product From Fluke Corporation

Fluke Corporation introduces the high-performance, affordable Ti9 Thermal Imager, that is ideal for troubleshooting electrical problems. The Fluke Ti9 delivers crisp, clear images on a large widescreen full-VGA-color LCD display. It features a thermal sensitivity range 0.20 to 30 degrees C target temperature (200 mK), to identify even small temperature differences that could indicate problems. The Ti9 includes an intuitive three-button menu, and comes complete with a 2GB SD memory card, multi-function memory card reader, rechargeable internal battery, AC charger/power supply, adjustable hand strap, soft carrying case and a rugged hard carrying case.

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Fuse Block Adapter Kit, No. 596

Product From Thexton Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Thexton announced the reissue of a long standing product, replacing the THX 441X Fuse Block Adapter Kit with the THX 596 Fuse Block Adapter Kit. The THX 596 provides easy, professional way to test fuse block circuits. Technicians can test fuse boxes using ATO, Mini and Maxi fuses. Adapters access the power source to check for voltage, opens, shorts and amperage draws. Comes with nylon connectors and plated contacts.

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