SenseStat Wired Obstacle Detection Sensor System

SenseStat Wired Obstacle Detection Sensor System

SenseStat Wired Obstacle Detection Sensor System Product Image

The Mobile Awareness SenseStat Wired Obstacle Detection Sensor System is geared toward commercial trucks with trailers, utility vehicles and buses. Commercial vehicle owners now have a choice of wired or wireless solutions for an effective means to help prevent costly backing accidents. Activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged, the driver is alerted to objects behind their vehicle with both an audible (active) and visual indicator (LED display).

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Pressure Sensitive Electrical Safety Edges

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive electrical edges that stop a machines operation in key presence sensing conditions depending on the product selection. These products are used for safety, sensing and detection among many operations throughout the world. Improve shop safety with safety edges for lifts, toe activation for machinery, safety bumpers for vehicle detection, road switch mats for vehicle counting. Offer trapped key interlocks and non-contact interlocks for guarding of machining and equipment areas, power switching of machinery and access control.
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VisionStat camera systems

Product From Mobile Awareness LLC

The Mobile Awareness VisionStat series of industrial wired and wireless commercial vehicle camera systems are designed for easy installation, VisionStat camera systems are rugged and cost-effective. Featuring high quality and durability, VisionStat systems can be configured with up to four infrared night vision CCD cameras. Available in both wired and wireless, all camera types are waterproof and produce high-resolution images.

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Bosch now offers online WebEx training

Product From Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch technical training programs are now available to technicians and shop personnel via an online/WebEx format that brings the most current diagnostic and parts information right to the desktop in the shop. The visual information is delivered via computer and the audio is delivered via phone.

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Product From Innova Electronics Corp.

The Innova Quicklink device pairs with a smart device for immediate access to a virtual dashboard of information that can help keep vehicle owners safe, save time and money and provide peace-of-mind. The Quicklink can be used to solve check engine problems, check for road trip readiness, double-check automotive repair shop estimates, improve fuel economy and more. It is compatible with 1996 and newer import and domestic cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids. Quicklink users also have easy access to RepairSolutions online free basic reports. 

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Visibility Tape

Product From Visibility Tape

Visibility Tape comes as a reflective yellow and red decal with an angled pattern to be placed on the rear of a vehicle, designed to increase the awareness of stopping or slow moving fleet vehicles. It helps improve visibility, reduces workman's comp claims and vehicle repairs, and provides cost savings on insurance by lowering Total Incident Rates (TIR). The reflective tape comes made from superior polymers with improved reflectivity, has weather-proof qualities, easy to apply and long lasting. The tape reduces collisions by 50 percent, according to the company. 

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On-Board Safety Camera

Product From Isotrak

The On-Board Safety Camera from Isotrak helps protect customers against fraudulent insurance claims, among a slew of other benefits. Available both as a standalone unit or integrated with ATMSi (the company's fleet management system) the on-board safety camera provides recordings of a vehicle's activity and has become a necessary component in fleet operations large and small. It provides vital, accurate, court-admissible evidence that, in the event of an accident, can cut insurance claim costs by as much as 50 percent and protect operators against malicious and false claims. 

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Seetroller digital wireless camera viewing device

Product From Keytroller, LLC

Keytroller's Seetroller digital wireless camera viewing device helps improve the safety and security of forklifts and equipment. The camera features FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) which uses a channel hopping sequence based on an algorithm generated by the LCD display receiver. The strength of the signal being transmitted is set to be from 13.5-16dBm, which is much higher than the analog transmission signal allowed by authorities around the globe. Simply put, this means a much sharper and clearer picture, much longer transmission range and not susceptible to interference from machinery and microwave "noise."

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CheckTorque Point-to-Point loose nut indicator

Product From Checkpoint

Checkpoint's CheckTorque Point-to-Point loose nut indicator offers a preferred option over the 'daisy chain,' where the indication arrows point in a clockwise direction, because of easier detection of lug nut movement. With the tool, slight movements of lug nuts that may have gone unnoticed before can be seen earlier and with greater certainty. The CheckTorque typically comes in red (instead of yellow) and serves as a re-torque reminder for fleet maintenance after the initial mounting. Once wheels have been re-torqued following the initial 50-100 miles, the units may be replaced by a standard Checkpoint.

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Product From Hadley

Hadley's SmartValve saves drivers time and effort, helps reduce injuries and landing gear damage and can improve fuel economy. Most electronic height control systems have required several separate components: the valve manifold itself, an external sensor and the associated electronics. The component fits within the same envelope as a mechanical height control valve. By conveniently raising the tractor frame over ride height, drivers can reduce the time and effort required in coupling with trailers found at many different ride heights. There eliminates the need to crank the landing gear as often or as far, and fewer trips out of the cab are required for adjustment.

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VorBlade Invisible Fairs

Product From Avantechs

The VorBlade Invisible Fairs from Avantech benefits from being CARB and EPA Smartway certified. The device traps air in its intake channel and create 10' long stable vortices. Able to improve fuel economy by up to eight percent and tire life by six percent, it also benefits the driver by reducing cross winds by 60 percent, improving safety. It combines unique small scale vortex generators (SSVG) that create an invisible self-adaptive shield around a vehicle, destroying harmful turbulence and significan VorBlade’s unique design addresses the highway driving speeds, bulky shape of a trailer and inability of a motor vehicle to adapt to cross winds, reducing air drag.

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