Kenworth T440 Natural Gas Vehicle

Kenworth T440 Natural Gas Vehicle

Kenworth T440 Natural Gas Vehicle Product Image

Kenworth Truck Company's T440 natural gas model, powered by the Cummins Westport ISL G engine and Allison transmissions, is targeted to local and regional haul and vocational applications. It has a gvwr from a heavy Class 7 vehicle at 33,000 lbs, up to a light Class 8 truck at 68,000 lbs, and is available with 12,000- to 22,000-lb rated front axles, 21,000- to 26,000-lb rated single rear axles, and 40,000- to 46,000-lb rated tandem rear axles. The ISL G engine, which operates on either CNG or LNG, is rated at 320 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque, and is 2010 compliant without the use of selective catalytic reduction or a diesel particulate filter.

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LumenX Series 7 safety lights

Product From Peterson Manufacturing Co

The Peterson Mfg. LumenX Series 7 safety lights are powered by white-diode LEDs and are built to shine bright for visibility and safety in any weather. The lights feature high-grade plastic resins and fully-integrated insert molding for super protection. This series includes S/T/T lights, turn signals, backup lights and work lights. LumenX Series 7 models include red, amber and white in both 4” rounds in seven- and nine-diode versions, and ovals in seven- and 10-diode versions. Seven-diode Rounds and Ovals are also available with the industry-standard PL3 connection. All models can be ordered with AMP-compatible connections, integrated voltage regulation is supplied on all models, and multi-volt design is available on some models.

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Aero Clad Bumper for the Mack Granite

Product From Hendrickson International

The Hendrickson Aero Clad bumper for the Mack Granite offers 32 lbs of weight savings and requires less maintenance than the standard metal bumper, according to the company. The bright mirror-like finish is 10 times thicker than chrome, which helps resist corrosion. Unlike painted or chrome bumpers, Aero Clad bumpers do not require touch-ups and will not chip or rust. Aero Clad bumpers are offered for both set-forward and set-back axle Mack Granite truck models and with different light and tow-hole configurations. Aero Clad bumper models are available as current options and as aftermarket replacements.

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LED Lamp Series


The Grote LED Lamp Series includes a 6” oval and 4” round Stop/Tail/Turn (S/T/T) lamps, each equipped with an LED built-in back-up lamp. Combining S/S/T and back-up functions, these lamps allow the elimination of two holes and two lamps at the rear of straight, vocational and specialized vehicles, and eliminate the need for separate back-up lamps on HD power modules. This design eliminates potential leaks in vehicles, improves structural integrity and corrosion resistance, and leaves more room for other lamps and controls, as well as lift gates, emergency flashers, and grab rails. Grote designs fit existing 6” oval and 4” round grommets and flanges.

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FUPRO Diesel Fuel Filtration System

Product From Willison Products

The Willison Products FUPRO (Fuel Protection) Diesel Fuel Filtration System is designed to detect and prevent water from entering the fuel injection system while purifying the fuel with a two micron filter. A water separator with a clear bowl shows any water present. An in-cab gauge, which monitors the change in either pressure or vacuum in the fuel system, indicates when it is time to change the fuel filter or drain the water. This system is biodiesel compatible, stops filter clog problems and prevents engine damage from contaminants. Made in the U.S.A.

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Rotary Lift Mobile Wheel Lift, No. MW-500

Product From Rotary Lift

The Rotary Lift Mobile Wheel Lift, No. MW-500, can remove and position any wheel or tire weighing up to 500 lbs, making it easier and more ergonomic for technicians to work on heavy duty trucks, buses and construction equipment. The air-powered lift comes with an air hose and features an additional air tool connection on the colum. A single lever is used to raise and lower the lift, which has a six-second raise time.

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CC2066 DPF Adapter Kit

Product From Kiene Diesel Accessories, Inc.

The Kiene Diesel CC2066 DPF Adapter Kit is an adapter for the company's multi-functional Clutch Caddy. The CC2066 DPF kit includes a support tray, a matched set of ballistic nylon JackSacks and a 2” Load Hugger Safety Strap to secure the load. The adapter safely handles DPF units of all shapes and sizes. The Caddy now has 16 adapters, which makes this tool an extremely versatile lifting, holding and positioning, safety tool.

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S2G LPG Commercial Chassis

Product From Freightliner Trucks

The Freightliner S2G LPG Commercial Chassis is equipped with interlock wiring and body builder interface connections, eliminating the need for OEMs to splice into chassis wiring, and clean frame rails for easy body installation. The chassis also includes an 8.0L LPG engine rated at 325hp and 450 ft/lbs of torque, a 9,000-lb capacity taperleaf front suspension and a 12,500-lb capacity 52" variable-rate, multi-leaf spring rear suspension and a low-effort, easy-tilt hood with a dampening device to minimize rapid closure. This has a factory-installed fuel system, and the engine assembly and fuel system are certified for use up to 33,000-lb GVWR.

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6-Axle Steer Dolly

Product From Talbert Manufacturing Inc.

Talbert Manufacturing's 6-Axle Steer Dolly offers versatility, additional steering control and extra capacity to handle self-supporting superloads for a variety of industries. The 60-ton dolly can be used for heavy, low-riding materials, such as bridge beams and steel girders, to tower sections for wind energy development. The unit comprises two groups of three axles with the axles in each group spaced at 60". With a bunk between the two groups that is connected to the rear-axle bearings through a tie rod system, the total spread is 16' 1". This configuration allows operators to carry more weight and complies with federal bridge 

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Western Star 4700

Product From Western Star Trucks

The Class 8 Western Star 4700 vocational truck, available in set-forward and set-back configurations, has a 110" BBC, the shortest in its class. Standard engine is a 6-cylinder, in-line DD13, with ratings of 350 to 450 hp and 1,250 to 1,650 ft./lbs. of torque. It has the BlueTec selective catalytic reduction emissions technology and the Amplified Common Rail System. Cummins ISC and ISL engines are optional. A broad range of transmissions, including the Eaton UltraShift Plus and Allison 3000 and 4000 Series, are available.

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TerraStar 4x4

Product From Navistar International

Navistar’s International 107-in BBC TerraStar 4x4 truck is designed for more severe duty applications. It has a 300-hp, 6.4-liter MaxxForce 7 V8 engine with Advanced EGR emissions technology matched with an exclusive Allison Optimized 1000 Series close ratio, fully automatic transmission to optimize power, performance, reliability and fuel economy. The spacious cab has plenty of room for three adults to fit comfortably in the front seat. Optional are extended cab or crew cab configurations. The truck comes with a commercial style tilt-away hood that offers unobstructed access to the engine compartment, making routine and scheduled maintenance quick and easy.

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