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Kaeser Compressors' modular, aluminum compressed air distribution system - SmartPipe - is a versatile piping system featuring lightweight materials and push-to-fit connectors that can be installed without threading, welding or sweating. SmartPipe can be easily integrated into existing steel or copper systems, and modified to accommodate changing needs. Made from smooth, calibrated aluminum, it will not rust. With a low friction coefficient, it provides the best possible flow. Full bore fittings minimize pressure drop and leak-free connectors prevent costly compressed air loss. Available in multiple sizes from ½ to 4 inches, SmartPipe is ideal for headers and branch lines all the way down to the point of use.

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Robinair R134a manifold hose kit, No. 45111

Product From Robinair, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The Robinair R-134a manifold hose kit, No. 45111, has brass manifold with easy-to-grip handles, R12/R134a gauges, PSI, 1/2" ACME bottom ports, rear R134a and 1/2" ACME fittings for holding hoses,90-degree manual couplers, 72" R134a hose set (1/2" ACME x 14mm). 

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Portable Recovery Unit, No. CPSTRA21

Product From CPS Products

The CPS Portable Recovery Unit, No. CPSTRA21, is the fastest SAEJ2810-approved, portable recovery recycle machine in the industry, according to the company. The unit is ready begin the refrigerant recovery process immediately out of the box with all accessories, hoses and equipment. This unit offers a twin cylinder with an oil-less 2/3hp compressor, an oil separator and filter with sight glass, a tank overfill float switch and a high-pressure cut-off switch. This unit also includes a 30-lb. tank and manifold set with 60" hoses and manual couplers. The dimensions are 30" long by 18" tall by 12" wide and it weighs 36 lbs.

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Pure Flow Series reels

Product From Coxreels

Coxreels' Pure Flow Series reels can be used for breathing air and clean fluid transfer applications. These reels supply non-corrosive air and fluid paths using a stainless steel full-flow swivel and Nitrile non-toxic food grade seals ensuring clean, non-contaminated, safe and reliable transfer of breathing air, potable water or other clean fluids. Conveniently offered in spring rewind, hand crank, and motorized retraction options. Can be used in fields of application such as fire rescue, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and chemical processing plants, hazardous site cleanups, and medical and hospital air services. 

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GilaFlex air hose

Product From Acme Automotive

Acme Automotive offers the GilaFlex inner-braided PVC air hose with a special blend of PVC that has no memory, so hose will lay flat on the ground. With a 180-degree bend radius, the hose will not kink and cut off air supply. A steel spring strain relief protects the hose at its weakest point, near the fitting, without inhibiting maneuverability. The smooth outer cover doesn't trap dirt and is easy to clean. The GilaFlex has a temperature range of -40 degrees F to 150 degrees F, and a working pressure of 325 psi at 70 degrees F.

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Z-series reels

Product From Sankyo Reels Inc.

Triens Z-series reels, from Sankyo Reels, are heavy-duty steel reels in plastic covers available in various colors. Features:

  • Most suitable for compressed air supply.
  • Comes equipped with hose end connector as standard equipment.
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Amflo Air Hose

Product From Plews/Edelmann

Amflo offers PVC, Rubber and premium Polyurethane air hose.

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Flexzilla air hose, No. AHF3850

Product From Matco Tools

Made from an engineered polymer hybrid, Matco's Flexzilla air hose, No. AHF3850, combines the best qualities of PVC and rubber. The extremely flexible 3/8" by 50' hose offers a reinforced bend restrictor and excellent abrasion resistance. Other features include:

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Refrigerated Extractor Dryer

Product From La-Man Corp.


The La-Man Refrigerated Air Dryer provides reduced dewpoint temperatures and air-line filtration for a wide variety of compressed air applications. This dryer uses a unique, three-in-one heat exchanger to pre-cool the air, to refrigerate the air, which condenses out all liquid vapors, and to return heat to the air, which prevents downstream pipe sweating and condensation. This dryer offers an on/off switch, a power-on light, a dewpoint indicator, a programmable, timed solenoid drain, quiet operation and a compact footprint. The maximum Inlet pressure is 232 psi. 

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Quality Air Breathing System, No. 50 SL

Product From Martech Services Co.

The Martech Services Co. Quality Air Breathing System, No. 50 SL, will provide Grade "D" breathable air for a NIOSH-approved respirator, and with the provided 54" tool air hose, it will supply air for a spray gun, via the included single-line hose assembly. Model 50 SL systems are available with 35' and 50' single-line hose assembly. A Model 50 SL will work with the existing compressed air supply. The four stage filtration filters the air, and the on-board carbon monoxide monitor continuously monitors the air quality for compliance with current OSHA standards. This system has

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60-Gallon Air Compressor, No. GC5A-60V

Product From Jenny Products, Inc.

The Jenny Products 60-Gallon Air Compressor, No. GC5A-60V, is a single-stage air compressor, featuring a 60-gal vertical air tank and an industrial-grade 5hp motor. The GC5A-60V provides 27.8 CFM at 125 psi through an American-made cast-iron compressor pump. For maximum durability, the GC5A-60V offers a heavy duty, totally enclosed belt guard, as well as protectively mounted grease fittings, a large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements and thermal overload motor protection. Other standard features include a manual tank drain, pressure relief safety valve, powder-coated tank finish, magnetic starter and special unloader valves for easier motor startup.

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