Split Thread Repair Dies

Split Thread Repair Dies

Split Thread Repair Dies Product Image

Murray Tools’ Split Thread Repair Dies feature a spring design that allows users to pull the die apart and position on a damaged bolt or stud below the damaged threads. Then using a six-point deep well socket users chase the threads clean, fast and easy, and no cross threading.

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NitroPRO NTO-200 Nitrogen Tire Top-Off System

Product From Mahle RTI

RTI Technologies' NitroPRO NTO-200 Nitrogen Tire Top-Off System was developed to provide a lightweight, portable and cost-effective tool for nitrogen tire top-off service and individual tire conversions. It can be used for nitrogen inflation of smaller pneumatic tires like bicycle, motorcycle and lawn and garden implement tires.Features:

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Mini-Ductor II Flameless Heat System

Product From Induction Innovations

The Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor II 110V, 15-amp handheld flameless heat system instantly heats and removes seized nuts, bearings, pulleys and other metal or mechanical hardware and parts without the danger of an open flame or potential damage to nearby plastics using Invisible Heat. Also great for hail dent removal, this tool can now handle a vast array of applications with the flexible Bearing Buddy Coil, the Long Coil Kit and even debadge, remove emblems and stripping with the Mini-Pad. The basic kit now comes in a new custom blow-molded, impact-resistant case with storage to hold accessories.

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Pocket LED Light Stick, No. PCLED6

Product From E-Z Red Company

E-Z Red's Pocket LED Light Stick, No. PCLED6, features six bright high-power LEDs and produces floodlight or directional light, providing 36 lumens and up to 11 hours of runtime. Use the PCLED6 to illuminate hard-to-reach, tight areas. The Light Stick takes three AAA batteries, is water-resistant and has a molded clip to stay in the pocket, and a magnetic base. 

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Flange Lever, No. 20037

Product From Steck Manufacturing

Steck Manufacturing's Flange Lever, No. 20037, quickly accesses hard-to-reach damaged frame flanges, door and hood edges and radiator supports to bring back to proper edge alignment. Double-ended reverse 1/4" hook design is made from hardened alloy steel. The flat hook allows for easy manual alignment; the 35-degree angle bar allows access areas like radiator supports.

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ASE Test Preparation Manuals

Product From Chilton & Delmar - Cengage Learning

Technicians seeking certification in any one of the ASE exam areas will benefit from the prep materials offered by Delmar. Booklets cover the A1-A9, L1, P2, X1, C1, T1-T8, E1-E3, H1-H8, B2-B6, S2, S4, and S5 exams, as well as the Spanish A1-A8, L1, P2, X1, and B2-B6 exams. Each title features up-to-date ASE task lists and practice test questions, ASE test-taking strategies and detailed explanations as to why a particular answer is correct or incorrect.

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Hammerhead Impactools

Product From Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand’s Hammerhead low-profile Impactools, Nos. 2015MAX (3/8” drive) and 2025MAX (1/2” drive), are designed for optimal performance, especially in extremely confined spaces, with the power and speed of an impact and the reach of a ratchet. The Hammerhead has a head height of less than 2”, 180 ft./lbs. of torque and 7,100 rpm speed. Features:

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Swivel Gripper No-Slip Filter Wrenches

Product From Lisle Corporation

Lisle Corp.’s Swivel Gripper – No Slip Filter Wrenches feature tough, stainless steel bands with permanently bonded textured coating for no-slip gripping power. Swivel handle (more than 180 degrees) makes it easy to turn in tight spots. A tension adjusting nut allows swivel pressure to be regulated. Specially designed tab keeps grip from sliding off the handle.

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Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter

Product From Alltrade Tools

Alltrade Tools' Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter converts regular ratchets to a digital torque wrench and calibrates other torque wrenches. The tool is accurate within 2 percent and offers five measurement settings, including Nm, ft./lbs. and in./lbs. The adapter measures and records both peak and trace torque, and comes with a calibration device and carry case. Available in 3/8"- and 1/2"-drive versions.

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Powerbuilt Triple Lift jack

Product From Alltrade Tools

Alltrade Tools' Powerbuilt Triple Lift Jack lifts almost anything with wheels and works on vehicle transmissions and differentials. The Triple Lift's patented design features a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames. A locking safety bar holds the jack in place once the vehicle is raised. Lifts 4,000 lbs., and meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

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Toolbox Creeper

Product From Shinn-Fu Company of America

Shinn-Fu's Toolbox Creeper, No. 92450, features steel-frame construction and is rated to 450 lbs. Features:

  • Extra thick seat cushion.
  • Three-drawer toolbox.
  • Front and back tool trays.
  • Four 3" polyurethane, oil resistant, full bearing casters.
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