RAR 260 Trailer Suspension

RAR 260 Trailer Suspension

RAR 260 Trailer Suspension Product Image

Ridewell's RAR-260, is a trailer air-ride suspension providing the optimum balance between price and performance. Available in overslung and underslung configurations for both 25,000 lb. and 30,000 lb. capacities, RAR-260 is an ideal choice for any application. RAR-260 suspensions are manufactured with Securelok pivot nuts for maintaining pivot clamping force. The unitized nut, washer, and shim combination is highly resistant to loosening under vibration.

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Hydraulic Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575-3

Product From OTC, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

The OTC Hydraulic Hub Grappler Kit, No. 6575-3, combines OTC’s patented Hub Grappler with a hydraulic drive, speeding up wheel bearing and hub service. Quick adjust jaws eliminate the need for fasteners while removing wheel hubs, speeding up the process. Use of hydraulics versus a pneumatic impact wrench means pulling hubs in seconds rather than minutes, with a hydraulic pump actuating a 9-ton ram. 

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39 Piece Strut/Shock Installation Tool Kit, No. 78554

Product From JS Products, Inc. (Steelman)

The JS Products/Steelman PRO 39 Piece Strut/Shock Installation Tool Kit, No. 78554, is designed to save technicians time and money when dealing with shocks and struts. With this kit, damaging a shock or strut by breaking the seal on the shaft will not be an issue. Technicians can select the bit and the corresponding socket for the strut or shock. When used together with a combination wrench and ratchet with a socket, the removal and installation of shocks and struts is easy, says the company.

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S2G LPG Commercial Chassis

Product From Freightliner Trucks

The Freightliner S2G LPG Commercial Chassis is equipped with interlock wiring and body builder interface connections, eliminating the need for OEMs to splice into chassis wiring, and clean frame rails for easy body installation. The chassis also includes an 8.0L LPG engine rated at 325hp and 450 ft/lbs of torque, a 9,000-lb capacity taperleaf front suspension and a 12,500-lb capacity 52" variable-rate, multi-leaf spring rear suspension and a low-effort, easy-tilt hood with a dampening device to minimize rapid closure. This has a factory-installed fuel system, and the engine assembly and fuel system are certified for use up to 33,000-lb GVWR.

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Steerable Auxiliary Lift Axle Suspension System, No. RSS-233

Product From Ridewell Corporation

The Ridewell Steerable Auxiliary Lift Axle Suspension System, No. RSS-233, includes a compact mounting envelope and an easy-mount adjustable-hanger system. RSS-233 suspensions are manufactured with a dual-draw key kingpin design to extend kingpin life and fully-cast axle ends for increased strength and durability. Additional features include 7" to 18" ride heights, a 13,200-lb capacity, a pre-plumbed air tank option, polyurethane pivot bushings, 1'' and 2'' spacer kit options and control arms angled for lateral stability. The RSS-233 ships fully-assembled for efficient installation.

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TRP Air Springs

Product From TRP Parts

Made with a unique fabric material, TRP Air Springs have a higher burst rate for longer life, according to the company. The volcanized material is chemically formulated to withstand ozone effects and resist cracking and splitting. Optimized wall thickness provides better fatigue life, while still offering a lightweight air spring. Available for all makes and applications of trucks and trailers, TRP Air Springs are 100-percent leak-tested.

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Genuine Repair and Replacement Parts

Product From Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc.

Mitsubishi Fuso makes a wide range of genuine repair and replacement parts available for fleets of all sizes. FUSO parts offer the same specifications, longevity and performance as the factory originals, according to the company, and all parts come with a 12-month/unlimited-mileage warranty. Parts inventory is maintained in Logan Township, NJ, and at satellite locations in St. Louis, Jacksonville and Sacramento. The company notes it has consistently maintained a better than 98 percent parts fill rate for the past 20 years.

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Vocational Truck Suspension Selector Tool

Product From Hendrickson International

Hendrickson's online Vocational Truck Suspension Selector Tool can be accessed on their website and helps users obtain rear suspension recommendations for general truck and tractor operations in vocational and severe-service applications. Results are calculated based on selections related to intended application, vehicle axle configuration, gross rear axle weight rating and suspension type. The recommendations can then be printed for future reference or researched further by following the quick links back to the Hendrickson website for more information on specific Hendrickson suspension systems.

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Coil SumoSprings

Product From SuperSprings International Inc

SuperSprings' Coil SumoSprings slide between the turns of front and rear coil springs. Since their proprietary microcellular urethane material offers a progressive spring rate, they provide extra support for the suspension only when needed. A vehicle equipped with Coil SumoSprings will experience less side-to-side body roll, front-end dip and sagging without a compromised ride. The short, cylindrical Coil SumoSprings feature an "H"-shaped cross-section that helps hold them in place. The trapped air within the closed cells of the urethane provides up to 800 lbs of support. It can combine support with a smooth engagement for maximum driver comfort.

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Product From Hadley

Hadley's SmartValve saves drivers time and effort, helps reduce injuries and landing gear damage and can improve fuel economy. Most electronic height control systems have required several separate components: the valve manifold itself, an external sensor and the associated electronics. The component fits within the same envelope as a mechanical height control valve. By conveniently raising the tractor frame over ride height, drivers can reduce the time and effort required in coupling with trailers found at many different ride heights. There eliminates the need to crank the landing gear as often or as far, and fewer trips out of the cab are required for adjustment.

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Total Installation Kits

Product From Betts Spring Company

BettsHD's Total Installation Kits (TIK) for its most popular fenders works on several single axle, half and full tandem axle applications. The kit includes two fenders with vibration absorbing rubber insulators to prolong product life, along with all brackets and hardware necessary to complete installation. Unlike competitive offerings, all BettsHD fenders include mating material hardware designed to reduce corrosion. These popular kits are available in stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum and poly, all supported by a limited lifetime warranty. 

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