SmartWay 4000D-X

SmartWay 4000D-X

SmartWay 4000D-X Product Image

The 4000D-X® thin wall dry van from Utility Trailer is another first by the company to make product enhancements that result in lower fuel costs, less weight and higher productivity. Utility Trailer qualified for SmartWay® certification – which states a trailer must achieve 6.5% or greater total fuel savings – by using these added

features on the 4000D-X®:

Fuel Efficient Michelin® X One® tires and light weight

Alcoa® aluminum wheels.

Laydon Composites or Freight Wing™ side skirts.

Freight Wing™ gap reducer. The 4000D-X® can also be equipped with a Rear-

Drag Reduction Device, from ATDynamics TrailerTail™.

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AeroSaver trailer side skirt

Product From Fleet Engineers

Fleet Engineers' AeroSaver trailer side skirt can reduce fuel consumption by up to seven percent by installing the skirt angled or straight with no additional hardware. It saves space by shipping and storing in three equal length sections and can save manpower by being installed with one person in less time than it takes two people to install other brands, according to the manufacturer. This product is made in the USA from recycled materials and meets the CARB (California Air Resources Board) standalone trailer aerodynamic requirements for the GHG/Smartway rule.  

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VorBlade Invisible Fairs

Product From Avantechs

The VorBlade Invisible Fairs from Avantech benefits from being CARB and EPA Smartway certified. The device traps air in its intake channel and create 10' long stable vortices. Able to improve fuel economy by up to eight percent and tire life by six percent, it also benefits the driver by reducing cross winds by 60 percent, improving safety. It combines unique small scale vortex generators (SSVG) that create an invisible self-adaptive shield around a vehicle, destroying harmful turbulence and significan VorBlade’s unique design addresses the highway driving speeds, bulky shape of a trailer and inability of a motor vehicle to adapt to cross winds, reducing air drag.

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Utility Side Skirt Design, No. USS-120A-4

Product From Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company

­ Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company's Utility Side Skirt, No. USS-120A-4, benefits from being U.S. EPA SmartWay verified to achieve greater than five percent fuel savings and can be used in combination with low rolling resistance tires on Utility trailers to achieve CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliance for California operations. Made with galvanized high tensile steel bracing, this allows the side skirt to flex both inward and outward, which can be bent back to their original shape if damaged. Built to last, it comes composed of UV protected bi-directional Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) construction.

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Chassis Side Skirts

Product From Freight Wing, Inc.

Freight Wing's Chassis Side Skirts can be used on intermodal haulers to increase operator fuel savings. In as few as 35,000 miles in trailer utilization the side skirts pay for themselves, according to the manufacturer. Fuel economy improvements of 5 to 7 percent found in tests. Available for 46' trailers, and for most other chassis trailers of various lengths. Come in both Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP), which can take the most abuse, and in a composite material.  The composite skirts have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, allowing the skirts to hold their flat panel shape to give the skirts a cleaner look.

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TrailerTail Roll

Product From ATDynamics

The ATDynamics TrailerTail Roll, or RollTail, is designed specifically for trucking fleets that operate trailers with roll doors rather than swing doors. Each TrailerTail Roll will improve tractor-trailer fuel economy by 4-5 percent at highway speeds by streamlining the airflow at the tail end of the trailer. In addition to fuel savings, the TrailerTail Roll will increase vehicle safety by reducing spray in wet weather and decreasing trailer instability in high winds. The patent pending design requires zero driver interaction and can be installed by two people in 45 minutes. The TrailerTail Roll retracts automatically along the sides and top of the trailer when a trailer is backed into a loading bay and deploys automatically as the vehicle pulls away.

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Trailer Aerodynamics Package

Product From ATDynamics

ATDynamics (Advanced Transit Dynamics) designs and delivers technologies that increase the energy efficiency of freight transportation. Its AeroTrailer Package features the TrailerTail and ATD-Transtex Skirts which, the company says, can improve highway fuel economy by up to 12%, based on SAE Type II testing and on-road results. The skirts are sufficient for standalone compliance with 2010 CARB regulations for trailer aerodynamics and are approved as Advanced Trailer Skirts by the U.S. EPA SmartWay program.

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Airtab product range

Product From Aeroserve Technologies

Aeroserve Technologies' Airtab® product range are small, lightweight low-drag vortex generators that help bridge the gap between tractor and trailer, and smooth the airflow at the back of any bluff-bodied vehicle. Improvements in handling and reduction in spray behind the vehicle have been important side effects of improved airflow.

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Product From ATDynamics

ATDynamics, Inc., introduced the aerodynamic TrailerTail®, a rear drag-reduction device that the company claims can increase the fuel efficiency of long-haul tractor-trailers by more than five percent. TrailerTail® is constructed of lightweight, rugged plastic panels designed to endure daily wear and drive sbuse, yet ensure smooth opening and closing. A patented TrailerTail® hinge system allows drivers to operate doors and access loading bays normally. The TrailerTail® collapses from four feet to three inches in length in less than eight seconds.

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Rislone Super-Concentrated Fuel Additives

Product From Bar's Products

Rislone’s family of six Super-Concentrated Fuel Additives makes it easy to treat a wide variety of common vehicle problems. They come packaged in the patent-pending Rislone EZ Nozzle  bottle, which features a built-in flow valve that prevents spills and works seamlessly with all fuel systems, including capless or obstructed ones. The formulas are highly concentrated versions of some of the most popular fuel additives on the market. By concentrating them, Rislone has made the products cost-effective, less wasteful and more convenient for consumers. The super-concentrated family includes: Rislone Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner with Upper Cylinder Lubricant (No. 4701); Rislone Super Concentrated Fuel Injector & Carb Cleaner (No. 4705); Rislone Super Concentrated Octane Booster (No. 4747); Rislone Super Concentrated Gas Treatment (No. 4777); Rislone Super Concentrated Ethanol Fuel Treatment (No. 4774); and Rislone Super Concentrated Water Remover Fuel Dryer (No. 4735).

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Heavy Ranger MUTT, No 9102

Product From Innovative Products of America (IPA)

The Innovative Products of America Heavy Ranger MUTT (Mobile Universal Trailer Tester), No. 9102, is a portable and light-weight light and electric brake tester. Compatible with 7-way round pin connection types, the Heavy Ranger MUTT is designed to simulate all electrical circuits while providing short protection on industry standard pin configurations. The water resistant, ammo can case allows for on-the-go testing without the need for a tow vehicle. The MUTT is made in U.S.A. and features an external power accessory port and internal battery compartment that uses common motorcycle type batteries. It comes with a battery charger and IPA's 24-hour repair or replace warranty policy. 

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