Wireless Tank Monitor System

Wireless Tank Monitor System

Lincoln is a world leader in lubrication equipment for vehicle service. Products include PowerLuber and other grease guns, pumps, hose reels, control valves and meters, automatic lubrication and fluid management systems.
Lincoln Industrial offers its new Wireless Tank Monitor System to track tank levels from remote locations. Designed for monitoring multiple users from anywhere through web access and e-mail/fax notification, the unit improves operating efficiency by optimizing ordering and scheduling logistics and fluid delivery costs. The Wireless Tank Monitor is easy to install and integrates with existing equipment to reduce installation costs. The unit works with above- and below-ground tanks and transmits data at programmable intervals via a battery-powered wireless transceiver.

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Senasys Nanospark Controller and Smartphone App

Product From Iso-Tip

The Senasys Nanospark Controller, by Iso-Tip, connects Apple mobile devices to almost any type of sensor or actuator. Designed to make machines smarter and more interactive, the Nanospark Controller allows users to gather useful instrument data and create intuitive custom control systems to manage and improve equipment operations.The Nanospark Controller and App combined, can tap into the user-friendly, touch-screen interface of the Apple device to display data on equipment in the shop. Scheduling, alerts, manual and remote operations of equipment are all possible using the app. Some shop applications can include: protecting and tracking tools and other supplies, remotely control and track the shop lighting system, garage doors or air compressors. A pressure sensor can also be added to the compressor line to get feedback on losses of pressure. 

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Double Coin Tires mobile application

Product From Double Coin Holdings, LTD.

The Double Coin Tires mobile application is available for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. The free Double Coin Tires mobile application uses GPS and offers multiple capabilities including the ability to search for Double Coin dealership locations within a user’s geographic location as well as a specified radius search or map route. Users will also have the ability to call, share, email, or get directions to a dealership at a click of a button. The application also serves as a tire inflation guide.

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HEX-NET VCDS-Mobile Software

Product From Ross-Tech

The Ross-Tech HEX-NET wireless interface connects to Ross-Tech’s VCDS program running on Windows-based computers. The HEX-NET also includes new, built-in VCDS-Mobile software. VCDS-Mobile adds the ability to use virtually any smart device that has a WiFi connection and a web browser as a diagnostic tool for VW-Audi group cars. VCDS-Mobile supports smartphones and tablets running Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft products, and more.

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AFCS PC Fluid Inventory Control and Management System

Product From Alemite, LLC

Alemite's AFCS PC Fluid Inventory Control and Management System for vehicle service applications can interface with management software platforms such as ADP. It combines the dependability of a wired system with the benefits of a wireless system. Each unit 

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ExtraFleet.net maintenance management software

Product From Current Software, Inc.

The Current Software ExtraFleet.net SQL database, comprehensive, easy to use vehicle and equipment maintenance management software is Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP compatible. This software features shop floor work orders with portable device options, bar coding, automatic parts order advice, powerful grid interface, a lifetime repair history, PM scheduling with checklists, parts and vehicle warranty tracking, a built-in PDF writer and touch-friendly mainscreen access. Other features include: an available electronic fuel interface, built-in customer files and customer markups.  Available for single user, multi-user and large scale multi site enterprises.  This tool includes annual all-inclusive licensing and support at a very attractive price, according to the company. 

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sureFleet mobile app

Product From sureFleet

By streamlining the management of fleet maintenance with sureFleet, companies save money, avoid downtime, and increase productivity. sureFleet provides system alerts for preventative maintenance services and provides detailed reporting. The complete closed-loop reporting, resolution and re-inspection process is included. The free

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Western Star website

Product From Western Star Trucks

Western Star Truck now has a newly designed website featuring improved navigation and readability. The enhanced site provides quick access to product updates, technical specs and a body builder guide for all truck models, plus an interactive map to locate the nearest Western Star dealer. WesternStar.com also gives users an at-a-glance look into current news and upcoming events, access to branded merchandise and ways to connect with Western Star on popular social media channels.

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Micro-percussion marking gun, No. M7000

Product From PRO-PEN USA

With ProPen's micro-percussion marking gun, No. M7000, helps users permanently mark parts of all types and even hard-to-reach parts. The unit includes a built-in touch screen and employs micro-percussion technology to indelibly mark text, logos, timestamps and even 2D codes on parts - even those that are heavy, large, flat or curved - for accurate traceability. The marking unit, controller and control interface come housed together in a single, compact system. The unit also includes multilingual P07 softwareand it enables fonts, logos and marking files to be imported and exported.

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On-Board Safety Camera

Product From Isotrak

The On-Board Safety Camera from Isotrak helps protect customers against fraudulent insurance claims, among a slew of other benefits. Available both as a standalone unit or integrated with ATMSi (the company's fleet management system) the on-board safety camera provides recordings of a vehicle's activity and has become a necessary component in fleet operations large and small. It provides vital, accurate, court-admissible evidence that, in the event of an accident, can cut insurance claim costs by as much as 50 percent and protect operators against malicious and false claims. 

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On-Line Diesel Fuel Economy Calculator

Product From Champion Brands LLC

Champion's fuel economy calculator for diesel fleets is available on their web site: http://www.championbrands.com. It helps fleet managers understand that the formulation of Champion's new lower viscosity SAE 5W-30 UltraFleet Heavy-Duty Diesel Motor Oil ensures durable protection while delivering real-world, measurable fuel economy gains. In fact, Champion's SAE 5W-30 UltraFleet was found to deliver an average of 3.3% and up to 4.5 percent fuel economy improvement over a conventional SAE 15W-40 API CJ-4 lubricant tested at an independent testing facility using the SAE J1321 fuel test protocol. 

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