Fleet Maintenance Operations Guide

Fleet Maintenance Operations Guide

Fleet Maintenance Operations Guide Product Image

NAFA's Fleet Maintenance Operations Guide is a must-have tool for all fleet professionals. Vehicle maintenance directly impacts every aspect of fleet management, from productivity to driver satisfaction, from corporate image to safety, environmental compliance to financial bottom line, and everything in between. This guide will enhance your understanding of the essential maintenance principles of in-house, contracted or outsourced maintenance.

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Fuel Management Guide

Product From NAFA Fleet Management Association

Understand your second largest fleet vehicle expense better with NAFA's Fuel Management Guide. This guide examines effective fuel management and how to minimize costs and mitigate risks, while remaining up-to-date on alternative fuels, emerging technologies, and complying with regional environmental policies and regulations.

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Digital torque Tester/Screwdriver

Product From Imada, Incorporated

The Light Weight Digital Torque Tester/Screwdriver, Model DS-4 from Imada, Inc. features an integral/adjustable LCD display for convenient torque readings.

  • Selectable measuring modes; real time, first peak and peak
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Thunderbolt Specifications

Product From Chief Automotive Technologies

Chief Automotive Technologies Thunderbolt specs include comprehensive frame and upper body measurements for thousands of cars and trucks, offering collision repair shops a single, easy-to-use resource for accurate repairs. Thunderbolt specs include measurements for window and door openings, tailgates, hoods, engine compartments, trunks and rear hatches, body openings and body widths. Pre-release vehicle data is added continually and updated daily for those who order the online version. 

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ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program

Product From Automotive Lift Institute, Inc. (ALI)

Annual vehicle lift inspections performed by a qualified lift inspector protect technicians, shops and customer vehicles. They are also mandated by ANSI/ALI ALOIM:2008, the national standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance. The

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Online Electronic Catalog, No. 227

Product From Waytek, Inc.

The Waytek Online Electronic Catalog, No. 227, allows users to access and review key information quickly for any equipment-building project. The catalog can be downloaded to the user’s desktop for quick reference and ease-of-use. Items in the electronic catalog are linked to the website for additional product information, current pricing, data sheets, and other products. Products can be found by flipping page-by-page, clicking on index descriptions or by entering the page number. A tile function also allows the user to see all pages on one screen and select the pages they need from there. A features button allows users to flag and add notes to frequently used pages for ease-of-reference.

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Bosch now offers online WebEx training

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch technical training programs are now available to technicians and shop personnel via an online/WebEx format that brings the most current diagnostic and parts information right to the desktop in the shop. The visual information is delivered via computer and the audio is delivered via phone.

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i-Guard Website

Product From STRATTEC Security Corporation

The STRATTEC Security Corp. i-Guard Website, at http://i-guard.strattec.com, is an RFID electronic immobilizer system developed specifically for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries. The i-Guard website features a user-friendly design that enables visitors to learn about the i-Guard system and its applications. The site features diagrams that illustrate how i-Guard works, as well as a media area for press materials and contact information.

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Auto Introductory Technical Education Program Set, No. 83090

Product From GearWrench/Apex Tool Group

The GearWrench Auto Introductory Technical Education Program Set, No. 83090, features carefully-designed selections to fully equip the student technician with the tools necessary to conquer the service and repair challenges in the automotive, heavy duty diesel, machinery and aviation fields. The set features a selection of over 100 screwdrivers, pliers, sockets, ratchets, wrenches and general purpose tools. Each set also includes storage for sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and other tools to help promote efficient tool organization.

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2013 Toyota and Ford Hybrid Diagnostics Class

Product From ATG - Automotive Training Group Inc.

The ATG 2013 Toyota and Ford Hybrid Diagnostics Class includes a 7-hour course and training manual. This hybrid seminar was built from the actual
failures occurring in a variety of Toyota and Ford hybrid models. This course will help technicians diagnose the systems with high failure rates including batteries, inverters, transaxles, HC management systems, various combinations of electro-hydraulic braking systems, electric pumps and HVAC compressors, hybrid component cooling systems and electric steering assist. This class will show multiple tool and test solutions, including a number of tips that can be applied to rule out many faults, saving diagnostic time. 

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2014 Brake Components Print Catalog, No. 2213922

Product From Robinair, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The Bosch 2014 Brake Components Print Catalog, No. 2213922, lists all of the company’s friction lines for domestic, Asian and European vehicles in the United States and Canada and it covers vehicles from 1946 to the current model year. This catalog lists 2,700 brake pads and shoes and 1,438 brake rotors. The 600-page print catalog covers the best-in-class Premium Bosch QuietCast Disc Brake Pads and the QuietCast Disc Brake Rotors, Euroline Brake Pads with original equipment look and feel for popular European makes and models and the Bosch Blue line of disc brake pads.

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