Tire Tracking

Tire Tracking

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Tire-Track’s CVL-2 is an all rubber, permanent serialized, machine readable barcode label for new and used tires. This ID Unit allows the user to track virtually every aspect of tire management. It also acts as a deterrent to theft and helps minimize tire substitution. The CVL-2 label produces 25+ lbs of adhesion on the sidewall of a tire and survives the retread process. The information is "cut" into the rubber itself, so it won't rub off.

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TireVigil TPMS IntellAlerting

Product From TireStamp Inc.

The TireStamp TireVigil TPMS products with IntellAlerting, provide visibility of tire problems when they occur and when they are being corrected. TireVigil TPMS  products are built to meet the TPMS 2.0 standard and incorporate wireless technologies that provide remote diagnostics to fleet personnel so they may react accordingly. IntellAlerting has the ability to recognize whether the vehicle is moving, parked in the fleet's yard, or parked at another location. It sends tire alerts only to personnel who can actually take action based on a vehicle’s location and operating status. Although it operates in "sleep mode" when tires are within acceptable parameters, the system continuously monitors tires in the background and tire data is sent to the TireVigil cloud where it is stored and further analyzed. 

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Vehicle Tracker SQ.7

Product From Squarerigger Software

Vehicle Tracker SQ.7 from Squarerigger Software is a Windows based vehicle maintenance software program designed for fleets of all sizes. It gives you the power to more accurately analyze and report critical information about vehicles, equipment, staff and operations.

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New DSP506T heavy-duty wheel sensors

Product From Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter Engineering Company introduces the New DSP506T heavy-duty wheel sensors which provide instantaneous data transfer between the sensors and the alignment system. Each sensor contains a high-speed microprocessor, which processes data at each wheel before sending the information to the console. Hunter Engineering Company annually trains thousands of undercar service technicians at training centers located throughout the country.

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Dana® Spicer® Tire Inflation and Monitor System (TIMS)

Product From Dana Corporation

Dana Corporation and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC have announced that the Dana® Spicer® Tire Inflation and Monitor System (TIMS) may now be combined with the new Bendix® TABS-6 antilock braking system for trailers. The joint technology initiative offers customers the option to combine Spicer TIMS functionality with Bendix TABS-6, all within one electronic control unit (ECU).

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LED Tire Gauge

Product From Bell Automotive Products, Inc.

Victor Automotive has introduced a new line of Victor and Monkey Grip branded illuminated mechanical Tire Gauges. Three different models designed to handle the pressure range required by autos, trucks and SUVs have a unique light-up indicator stick. PSI is easily read on the lit LED indicator making these gauges ideal for emergency or nighttime use.

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AutoSock alternative traction device

Product From AutoSock

The AutoSock is an alternative traction device (ATD) that maximizes friction on snow and ice-covered roads. It is a patented textile cover that uses high-performance fibers to maximize friction on snow and ice-covered roads.

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Smart Flex DL12 TBR Tire

Product From Hankook Tire America Corp.

The Hankook Smart Flex DL12 TBR Tire provides fleet customers with a long/regional haul drive tire that offers traction, tread wear, handling and stability in all weather conditions through the incorporation of many unique design features including a four-channel, full-depth

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RightPSI tire-pressure indicator

Product From RightPSI

The RightPSI tire-pressure indicators provide visual indication of low tire pressure, while allowing users to use it as a tire gauge. The three light colors are visible from more than 20' away. Orange indicates low pressure, black indicates correct pressure and yellow indicates overfill. The RightPSI allows users to fill tires or bleed air right through the cap. The hex nut on base tightens snugly to prevent theft.

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X Multi Energy Z

Product From Michelin North America

The Michelin X Multi Energy Z meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay verified requirements. With a 15 percent reduction in rolling resistance, the tire delivers fuel efficiency, longevity and durability. The X Multi Energy Z tire is engineered with a dual compound tread and a new energy casing that provides low rolling resistance and long tread life. Inter-locking Matrix sipes deliver handling capabilities and casing life is extended by curb guards and a rectangular bead bundle.  The X Multi Energy Z tire is available in three sizes: 11R22.5 LRG, 11R22.5 LRH and 275/80R22.5 LRH. 

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VL130 ECO tire tread

Product From Vipal Rubber Corp.

The Vipal VL130 ECO is a tread design that complies with the strictest fuel-efficiency and gas-emission standards in the U.S.A. and Europe. The VL130 ECO has low-rolling resistance to generate less heat, ensuring less casing fatigue, according to the company. The lighter tread weight contributes to elevating the tire’s retreadability index. The grooves were designed to minimize the retention of stones and other objects. Recommended for use on free axles of vehicles in the long-haul freight segment, these treads include rounded shoulders that ensure a reduction in the effects of lateral dragging. 

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